Do Sex Workers and Their Clients Interact Differently After #MeToo?

Do Sex Workers and Their Clients Interact Differently After #MeToo?

Me too hasn’t changed. How I interact with my clients. I have a very select few clients that you know I’ve been seeing them for a long time so they’re like boyfriends I Had nothing, but respectful Clients that respected my boundaries I feel as if the transaction That’s that you know that money transaction with the the sex or the intimacy or the companionship? Changes how you view women and how you treat them my clients have responded really positively to the me2 movement most of them are really excited that it’s happening that women are able to speak out I think some you know maybe a little nervous but Men should be a little nervous I think when interacting with a woman like they shouldn’t just Assume that they can do whatever they want and get away with it I want men to think twice men feel like they can treat women They’re sexually attracted to as though they paid them for sex But they actually show more respect to the actual sex workers. They’re hiring because We’re the professionals in the room. We are experts on sites. We’re experts on consent We’re experts on boundaries and navigating them a lot of my clients I think are learning how to be better men and how to Actually ask for consent. I know what that consent is. We’ve done a lot to sort of keep each other safe we’ve built a community around support and Talking to each other about the things that go on in our line of work when a client came to me I had their real name, and they had my stage name. We had Platforms where we were able to blacklist clients We were able to report on bad Or uncomfortable behavior because of me too and times up I do actually feel safer I feel More supported and more seen and more heard me, too Has made me feel louder which I think is one of the steps to safer the problem is I’m not just a woman I’m a sex worker if I spoke up about abuse that happened to me and Then someone found out I was a sex worker I’d feel like they may still dismiss it a lot of sex workers who have come with me two moments Have received a lot of anger with people saying oh You do porn there’s no way that someone could have crossed their boundaries with this obviously you’re okay with it Which I think is just completely unacceptable me too is a step in the right direction, but unless it’s deliberately Inclusive of sex work, it’s not going to do anything for us. We’re going to continue to be like pushed under the rug

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  1. Wow, I've never considered this angle before. Thank you Slate for doing these interviews, this is very interesting and important! The lady is right, it's a professional job, and they need to be treated as professionals!

  2. I dont think that as a man you can hire a female that looks attractive in his eyes in any way due to the possibility of turning into another metoo issue at work. We all talk differently around women now because its a walking miranda act. Anything can and will be used against you even if you mean no harm. Just because.

  3. The females in this video are average looking. Why dont they have any of the more attractive ones talking? That would be a more believable source than looking at an average female to the average guy watching this video. In the end we just need to respect everyone and keep most people at bay.

  4. Wish they got male sex workers as well and how their work is affected with female clients (and some men)…

  5. What we have come. Now, prostitutes wanna be treated like a princess. Also they feel entitled to shame us. WOMEN UP!!

  6. Small subset of men contract with prostitutes. Find me one hooker that doesn't have many memories of ugly contact with clients.

  7. I didn't subscribe to this trash but I guess this is how they push themselves on you just like the dirty white men has done these poor soy gargling leftist victims

  8. I think the problem is that #MeToo has made men re-evaluate having any female contact. what would be the reason ? sex? men are re-evaluating how they are used by women after #MeToo this makes women appear untrustworthy, unjust and selfish, many men are finding this disappointing to their vision that woman was desirable.

  9. Women will always be second-class citizens thanks for the video showed me how women are whiny cranky ungrateful and a lot of these women are ugly

  10. Remember it's not sexual harassment if you look like Fabio or Brad Pitt if you're ugly it's sexual harassment

  11. The real question is how do these “sex workers”… interact with their pimps after #meToo? Are pimps still keeping their pimp hand strong?

  12. I don’t know how prostitution works in the west, but where i live men assume that if they paid a woman they can do anything they want to her. Especially since it illegal they know that those women won’t speak up.

  13. wait until all the prostitution is banned
    already the websites are down, and the online platforms are on it
    #MeToo will destroy all of them

    there is no escape
    after all "the patriarchy" uses them!
    look at Sweeden, prostitution is banned by jailing the men
    no matter who you attack in a sexual relation, you will attack sex itself
    #MeToo is the radical "all sex is rape" backlash to the sexual revolution

    expect things to go far worst before anyone will take stance
    grab the popcorn, it will be glorious

  14. I totally agree. #MeToo needs to include women in the sex trade. So why did you pick women for the video who say that they have lots of choice over the men they let close and who claim that these men are always respectful? There's a disconnect there. Either there is a violence problem with sex buyers or there isn't. This video kind of claimed both. The women talk about blacklisting clients. Blacklists mean that a name is put on there, after at least 1 woman (or man) has been assaulted. This literally means that when you're in prostitution your occupational hazard is rape by your "client". I feel that this video while about violence against women in the sex trade, never actually adresses the dynamics and reality of that violence… A follow up that gets to heart of the issue would be great.

  15. Womyn being raped by men – not sex-"worker". This is not a job. Educate yourself, ready about scandinavian model

  16. WTF world has gone so far! Prostution became a profession and people are not be ashamed of this "business". Hookers could speak up loudly and chase their "rights". Someone should write these things on a hard rock to save this knowledge for further generations!
    Let pimps speak out loudly for their rights too! Oh boi…
    What a conservative douchebag i am.

  17. From my personal experience… I slept with men who used sex workers. They are worst kind of men. Totally acting towards as they were paying me for sex and they didn't. Acting I am have no rights, pushing me away violently If I wanted to kiss or cuddle.
    I do not blame sex workers but men who pay for sex have problem with themselfs and immature men babies who are inaecure and have trouble with intimacy and hate women in some way.
    All men I slept who payed for sex were men in their late 30's or 40's but acted more disrespectful and unkind then guys in their 20's.

  18. im a man, and for me, decriminalize sex work is necessar in this society where MEN are continuely sexuallu discriminated bcz they dont have sexual power and cause this most women blackmail men and use sex for get benefits from them. A society that want be equal, must not have women that more more sexually powerfull than me. Equality is not just about rights of women, but is even about that men and women have SAME sexual power. Governemnts should legalize prostitution, bcz men today are lose out the sexual power of women.

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