Does Apple Employ Children?

Does Apple Employ Children?

Does Apple employ children? There have been many accusations aimed at Apple over the years, but this one seems to be the most infamous. They have often been blamed for their employee’s poor working conditions, in countries such as China and Taiwan. Apple has been charged with many offenses over the years, such as forcing workers to work through exhaustion and imposing extra hours on some. But do they employ children? The simple answer to this question is yes. In the year of 2008, Apple admitted to employing at least 25 children in their Foxconn factory in Taiwan. This was the same factory, where, in 2009 an employee jumped to his death from the factory’s 12th floor, when he was accused of stealing one of the products. Ironically, Apple still uses still this factory. Many think this raises a bigger question about Apple itself. Some accuse them of putting profits over the well being of staff. In response, Apple continues to underline the progress they have made in improving working conditions since the company first started manufacturing in different countries. Many remain unconvinced. Thank you for watching and please remember to like and subscribe.

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