Dog Walking Business: Pricing your Dog Walking Services for Profit

Dog Walking Business: Pricing your Dog Walking Services for Profit

that you have a good idea of what services
you can offer, how are you going to price your services? First of all, obviously, look
at the competition. There is no point in making your prices much, much higher than your competition.
On the other hand, you don’t want to go too low. Dropping your prices may start a price
war where everybody tries to drop their prices to compete. This degrades the whole system
and everybody loses in the end, so I would not suggest keeping your prices too low or
trying to undercut your competition. Ultimately, you need to price based on the services you
offer. If you can differentiate your services and be better than the competition, you can
at least charge as much as the competition if not more.
Also, if your prices are slightly higher initially, you can always drop them, but if you set them
lower it is very difficult to raise your prices later on. Also, if your prices are too low
it might indicate that you are not professional. So what I would suggest is to look at your
competitors and decide which competitor you would most like to be like. Have a look at
their pricing and price your services at a similar rate, but definitely not lower.
However, to get things moving initially you can offer special promotions. So you may say:
for every five walks booked, the sixth is free, or you offer 20% off the price of the
first ten walks. This will get people interested, build up trust and help you find your initial
customers. Also, always remember that you can usually charge more for solo walks because
they are paying for a special service rather than group walks. However, with group walks
remember that you have to pick up several dogs in a defined area and you are not getting
paid for that traveling time – so make sure that you charge enough for group walks too.
Obviously, it’s impossible to give you definitive prices that you should charge for your services.
Your pricing will depend on your local area, how many competitors you have and what they
are charging. This is why you need to do research. What to do next? Work out exactly what services you are going to offer and at what prices.

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