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  1. 日本人にとって、とても嬉しいコメントばかり。


  2. Your first 2 girls from the UK, one looks like the girl that tried out for a international kpop group. Interesting.. We all have stereotypes of people, which is normal, because of the limited access to their culture, country or language. Their is nothing wrong with stereotypes unless we don't update your views after meeting people that are different from you. That is how our though process work for us humans.

  3. As a man from the States across the pond, I’d have to say that a stereotype I have is that Japanese people are super serious and have very little humor. Maybe I’m wrong and hopefully I’m wrong, taking life too seriously will put you in an early grave.
    You looked pretty again today, with your cute little pigtails!

  4. I don't see anything wrong with being reserved as I myself am a reserved person, I like people are respectful and peaceful with one another, of course if someone ask for help I will help as best I can if it's to do with directions or places, also i didn't know Americans talk to random strangers like I don't like talking to random strangers on public transport because we'll there a stranger, gladly I don't live in the US so I don't gotta be anxious of random people talking to me.

  5. Foreigners have stereotypes of foreigners in general. Japan or otherwise but what does one expect. When your exposure to Japanese is so limited.

    However there is an entirely different context here to also think about as well. Race and culture can be two different things.

    If you grow up Asian-American, you know that better than most. That might be a better topic for Asian Boss here.

    But it's still an interesting one nevertheless. Great discussion as always here however and appreciate Nobita keeping it real. 🙂

  6. There is a question about Japan, something i don’t understand. Japanese love sakura but I never heard about a special japanese cherry cake, cherry liquor or something else like juice…“where are all the cherries gone? Who eat the cherries?“
    Pls ask japanese 🙏

  7. Cathy did you prop up the chair to hide the mess on your table? And block off the guy to the right ? 🤣 or was it just by chance.

  8. The biggest perception that I had as a man with many tattoos was that people would either be scared of me, or they would stay clear of me altogether. I've been twice now and I can honestly say that 99% of the time nobody even bats an eyelid. Once a day you may encounter some disdain or refusal of entry somewhere, but overall I was pleasantly surprised by how friendly Japanese people were to me, even initiating conversation which I totally didn't expect.

  9. That japanese are tiny 😀 Many males are about same height and size than women in Europe, they tend to have less muscles too and yeah many are so skinny (both males and females) 😀

  10. Hey Cathy think you can make a video on how to get a Foreign White woman in Japan? Or what kind of Foreign woman people like? My fantasy is to find someone in Japan like that!

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