Directors’ Consortium

Directors’ Consortium

[MUSIC] The Directors’ Consortium is an intensive
three day program that we put together with Chicago Booth,
Stanford GSP, and Stanford Law School. It consists of all directors, and we cover a variety of fundamentals
of corporate government, as well as some of the emerging contemporary topics
that directors can front in their job.>>I bought, probably 50 companies
have been bought myself ten times, pretty much thought I knew everything, and
then [LAUGH] going through the process, well, I realized I don’t know everything, just seeing how other directors
deal with similar situations.>>As board directors you get yourself in
big trouble when you stop learning and when you start thinking
that you know a lot. You do, but you don’t know it all.>>The sessions are highly interactive. We understand that directors
have a wealth of experience, and we want them to share
that experience with us.>>The environment here is so
conducive to open discussion.>>This provides a good forum for
us to kind of let our hair down and say, this is my situation,
that’s your situation.>>You hear other stories from long time
directors, new directors, big companies, small companies. All of those perspectives come together to
just give each participant a really rich understanding of the nuance that a single
problem can have as it manifests itself in different types of companies and different
boardrooms with different personalities.>>One of distinguishing features of
our program is that the discussions and the topics are research based.>>The faculty here is very engaging. They teach in a manner that you are, not
just thinking about what they’re teaching, but also reflecting upon your experiences. They have a way to elicit conversation.>>We want to provide the information
about what’s likely to happen going forward, how regulations are going to
change, what’s going to happen .francs, say on pay, and what are the new things that I’m going to
watch of going forward as a director. Not everybody that applies gets in, and we nd try to keep the enrollment
down to about 50.>>As we go back to the boardroom,
these are rules of thumb, these are tools, toolkits that will
be applicable, not just today, but really years from today, and
they apply across every board.>>We’re looking for people that want to
spend the time, really do the material, and come into the class ready
to discuss this stuff in detail.>>I’m going to go back with lots of
ideas for best practices of how we can run the board by even being better
leader myself in my current job.>>Without a doubt it was
worth coming [LAUGH], and without a doubt I’ve enhanced
my skills set by being here.>>When I think about the boards that I
sit on and what I brought to those boards, before this course, and what I will
bring to the boards after this course, really shows that there
is a lot to be learned. [MUSIC]

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