Discover Texas Tech: Rawls College of Business

Discover Texas Tech: Rawls College of Business

(music)>>Allison Hirth, Reporting: NO MATTER YOUR MAJOR, THERE’S VALUE IN UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS.>>Margaret L. Williams, Dean, Rawls College of Business: The business world is changing faster than it ever has in the past, and so, when we look at sending our students out into that world, we want to be sure that they’re ready, not only for their first job, but for everything that comes after that.>>Allison Hirth: WITH THAT IN MIND, THE RAWLS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS IS ALWAYS EVALUATING ITS PROGRAMS TO MAKE SURE EVERY STUDENT,
EVEN THOSE NOT MAJORING IN BUSINESS, ARE ABLE TO EXPLORE THE FIELD.>>Margaret L. Williams: Whether it’s communication or nursing or art, sooner or later, many people are going to end up in the business world. And having that basic understanding helps.>>Allison Hirth: RAWLS OFFERS EIGHT UNDERGRADUATE MAJORS AND SEVERAL GRADUATE-LEVEL PROGRAMS. DEAN MARGARET WILLIAMS SAYS THE COLLEGE STRIVES TO PROVIDE AN EXCELLENT STUDENT EXPERIENCE, WHERE EACH INDIVIDUAL IS A NAME, AND NOT A NUMBER.>>Margaret L. Williams: Our students have tremendous work ethic. They are hardworking. They’re smart. They jump in, roll up their
sleeves and solve the problems that are presented to them.>>Allison Hirth: AND IT’S THE FACULTY, SHE SAYS, WHO REALLY MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.>>Margaret L. Williams: Faculty are accessible. Faculty are in the classroom, teaching the classes. They’re available outside of class. They’re taking students on industry field trips, taking them to CASE competitions…>>Allison Hirth: BESIDES ITS PHYSICAL BEAUTY, THE RAWLS BUILDING IS FUNCTIONAL AND ALWAYS BUZZING WITH ACTIVITY.>>Margaret L. Williams: I think the most exciting thing about our facilities is the space for students. So, we think of classrooms, but what we have in this building, in particular, is a lot of gathering space, a small group space for students and faculty to interact. We have a couple of restaurants here in the building, so it makes it really easy for a business student to get to their classes, and work on team projects.>>Allison Hirth: BUSINESS STUDENTS HAVE ACCESS TO A NUMBER OF RESOURCES, INCLUDING THE COLLEGE’S CAREER MANAGEMENT CENTER, WHICH EMPOWERS STUDENTS BY HELPING THEM PREP, CONNECT, GET HIRED AND SUCCEED.>>Margaret L. Williams: A student coming here from their freshman year on, can be involved in mock interviews, resume writing… in fact, we encourage them to, and the results have shown how strong a program we have because our most recent statistics for undergraduate placement is 92%, and our graduate placement is 97%.>>Allison Hirth: IT’S THE COLLEGE’S STRONG FOCUS ON STUDENT SUCCESS, IT’S IMPACTFUL RESEARCH, AND PASSIONATE ALUMNI THAT PROVIDE CURRENT STUDENTS WITH CONNECTIONS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.>>Margaret L. Williams: They come to class, interact with students, they mentor our students. We have a tremendous amount of scholarship support
that our alumni provide, so I think our students are very fortunate to have access to that level of scholarships.>>Allison Hirth: THAT’S WHY WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE RAWLS COLLEGE OF BUSINESS IS BETTERING THE WORLD, DEVELOPING THE NEXT GENERATION OF PROFESSIONALS WHO WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEMS FACING SOCIETY.>>Margaret L. Williams: We can compete with anybody.

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