Discovering a research platform through our fellowship schemes

Discovering a research platform through our fellowship schemes

I’ve chosen to work in regenerative medicine
because I’m really keen to develop bio materials solutions and strategies. Nottingham offers the best research platform
and we have absolutely world class excellence in super critical fluid, and that’s really
what drives my research now. I’ve developed a bone extracellular matrix hydrogel, so this
is a material that we make from bone to help people with diseases and disorders that currently
can’t be cured. The fellowship is an amazing opportunity to
have designated research time. I am able to access facilities both in the School of Pharmacy
building, the Boots building and in this cross institutional centre for biomolecular sciences. Being a fellow at Nottingham is a really inspiring
position. I have access to great facilities, I’m really supported in terms of my research
and in the development of my collaborative networks and I really feel that this is the
right place for me now to develop my strengths and to become a research team leader.

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