Dirty Money Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Dirty Money Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

They knew it was happening. They did nothing about it. There are certain people
in our global community… who think they are above all laws. It’s all political. It is abundantly clear
that Kushner Companies made the lives of its tenants
a living hell. No owner is above the law,
not even the family of the President of the United States. This is a tier-one predator. Wells Fargo issued me a credit card
without my approval. They converted my… I made all my payments on time
and they still came and repo’d my truck. Every single subsidiary of Wells Fargo was engaging in some sort
of fraudulent activity. And they masked that… as a convenience to you. How could the wife of a politician
afford such luxury? I think he thought
he could get away with it. Guardianship exploitation
is the crime of the 21st century. This is supposed to be America. Their gold is tainted,
and they’re selling to the US Mint. Nobody cares. As long as the money’s flowing,
the business continues. These days,
babies are being born pre-polluted. They’re all plastic. EPA dismiss the views
of an inconvenient pediatrician. They said we were just bad apples. We are not bad apples. We did not make millions, you did. I always told my staff, “Tell me the truth, I’ll do the lying.”

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  1. Eyyy bossku, lmao melayu yg support umno pas kt Mano ? Xnak pertahankn bangsa ke ? Bukan xde bukti kn, tp knp 1dunia tau n partner dia overseas semua masuk penjara dh

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