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  1. Wow, ask Trump the same question and he would brag about how he would defeat Obama in a landslide victory. Sad!

  2. Traitor. Did not keep any of your campaign promises and almost destroyed america with criminal illegal aliens with diseases. . Shall I continue? Damn the truth hurts. What a punk. Sodomite punk

  3. fr im not a big fan of obama’s policies but he is one of the most honorable people in this country today and that’s a fact.

  4. Here’s a little small secret that not everyone knows. The “popular vote” that people vote doesn’t vote who is the president. Hilary actually won with the popular vote. The “electoral college” 256 Representatives from all states votes for who is president, and Trump won with that.

  5. The guy had the whole audience at his finger tips, I only realised after Kimmel made that dumb councillor joke

  6. It does not matter who governs the US, black or white, a kindly nigga or a bad, imperfect white imperialist, and so the last word has Jewish bankers.

  7. Miss you President Obama, I'm not even an American 🙁
    Also – kimmel is annoying even though the questions are greatly appreciated

  8. Whenever I have a bad day I watch videos like this showing that even the President was FOOLED by the American people who opted for Trumps street language then all Obama's perfect, stuttering, boring Washington language!!!! Just like Hillary….so confident she'd win and BAMMMMM>……… Murphy's Law alive again!

  9. If you are willing to dwell in the admiration of people who are not aware of the dead counts you have racked up then you are able to say some positive stuff and apparently everyone is in awe of Obamas 'spin' I doubt that anyone can wake up. Obama isn't a good guy. Dig people! This bullshit is a disgrace.

  10. All the world’s a stage,

    And all the men and women merely players;

    They have their exits and their entrances;

    And one man in his time plays many parts,

    His acts being seven ages.

  11. I think Trump is going to hell and not heaven cuz he says he's Christian and I know for a fact that God would never allow his people to get treated wrong.

  12. So Michelle Obama helped Jussie attain a get out of jail free card. Now I know she thinks alot like David Duke, judging people based on the color of their skin, and not on the content of their character, or their actions. She took a big crap on Martin Luther Kings Dream. Bye Felicia.

  13. President Obama. If you had sacked HC after the Bombas scandal DT would never have become president. You did not have the determination to lay off HC and she was bitten off. You have part of responsibility in Trump having been elected US president.
    You, no matter what people say, were an outstanding president and even Trump has silently halted his insults against you. He thought he could fix everything with a magic wand but since he is into the job, he's understood that things are more complicated than he thought they were.

  14. If Barry The Lying Scumbag Obama were allowed to seek a third term, he would not beat Trump.  He failed for eight years.  If he were white, he would have been thrown out  after he failed during his first term.

  15. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Seriously he's too Fuckin stupid
    President Trump would have whooped his ass just like Osama whips Hillary's ASS.
    P.S how come the loser Democrats never talked about the fact that the Secret Service caught Osama Obama with his head between Killery Clitless legs on Air Force One!!! And when Michael found out he was pissed they didn't let him join

  16. The room is completely quiet when Obama speaks, he's so professional and mature as a president. Then we got Trump who can't form a sentence or shut his mouth for 30 seconds

  17. Sympathy, America for 2016! How tragic that your reputation (and status) has fallen to where they isnow. The contrast between the current occupant of the White House and the previous President is simply amazing. Control, wisdom, self-effacing humble versus manic narcissism. May rational thinking reverse this in 2020! Hope and affection sent from Australia!

  18. Boy his vision on Trump was right on. And he was being kind. He is a great role model and yes a perfect man. How lucky we were to have him for eight years. Michelle 2020

  19. “We joke about trump”

    We do too.

    We use him instead of watching standup comedy. Dude is hilarious. How he got in is still a puzzle

  20. We need Obama yo mama back as president Trump is a horrible president Obama was the best president when he was serving as president such a wise man America needs him back as president

  21. Trump wouldnt have even stood against Obama. He would have been decimated and he knows it. His only option was to get on after Obama stood down and try and reverse all his policies via the backdoor

  22. I am from Eritrea 🇪🇷 but i miss obama and even his speech .come back obama save the Country from any hatered and racist .donal trump is cancer of america.

  23. Obama has made soo many great memories and changes to and for America, Trump is just wasting time on his golf course

  24. It’s 2019 and I still wish Obama was president…there’s not gonna be another like him for a long time at least

  25. I mean the part that hurts me the most is how could we go from such a wonderful president to such a useless one. It just couldn't make any sense

  26. He didnt want to leave
    He would make a great king in some third world banana republic
    If Jezebel Clinton had won maybe they could have shared

  27. 😭😭😭 God such simpler times when things weren't crumbling everywhere and the world (or at least America) didn't go to crap

  28. Obama earns and gives respect in his stature even if he isn't the President,
    While Trump is all the same as we know..

  29. Obama would lose if he would run against Trump. Only reason Obama became President was him being Black and America just happen they. Needed one at the time.I think there was a lot of other black candidates that would have done a better job .

  30. I hope Bernie Sanders will be the democrat who will go against Trump. Nobody points out Trump's lies as good as he does. He would destroy the orange man.

  31. Well, well, well .. protect the institutions he says, and now we are slowly finding out that he gave the green light to spy on the Trump campaign and his DOJ leaked knowingly false intel to the New York Times and Washington Post in the run up to the 2016 election in a concerted effort to try and sway the American people's votes. Obama was a snake. Trump 2020!

  32. Mr & Mrs Obama have represented all American people so beautifully.  He is wonderful to listen to and I completely support his call to all of us to VOTE!

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