DIY Kids Room Decor | Clouds & Stars! | MOM VLOG

DIY Kids Room Decor | Clouds & Stars! | MOM VLOG

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  1. I think u should paint the teal wall a really light grey and the two walls zigs wants pink a dusty rose with the one remaining wall white. For ur installation I would also Twist/ curve and tack the lights and stars on the wall rather than the harsh straight lines up and down to create a more dreamy affect.

  2. Listen to your mama on the gray’ish color! Then ziya could have a dusty rose colored wall where the dresser is or something! It would look beautiful! The mint color is also very beautiful, and I LOVE the cloud and stars above the bed! My daughter wants the same now ?

  3. The room is coming together nicely. A white canopy would probably be your best bet instead of trying to find the perfect pink to match everything.

  4. I agree with mom it’s looking a little grannyish…I can’t get over these bedding colors they really remind me of my grandmas house in Mississippi…I’m only commenting this because you asked otherwise I would have been on to the next video ✌?

  5. I like the darker throw blanket! Like I think I’ll buy it for my bedroom lol ? the way she threw the canopy in the corner ?

  6. Awesome job raven! In my opinion you should break up the bedding a little more with some jumbo white pillows. It would add to the cloud/heaven vibes and also break up the pattern and colors to more “your style” lol ❤️

  7. Raven I just had a great idea, I think it would be nice to add some faux greenery in the room maybe by the reading book or in the corners by the window ??????

  8. I love this!!! It looks so good! I agree with not having everything too pink, my parents did that for my little sisters and after a year it got tacky.

    Also, if you don’t want to keep plugging and unplugging the lights. There’s these outlets that you plug in and it comes with a remote. You don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the lights. They’re so handy!

  9. I think you guys have done a great job so far! The green wall makes the room whimsical and child friendly. Every shade of pink shouldn’t match either. It gives depth to the room while still feeling cohesive. I like that you’re sticking within a certain pink family but doesn’t have to be precise. The butterfly spread even has pops of marigold in it. Free yourself up some more and you will achieve that designer look you’re going for.

  10. I think it looks great … I kind of feel like the golden stars make it look a bit busy since the bed has a lot going on colour-wise, the stars kinda take away from the bed in my opinion. I would take the stars down and add more "clouds" spreading them more towards the sides and on to the ceiling.

  11. Love this you could use command strips and clips the clear ones so you don't have holes from the nails Love moms version

  12. Am I the only one mad excited for Raven's holiday decorating? OMG if I had all that square footage I'd go nuts. I still deck out my little 720 sq ft but I can't wait to live vicariously through her for the next couple months

  13. Everything looks soooo cute!!! Maybe you could add a throw/blanket that matches the green paint color to balance out the bottom of the bed. Plus add the pillow you mentioned earlier. Happy decorating!!

  14. Yesss omg I wasnt going to comment but the throw blanket that raven put on made it look old for like and elderly person. So I'm glad mom came in to save the day. Or maybe keep the green paint and change the bedding to a puffy blanket instead of the flat look. Just an option. It may not work lol

  15. As the Mom, you definitely have final say. It was just funny how you kept asking Ziya what color she wanted her walls and she said pink 100x only to walk into a teal wall so she was probably disappointed. I don’t think she’s gonna have any childhood trauma over the color of one wall in her 3-year-old bedroom. LOL

    She’s blessed and loved so that is what she’ll remember. ❤️

    I loved the modifications done by Chef Toni/Gammy because the butterfly print was definitely “busy”, but again it’s a child’s room so it wasn’t horrible looking. ???

  16. Hey Raven good job with Ziya's room. I think you should use a very light shade of pink on the walls that Ziya pointed at.

  17. Momma Toni is right! I like the pink bedding better. Maybe it’ll help negotiate with Ziya the amount of pink she wants in her room.

  18. I love how she just so delicately keeps reiterating she wants the side walls pink. Sweet little angel lol I just adore her. I think it’s good how you’re balancing it all you’re right if it were ALLL pink it’d be too much. She probably isn’t envisioning that but she probably wouldn’t even love the end result to that.

  19. First of all, it's just too flippin cute!!! ? I love that cloud and light idea, yes it looks like a a cloud lol. Also, if u check at Target/ Walmart they have little outlet extenders. You plug into one outlet and the front of it has 3 outlets so you can play in her star lamp on the other side to hide the cord.. I'll send u a DM for a pic, y'all are too cute!! Oh and the new blanket, bomb!!

  20. Ziya is too cute and she’s getting so big. No one should want you to give your 3 year old everything she wants. That’s not realistic. You’re doing the right thing but incorporating her ideas into a bigger vision

  21. Its cute, but i feel u got the skills/ eye to do better. Butterflies n clouds… and the clouds could b better. I agree with ur mom also about the green wall.

  22. I love it! I think the string lights look
    Like streams of rain where they’re not light up!! Excellent job!!

  23. I’m making mental notes for my daughters room. She’s 3 as well and SUPER girly. The dress up wall idea is officially taken

  24. Hey , love the room decor . For the outlets you can get an adapter which will allow more plugs to go into one area .

  25. I agree with the way your mom put the bed butttt I disagree with her saying the blue wall wasnt it cause I love the blue wall

  26. I loved how chef Toni came in and was like uhhhh no let’s change this ??? but it looks great n she was right about the bedding… can’t wait to see the finished room

  27. yesss i love what your mom did w the bed bc i know ziya picked the butterflies which i love , but it kind of made it seem like there was 2 themes going on w the butterflies and the clouds, i like how the butterflies are now the accents also the more pink the better !

  28. I loved the bed after Chef Toni fixed it. I also have no problem with the wall color because its an accent wall. Maybe you could paint the other three a blush pink color or a very soft pink so that it could all blend in.

  29. I think a light pink would have been nice on the back wall buuuutttt if you don’t want the whole room pink then a light pink on the canopy/reading wall would look really cute, just saying ☺️

  30. Girl you do what you want. Can't believe people tell you what to do with your house and kid. They too entitled smh

  31. I love the way you BOTH did the room but your mom wasn't wrong I love the layers on Ziya's bed at the end too. Super cute either way, & great cloud!!

  32. Maybe a really really light pink on the walls she’s requesting, but tape off the wall diagonally like this: |_ so it’s not the whole wall. Mr. Kate did this with a kids room!
    Anyway love everything about her room so far it’s so amazing ????

  33. For the wall outlet where the sound machine and lamp are plugged in, you can plug in a wall outlet adapter so that you can plug more cords into that more discreet wall outlet.

  34. I think the stars are really cute!! But I think it would look a little better if you took a few of them off so that there aren’t as many. It would look more spaced out like real stars! Amazing job anyways though!! ??????

  35. So cute! For that cord issue I would suggest getting a pretty white power strip and plug that in and move it under the bed so you can hide the black plug under the bed.

  36. Eh' it's ok. I think you should put a white wood trim around the whole lite/star effect. Then ur might look like a art wall, u know how ppl make a montage of cute things on a wall, even adding like a pegboard ?
    BUT there goes the cloud idea

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