Doctor of Nursing Practice – California State University, Northern Consortium

Doctor of Nursing Practice – California State University, Northern Consortium

Hello, I’m Sylvia Miller and the director
of the California State University DNP program and I would like to welcome you
to the California State University Northern California Consortium Doctor of
Nursing Practice program. Fresno State and San Jose State Universities joined
together to offer this postmaster’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program. The program is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, as
well as the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education. This is a fantastic program for those
seeking to prepare themselves to be leaders in their fields, also influence
health policy and to contribute to the advancement of nursing practice. The
program prepares students to teach at the university and community college
level. Courses that provide education in the areas of curriculum development
evaluation and teaching methods. Also an elective opportunity for a teaching
practicum. [Narrator] Let’s briefly look over the program requirements. The program follows a cohort model and there’s no part-time option. It is a 5-semester program and a
total of 37 units. It’s an online course format with intensives on
campus which allows for working full-time. The program is project-focused
and all classes are designed to contribute to the final project and lead
to graduation. The application is a two-step process.
First you must apply online at the program application page. Read all of the
instructions carefully and go over the requirements, then click on the red ‘next’
button at the bottom of the page. On the fourth page, the DNP application will
begin where you can press ‘save’ and continue until it is complete. After that,
head over to CSU Mentor. Once you are there you must create an
account. After you’ve created an account pick the
university you want to apply to, complete the application and ‘submit’. It is
recommended that you apply to both the the program and the university at the same time. I really came into this program I was hoping to learn a little bit more about teaching, but also I think being a Doctor of Nursing Practice is where most
nurse practitioners will eventually be. So I wanted to be one of the earlier
adapters and that later on that. What I liked about this program is that it
fits online so it’s very convenient, if you’re a working professional, which most
nurses are, so it’s been really easy to fit in the course work we have to do.
Lectures are asynchronous so you don’t have to rush home at a certain hour to do
something. You can kind of pick your own schedule and I think that’s great for
nurses. The reason I pick this particular program is because that I’ve heard really good things about the program. A
very good friend who is a graduate of this program and she was the very first cohort. And she just had an amazing experience. She
was telling me how much she had learned and how helpful it is for her career.
So to tell the truth I have not applied to any other program and this is
only program I applied and this is the program I wanted to do. Although it was the online portion that drew me, I really enjoyed learning from the experts here in learning the content. It’s been a great experience and I feel like I learned a lot. I hope you found this overview of the DNP program to be beneficial and I look
forward to welcoming you to the California State University Northern
California Consortium Doctor of Nursing Practice program.

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