Discover How The NEWT Business Phone System Can Help Your Business

Discover How The NEWT Business Phone System Can Help Your Business

This is Mike. Mike owns a small business that’s getting
bigger, but Mike has a problem. His phone system is holding him back. Old
and unreliable, it’s labour intensive and expensive to run, and worst of all, Mike’s
customers are having trouble staying in touch. He needs a phone system that not only works
all the time, but doesn’t require an IT guy’s help, has all the latest features and can
grow with him. After a lot of research, and after talking
to a lot of people, Mike chose NEWT. It was an easy decision to make really because NEWT’s
Managed Business Phone system could be custom tailored to his specific needs.
First off, it saved him a bunch of money because he no longer needed any expensive business
phone lines. Next, since NEWT is a managed service, all
the tech and network support was handled by NEWT, not by him.
But best of all, Mike’s brand new system cost him less each month than his old system.
While it has awesome features live voicemail to email, an attendant console, call recording,
find me follow me, plus about 80 more. After installing NEWT, Mike’s employees found
that they were communicating better and they never missed a customer call. After Installing NEWT Mike stopped worrying
about his business phone system and instead spent more time working on growing his business.
Do you want to improve your business communications, and save money at the same time?
Call us today, and let us help you grow your business with a NEWT Business Phone System. Just dial 1-888-996-6398.

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