Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 243

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 243

Unknown Speaker 0:03
Oh, well we’re live. Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts, the one where I’m busy
posting GIFs on the hump day hangouts page and forget that we’re going live. So welcome
to Hump Day hangouts to 43. It is the third of July 2019. That is the day before the Fourth
of July. And we got everybody here. We got a bunch of good stuff coming up. And we got
some really good questions today. But before we dive into things going to say hello, real
quick. Glad to see Chris you’re still here with us. You have survived the heat wave so
far. How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 0:32
Yeah, heat wave is over. So happy to be here. Unknown Speaker 0:37
Yeah, as long as we are below 95 Fahrenheit. Pretty good. Like, anything above that. That’s
good. Unknown Speaker 0:44
Oh, you’re doing good. Good. That’s pretty toasty. Uh, yeah, it’s like 72 here. I’m loving
it. So yeah. 95 getting getting pretty warm. So Hernan how’s the winter treating? Yeah,
it’s fucking cold dude, Unknown Speaker 0:57
but other than that, it’s good. Hey, what’s up everybody here I’m pumped sending today
and I’m really excited about fulfil live 2019 some good stuff coming up. So if you haven’t
gotten your ticket, what the hell you waiting for the gonna go out fast and you know people
are coming or having you know, a great time before, during and after the event. So it’s
gonna be good, man. I’m excited. Unknown Speaker 1:16
I agree. I agree 100% with you. Also, I’m working on the VIP event. For those who have
decided to take us up on the VIP event offer which we highly suggest you do. But it’s a
great way also not just to have fun, but we get together the day before the event you
get to meet everyone. Not just us but the other attendees and spend some time doing
some really fun stuff. We got some an awesome event lined up and then of course, we jumped
into the event itself. So Marco, how about yourself, man? How you doing? Unknown Speaker 1:46
Dude? I think we’re having one of those Arctic vortexes Unknown Speaker 1:50
shit. What’s going on? Unknown Speaker 1:51
It’s 67 Unknown Speaker 1:54
Yeah, you gotta you got your park on and like a beanie. Unknown Speaker 1:57
I have socks on. Unknown Speaker 2:00
killers, things you have to go through and cold. Unknown Speaker 2:03
As tough. You know, we’ll we’ll sing a song for you know, trying to tear you up. So you
don’t Unknown Speaker 2:10
say a prayer. sing Kumbaya? Unknown Speaker 2:12
Yeah, I’m fucking crying and concerned for Marco. Unknown Speaker 2:16
And you tell? I’ve been seeing the sarcasm. Terrific. Bradley, how you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 2:21
I’m good. And speaking of July 2019. Unknown Speaker 2:24
Oh, look at that. Unknown Speaker 2:25
Yeah, finally got her. I got our first batch of shirts. And so that’s awesome to represent.
Yeah, things are good. It’s hot. It’s hot here. So I must have taken the heat from Marco
apparently. But yeah, I’m excited. This week holiday week. I’m actually as soon as we get
off the webinar today, I’m headed out from the mountains to go ride a TV for the weekend
for the long weekend, which is going to be nice. I’ll be unplugged. So if anybody tries
to message me tough shit. Unknown Speaker 2:53
Then now’s a good time to ask you then, you know, I know we’ve talked about a little bit.
But with the mastermind members, you kind of opened up, I don’t know how much you want
to share with us. But you’re gonna be doing some training with few of them. Right? Unknown Speaker 3:04
Yeah, my new business model is doing really, really well very, very quickly. And so in
the mastermind, I’m kind of doing a very small group, accountability group type thing, it’s
an additional paid thing, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time over the next
10 weeks, helping a very small few people in the group that decided to want to learn
more about the business model, which is it’s real estate flipping real estate. And it’s,
it’s, it’s works really, really well. And it’s not just houses. But again, it’s we talked
about this stuff in the mastermind, but it’s a it’s very profitable, and it’s going to
be cool, we’ve got about six people, maybe seven, that are going to join me in the next
10 weeks where they’re going to learn the model and the marketing and kind of try to
duplicate the kind of success that I’ve been able to achieve very quickly, very, very lucrative
business much more lucrative than doing digital marketing alone. What’s cool about it is you
get to apply our digital marketing expertise or knowledge to this business, and it really
gives us a competitive edge over the other people in the space because most people aren’t,
don’t have the digital expertise, right, that we do. And when I say we, I mean, you know,
our group our members. So it’s, it’s a great strategy to get it, you know, get some big
paychecks very, very quickly. And, and I’m loving it. I’m absolutely loving this new
business. It’s very, very lucrative. And it’s fun. I’m learning a lot. So I’m really excited
about it. And I’m anxious to get that started. That starts Monday, July 15. Nice. Unknown Speaker 4:31
Yeah. And that’s a great way I’m glad the mention that I love when you can kind of leverage
You know, one area so when you’re going into a you know, either a market or into something
else you’re not, you know, just starting over, you’re able to take the digital marketing
into that and you know, start knocking out some home runs pretty quick. Cool. Well, real
quick, just anyone watching First of all, thanks for showing up to Hump Day Hangouts.
If you’re new thanks again for watching. You’re in the right place. We’re going to dive into
some questions here real quick, and start getting to that. If you are here and you want
to come back and ask questions or maybe you’re watching the replay, you can always go to
Semantic Mastery comm slash HD questions and ask away, you know, we do we first come first
serve, we ask that you just try to limit it to one or maybe two questions, we want to
make sure we get to everyone. But that way, you can ask ahead of time and then come back
and check the replay. If this is a time conflict, maybe on the phone with client, whatever it
may be. And then the first thing you should do after checking out Hump Day hangouts is
grab the battle plan. All right, this is going to give you the processes for a lot of what
you need to do whether you’re working maybe you’re putting up a new site, maybe you got
an age domain you’re working with the client want to know how to use press releases, whatever
it may be, grab that you can find that at battle plan dot Semantic And
then after that, when you want to really take things up a few notches, you want to be a
part of a network you want to grow or build your digital marketing agency or apply this
stuff to your own business. Come join us in the mastermind mastermind dot Semantic
And last but certainly not least, if you’re you want just save yourself some time, we’ve
got empty why b dot CEO right this morning, get your premium done for you SEO Services,
get syndication networks get our way as Dr stacks, get this stuff done for you can arbitrage
this stuff, get it applied to your clients, your own projects. And that way you don’t
have to spend the time doing it yourself. Other than that, I wanted to touch base on
something we got going on this week only we talked about Pope who live you guys, if you
want to grab your tickets now is definitely the time next week, the price will be going
up and it’ll be staying there. We just wanted to offer these for early bird pricing. So
you can take advantage of that grab, it helps us plan. And in return, you get to save a
bundle. And last but not least with that we’ve also got for the July sales going on right
for us here in the States, tomorrow’s a fourth of July, we’ve got a cool sale going on not
only with Semantic Mastery, but also with mg ye. And if you’re a subscriber on either
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the page right now. So you can do that. If you’re checking out the replay, you might
be able to do it, it depends when you see it. But this is a limited time offer. So you
have make use of this. And the next I believe three days, 72 hours before this stuff goes
down. With that said anything else? You guys, are we ready to get into it. Unknown Speaker 7:25
For those of you that are new, and I know some we have some business owners that are
actually watching or have been attending because of some podcasts that I’ve been interviewed
on recently. RMB why b dot CEO that’s again, people ask like, well, what is that? Well,
mg ye may make Google your bitch dot CEO so mg y b dot CEO, that’s our store, where we
have done for you services is the services that we it’s the training that we teach, like
we we provide the done for you services based upon the training that we teach. So the methods
work really, really well. If you don’t know what they are or how to apply them. That’s
what this is for the hump day hangout so that you can come ask questions specifically, and
we can answer those. So you know, I just wanted to welcome those newer audience members, and
also encourage you to go, if you want to learn this stuff, you can buy our training and go
through it. But if you’re a business owner, my suggestion is that you focus on operating
your business, and instead by the done for you services. And if you have questions about
how to apply them, that’s what this forum right here is for. So that we can answer your
questions and walk you through anything that you might need. Unknown Speaker 8:30
And just so people know, it’s the same services that we that we use. We don’t go outside of
our ecosystem to order what we do. But we recommend those right Logan mix we use, and
we use some others. But the core services that we use are in MTV, that’s why MTV dot
CEO was developed. Because it’s the products is the services that we use. It’s the way
that we teach it. It’s done up to our standards, and it works for us. And it’s been tested
over and over and over and over to make sure that they work for just about anybody else.
In any niche. Don’t just think local. If you’re a business owner, and you have a business
that operates in the entire US, it can help it can help with your affiliate. It can help
with branding it, it can help it with just about anything that you’re doing online. Unknown Speaker 9:26
Very good. All right. Well, I’m gonna grab the screen if we don’t have anything else.
Can I do that? Unknown Speaker 9:32
Let’s do that. I’ll take that. Unknown Speaker 9:36
Okay, sweet. Unknown Speaker 9:38
Alright, so I think, Unknown Speaker 9:43
uh, let’s see, I think the first question is actually, Unknown Speaker 9:50
I don’t remember if I answered this one last week or not, but I’m going to go with Unknown Speaker 9:55
six days ago. So yeah, okay. We’re going to start with this one, then I don’t I don’t
remember answering this one. If I did for Forgive me, guys. I’m going to repeat it.
If that’s the case, anyways, friendly. Says also love the PR Episode The other day. So
he was referring to when we did the press advantage webinar with Jeremy, from you know,
from breast advantage that was last Monday. I don’t know if that offers still available.
But if so that might be a good opportunity to send people to it. If anybody was interested,
he said, Do you have any sort of staggering strategy that you use for PR is because a
lot of websites have very few links to begin with? Does it make sense to do IFTTT, Google
Sites web to auto social directories, then in the second one started press releases otherwise,
that’s a lot of links in the first month hitting the hint hitting the site. I know they are
powerful and trusted. I’m just wondering if I’m thinking too much about this, or am I
right to want to postpone it until the foundation links are done? No, you know, I understand
your concern. But think about when a new business launches. That’s a perfect opportunity, a
perfect time to publish a press release to announce its opening, right. And so it’s perfectly
natural to get a bunch of press about press release links inbound links from press releases,
when you’re launching a new website, or a new business or a new service or new product,
whatever the case may be, because, again, it’s a perfect opportunity. It’s like it’s
logical, it’s normal for people to announce that and they try to get good press right?
What happens if you were a new business that got featured on in your local newspaper or
a local news station, you know, TV or something, you’d end up getting a lot of mentions a lot
of links, probably, and that Google’s not going to punish you for that, right? Those
are natural type of links, they’re logical, it’s, it’s different. If you were to go out
and buy like a link spam campaign, and slam your site with, you know, 10s of thousands
of link spam links, you know, or spammy type links. But when you’re doing a press release,
again, that’s like an announcement, you’re announcing your new your new business or the
opening of a new location, or whatever it is, it’s, it’s perfectly logical to do so.
So I don’t recommend waiting on the press release at all, in fact, that that is standard
operating procedure. And that should be outlined in our battle plan. So if you haven’t picked
up the battle plan, right, there is the banner to do it. And that will teach you the step
by step in what order to do things, whether it’s a new site, or an established site that
you’re looking to promote a bit harder and more aggressively. All of that is outlined
in the battle plan. Anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 12:24
I agree with you, Bradley, I think that I think that press releases, Unknown Speaker 12:28
they can, they can also give you a lot of traffic. So I would say that for announcements.
And for, you know, a decent amount of links that come from her reputable sites, as Marco
would say they help you solidify the entity. So you can always link to, you know, additional
properties of your own brand, like, I don’t know, your Google My Business Page, or your
Facebook page, or whatever that is, or your YouTube channel in case you have one. And
I think that it works really well in terms of solidifying the entity and, you know, getting
getting the first boost of lengths around your your website is completely normal. Like
it’s a it’s a general practice that Unknown Speaker 13:07
new and age websites, websites Unknown Speaker 13:10
alike, will use to actually, you know, get the word to know them like backlinks from
those gates. And those cases are secondary, you know, it’s more like an awareness that
thing. So Unknown Speaker 13:22
yeah. And just so you know, I was talking with a business owner the other day, who said
that he had attempted a few press releases, but didn’t really see much. And he actually
was talking about how some of the stuff that he’s been attempting to do on his own, like
buying done for you services from from places that really haven’t helped at all. And in
fact, he’s even seen a little bit of a slip. And, you know, that I would, I would caution
against doing anything directly to your money site, unless you know, for sure that it’s,
it’s going that it’s proven and that it’s healthy for your site. And so I was recommending
to him that he got a Dr. Stack was syndication network, but you know, Dr. Stack specifically
for his situation, and then do all of the additional external link building and SEO
stuff to the Dr. Stack because that, you know, Google loves itself. And it uses it’s essentially
like an SEO firewall. And, uh, but press releases came up and I specifically, you know, said
that, it depends on the press release service, too, because there are a ton of different
press release services out there. And a lot of them will inflate their distribution numbers
by using like really shitty WordPress like pbn, private blog, network style networks
of blogs, right, so they’re self hosted WordPress blogs that they’ve turned into syndication
points where they just republish, but a lot of those are shitty domains that have been
spammed, or they they become shitty domains, in fact, something and basically, they can,
those kind of links can end up becoming toxic. So it’s important to pick a reputable press
release service that doesn’t try to inflate their distribution numbers and only sticks
with valid media type or news type sites. That you know. And again, there’s a handful
of them out there press advantages is one of the one of the better ones, there’s no
doubt quantum Newswire, who’s that they’ve got some good distribution services out there,
they don’t have near as many and their distribution channels, but the distribution channels they’ve
selected are much, much higher, they’re much more higher quality, they, they base it upon
quality and not quantity. And so there are a few others out there that again, I’ve even
used, that can end up becoming toxic, that if you’re pointing directly back to your money
site, because some of those distribution sites, the republishing sites are like I said, PB
ends and they can actually become negative ranking system. Now if you’re going to use
those kind of things, you can still use them if you know where to point them, where to
point the links from them. But I wouldn’t suggest doing that directly to a money site,
you can do it to Google properties. You could do it to other high authority type tier one
properties, but I wouldn’t point those types of press releases directly to a money site.
That makes sense. And we cover a lot of that kind of stuff and local PR pro two. All right,
next question. It says I’m looking to outsource hyper local press releases. Okay, looking
for software search tools. Okay, so I guess the question is looking to outsource hyper
local press releases, okay, well go to MTV dot CEO, you can order press releases from
us there. You know, the, again, we we resell for press advantage, and they have the writing
staff that will write them. So you don’t have to do anything, but provide the instructions
for what you want them to write about. And then provide the links that you want them
to link to, and they’ll write the press release will notify you when it’s ready for you to
review. And then if you accept it, or you know, suggest some edits, whatever the case
may be, then we’ll publish it, and you’ll get the benefit of that. So I would highly
recommend that you do that, if you’re looking to do a lot of them, then I would recommend
you get your own subscription, so that you can pop, there’s more press releases, instead
of paying a one off fee for each one. And in that case, again, you can just use the
press, I always recommend using the press release writing services of the distribution
service that you’re going to use. Because they understand what the editorial guidelines,
they will make sure that they’re written in a way that are going to get picked up by the
most distribution partners. And that’s what I recommend it’s, it’s, it’s going to cost
you more if you go outside and try to find a writer anyways. Or if you try to use some
shitty writer, then you’re gonna, you know, some cheap, inexpensive writer that can’t
write worth. And trust me, there’s a lot of those out there too, that will tell you they
can write press releases, but then the press releases get rejected by the distribution
services, because they don’t meet their editorial standards. So again, in my opinion, you’re
much more efficient, your time is better spent. If you just buy press releases directly from
the distribution services, including the writing services. Okay. Number two, looking for software
search tool design defined or identify us unstructured, local, local citations of businesses.
Thank you for your property by Alan Unknown Speaker 18:07
tool designed to find or identify us unstructured local citations of businesses? Well, I’m not
sure what you mean by finding a tool that will find unstructured citations, if you do
a search for like a brand name and a phone number, or a brand name and the website URL
or brand name and the address or brand name, city state zip, then that’s where you’re going
to find where that and you can just do that via Google, right? You put stuff in quotes
and put like the brand name in quotes and then put the phone number in quotes. So you
like so that you have two separate two separate search queries wrapped in quotes in one search
string. Right? Does that make sense? You do those kind of things. And you will find that
the pages that Google has indexed, that are called unstructured citations, you’ll find
both structured and unstructured citations that way, that’s my point, just use Google.
If you want to know you don’t need a software tool for that mean, if you want, if you wanted
to find, you know, make it that would actually be kind of a cool tool to have have developed,
it would probably be done, could be done rather easily. But just what I’m saying is all you
got to do though, is go to google. com and use the brand name and quotes and then various
other parts. You know, identifiers like the name, you’re already going to have that but
the address the phone, city, state, zip web web address, those kind of things. If you
just do the always do the brand name, but then select one of those other data points
and wrap it in quotes and do a search, you’re going to see all the different pages that
Google has index that has those mentions, which a lot of the times that’s an unstructured
citation is where name, address and phone number or some parts thereof have been published
online, but don’t necessarily contain a backlink or a very structured name, address phone number,
URL like you would typically see in a business directory, right? So again, just use the power
of Google guys, you don’t need it. I mean, again, if you wanted to do this at scale,
you it would be nice to have a tool you could probably even scrape box probably has something
some sort of add on that would do something similar to that. So I would look into that.
Anybody have any comments on that? Unknown Speaker 20:15
That’d be Unknown Speaker 20:16
moving on. Alright, so this question came from came from James, I posted it because
he actually sent me an email asking me this, and I told him, I’d be happy to answer his
question on Hump Day Hangout, because I think it could help some other people as well. So
I’m going to read this, he says my next door neighbor runs a tree trimming business, he
and his wife had it set up where she would receive the calls and then dispatch them to
the group mostly made up of his family members. She now refuses to answer business calls,
leaving him his kids and family losing money in professional relationships. They have a
GMB as I suggested it and Facebook as their website from what I remember, you also and
he’s saying you meaning me, also operate in the tree trimming business, among others in
Northern Virginia, I recall a bit about how you set up the business to do the call automation.
You have a moment moment, could you give me a brief overview and some contacts to help
me help them set up such a system? Yeah. And so I thought this was a good question. Because
guys, you know, if you’re running a lead gen business, I’ve recommended this many, many
times that you don’t direct calls directly to your service providers, unless they have
a dedicated, you know, call receptionist that’s going to be answering the calls. And the reason
why is because anybody that has been in this business for any amount of time, whether you’re
a business owner, right, or your, your your consultant, or an agency owner, or you’re
providing leads to other business owners, you know, that as soon as you start getting
assets ranked in Google, you’re going to start receiving spam and solicitation calls from
every marketing and advertising company under the sun. Primarily, if you’re in the contracting
industries, Yelp, and home advisor, you’re going to get absolutely hammered with solicitation
calls from Yelp and from home advisor, if no matter what business you’re in Yelp is
an unapologetic spammer. They’re relentless. But a home advisor, if you’re in any sort
of contracting business, they’re relentless as well. And no matter how many times you
tell them to go shit in their hat, they continue to call. And so part of the reason I tell
people not to direct lead generation calls from direct to a company that’s buying the
leads from them, is because they’ll end up having a ton of wasted time on the phone rejecting
solicitation calls, and it will annoy your service provider. Right. And so I learned
a long, long time ago, to set up a call center way back in 2012, is when I started using
answer Connect calm, there are others out there, guys. But this is the company that
I’ve been using since 2012. I’m happy with them. You know it does, there is an expense
involved, there’s no doubt. But this is a really, really good answering service. They’re
really easy to work with. You can get you can jump on the phone with that you can send
in your call scripting via a word, a Google, excuse me a Microsoft Word doc or you can
do it via Google Docs, whatever. But you can also jump on the phone with them and walk
through like how you want calls to be answered what the scripting should be, if it’s multiple
choice options and things like that for like questions that they would ask the caller,
you can I mean, they’re really, really, really helpful. I can’t say enough good things about
answer Connect, I’ve had some issues in the past where something has gone wrong, and I’ve
jumped on the phone with them. And I’ve been able to get it resolved. And they’ve credited
my account, because I’ve been a longtime member, you know, subscriber or whatever. So I’m just
telling you, it’s a really good service. And the benefit of this is that they answer the
phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And they’ll take the lead information based upon
your scripting. And then they can either patch valid league calls directly through to the
business, or you can opt in. So that’s what they, you know, like that’s the patch through
service where they’ll actually transfer the call. So the first they’ll take the lead information
in case the call gets disconnected, or in case the when you get when the transfer is
made in case the business owner cannot or whoever’s answering the phone for the business
cannot answer the phone at that time, they don’t lose that lead, right? So they take
the lead information first. And then they’ll do a live transfer, if that’s what you opt
for, for about 90% of my businesses that I generate leads for including my own now my
real estate business that I was just talking about at the beginning of this, I set up an
answer Connect call center, you know, I just have another sub account that basically asked
all the callers that call in and say they might have a property to sell all the questions
that I need to know. So I don’t ever answer any damn calls, all I do is get the lead information.
So for about 90% of my businesses that I do generate leads for the call comes in answer
Connect, ask them a series of questions, if it’s for contracting stuff, they asked them
who caller’s name is their phone number, their email, if they want to provide that a second
callback number, the best time to call back a brief description of the job. And depending
on what type of businesses sometimes they ask from the address the service, you know,
where where is this job going to be performed, and then they get the address. And then from
there, they end the call and say, for again, for about 90% of the businesses that I generate
leads for they’ll say, Okay, thanks, we’ve got your information, we’re going to forward
it to our estimator to call you to set up a free estimate, you should receive a call
shortly. And then from there, they actually email me a copy of the lead. And then they
email the lead information plus text, the lead information to my contractors. So my
contact was get it via email and via text, and I get a copy of it via email so that I
can track the leads that I’m generating for their business, you know, for so that I can
make sure I’m getting paid. So that’s the best. I mean, honestly, it’s it’s really,
really good. Because one of the other things is a lot of the business owners, if they’re
working business owners are working contractors. In other words, if they’re actually out in
the field, doing the job, like a like a plumber, for example, you know, might be out fixing
a sink or something. And if the phone rings, and the call was going directly to them, they
can’t answer the phone, well, what happens to that lead, that lead a lot of the times
is going to call the next person in line because they didn’t get an answer, they’re not going
to most people aren’t going to leave a voicemail message, they want something done, they want
to want it done. Now, that’s why they’re picked up, you know, they went to Google and found
a provider and called it. So that’s part of that, you know, as soon as I realized what
that I was missing a lot of calls, my lead gen calls were getting either unanswered by
the contractors because they were busy. Or they were getting unanswered, because the
contractors got tired of answering the phone because of solicitation calls always blowing
up their their phone, once I learned about setting up a call center. At first, when I
did it, I it was it was kind of painful, because I was new in my lead gen business and I, you
know, was $500 a month to set this up, thought Oh shit, I’m going to have to live I’m going
to lose $500 a month in revenue. But the exact opposite happened, I set the call center up
and I instantly got a 30% revenue increase even after the expense of the call center.
And that was because now all the calls started to be screened only valid leads would get
sent to my contractors, then my contractors would call them back, like, you know, very
quickly after they received the lead. And they would usually and so essentially, we
started closing more leads or getting more leads that were turned into closed sales.
And so my revenue actually went up 30%. Now, I can’t say that that’s going to be the same
for all of you. But it is a really, really good service to you know, you don’t have to
use answer Connect, you can just find an answering call center, or an answering service that
will do that similar something similar, set it up. And I promise you, you’re going to
have better results for your lead generation business. Or if you’re a business owner, and
you’re tired of getting shitty, especially contractors, if you guys are tired of getting
calls that are getting you know where you’re getting hammered with solicitation calls,
which happens all the time, set up a call center. And that’s you know, that way, you’re
only getting notified when it’s a valid lead that’s calling you. And you don’t have to
pay a full time employee to do that. You can just pay them, but based upon your usage,
your call volume. Unknown Speaker 28:15
So I thought that was a great question. So thank you, James. Should I be looking over
here? I keep hearing a bunch of shit. No. Unknown Speaker 28:28
Alright, cool. So next is me. I’ll mix. Wow. Okay, for an idea. Is it mandatory to create
a sub domain or with the Amazon object URL be enough? Is there any advantage to setting
it up? To use a see name? That’s a little bit heavier than we typically like to get
into on one of these. But let me see if I can answer it conceptually. What link? Or
should we use the canonical in our ad ID page, the main money site? It depends on what you’re
doing. Like, okay, is it mandatory to create a sub domain? No, it’s not you can use the
Amazon bucket domain, that’s, you know that that’s absolutely fine. It just depends on
whether you want to brand it or not. If you want to brand it use a sub domain. And you
can map it using something like cloud flare or something like that, it’s up to you how
you want to do it, it doesn’t matter, you can still get the benefit without using a
sub domain. For a lot of mine, I don’t have sub domain setup for for companies for clients,
I do use a sub domain so that they have a branded ad ID page. But for a lot of my lead
gen stuff, I just use the Amazon bucket because it’s just an additional step that I can cut
out I don’t need to create sub domain, you can still get the benefit of it without the
sub the branded sub domain. Does that make sense? As far as the canonical, it depends
on what you’re doing, or how you’re going, what are you going to do with your ad ID page.
If you’re going to throw a shit ton of link spam at it, which you can do, then you’re
not going to want to canonical eyes that to your money site. Because then your money site
is going to show those links pointing to them a lot of the link trackers now, backlink analysis
tools will actually show canonicalization backlink profiles. In other words, if you’ve
got a page out there, there’s canonical eyes to a page on your home site or your money
site. And you’re throwing a shit ton of spam links at it it will show is links pointing
directly to your money site. And so I don’t recommend doing that. Now, if you’re going
to be just using a GSB website, for example, then you can come on canonical canonical lies
the ad ID page to the GSB website and throw kitchen sink spam at it would matter. But
if you’re going to do it for a self hosted domain, I would recommend that you consider
using something like your G site from Dr. Stack, right as the canonical. Or just make
sure that you’re only doing clean shit to your ad ID page and use something like a DR
stack that points to your ad ID page and then throw your kitchen sink spam at the Dr. stat.
That make sense. So I mean, there’s a number of ways you can set it up, you just got to
think about it logically, guys, where do you want the spam to go? And where do you want
it to point you don’t want you know, you can you can launder the juice and direct the juice
through certain properties in a way that it’s not going to negatively affect a money site.
And that’s part of the reason we we always recommend using Dr. stacks use the Dr. Stack
is your filtering tool. Right. And the idea is kind of part of that. Unknown Speaker 31:16
Market. You want to comment on that. I know you got to be itching to make a comment. Unknown Speaker 31:19
No, no, I’m not going to comment on this because I’d have to give away training and I won’t
do that in a free forum. Unknown Speaker 31:23
Okay, gotcha. And that’s what the masterminds for guys when we get real in depth into that
stuff. So Alright, next time, guys, thanks for coming to hang out as much as as much
as usual as much appreciate excuse me says you mentioned recently that Google has been
suspending legitimate GMB listings for making profile edits in their effort to kill spam
listings. Is there a risk of suspension if you claim an unclaimed profile and then completely
fill out an optimized listing profile properly? For the business owner during the verification
process? And right after it’s been verified? I don’t know. I can’t tell you that because
there is no rhyme or reason that I can make out of the suspensions right now. I have a
valid client who’s still suspended, got suspended last Monday, which is a legitimate business
that we haven’t done anything spammy. I’ve been working on their, you know, stuff for
seven years. You know, they’ve always done really well. We’ve never done anything spammy
at all. And all I did was go in and upload a photo and publish the GMB website because
for whatever reason, his GMB website, it was never published, it was present, but for whatever
reason, it was never published. So all I did was publish it. And Google tries to force
the GMB website as your primary website URL and a maps listing. So I went back into edit
the Info tab to change the URL back to the money site, which it had been for seven years,
and Google suspended the listing. And now Google support says that they it’ll be two
to three weeks before they can even get to reviewing it for reinstatement, reconsideration
requests. So it’s bullshit. And honestly, I told I was on a call with a business owner
earlier this week, who was like for some advice about GMB stuff. And I said, stay the hell
out of your profile. For now. Like you can post do GMB posts. But from that even that,
I recommend using a name and posting app that connects via API as opposed to doing it directly
from within the dashboard. Outside of that, I’m telling you, I mean, doesn’t mean you
have to shut down your business, you can’t start you can’t take on new clients. Now.
That’s not what I’m saying. But what I am saying is I would be especially certain industries
pest control is the one I was talking about and pest control was, Google’s got a really
itchy trigger finger right now, for certain industries especially. So if you’re going
to start a new GMB for a client or you’re claiming one, then what I would recommend
is that you go in and you do stuff very, very carefully, very easily, instead of jumping
in and trying to optimize everything all at once. And again, I could be completely wrong,
guys, I don’t know, I’m just telling you, I’m a bit gun shy right now or hesitant to
try to do much of anything and GM bs because a legitimate business, that’s the first one
that I’ve had this is spend it out of, you know, dozens and dozens and dozens of businesses
and real and even lead gen assets of mine that haven’t been suspended. So it’s, it’s
a bit painful. And I’m a bit nervous about doing much in there. For now, I recommend
just staying out of them until Google determines what they’re going to do. And like the dust
settles. So, Margaret, you want to comment on that or anybody else? Has anybody else
experienced that issue right now? Unknown Speaker 34:28
Okay, Unknown Speaker 34:29
we’re gonna say no. Unknown Speaker 34:31
Okay, well, then yeah. So I mean, just like I said, I would recommend if you’re going
to go in, just keep it to a minimum, like maybe optimize the business description, you
know, at least add a business description, hours of operation, maybe the primary website
URL, and that that’s about it. I mean, you could put a profile like a, you know, profile
photo for the logo and that kind of stuff. But I wouldn’t do much of anything else other
than GMB posting at the moment. Until Google gets over this fucking bloodbath that they’re
in, right now, like, they’re, they’re just, it’s just, it sucks. So, Unknown Speaker 35:06
what I’m recommending is when you order it, or when you try to claim it, or whatever the
fuck it is, you try to do, do as much as you can, right, optimize as much as you can, so
that you never again, have to go in and edit anything, get as much of it done, and then
go on to what we teach in local GMB Pro, which is the posts and the images, and how to tie
it all together. Because if you have to go back in there, now you’re risking getting
suspended. And so why why take the risk when you can get most of it, you can get about
80% done, and never have to go back again. Unknown Speaker 35:44
So that’s slightly different than what I said. But yeah, I mean, and that’s, that’s logical,
it makes sense to do that. Because if it’s new, it makes sense to go in and make some
changes when it’s brand new, right? Or at least, or add stuff like completed, essentially,
you’re completing it when it’s pretty. So that may be the case. I’m still nervous in
there right now. I’m not gonna lie. So. But what Marco says is logical, it makes sense.
But I don’t know that there’s any logic involved in this right now. Because for them, this
has been, and guys there’s help for good, right on the Google help forums, you can go
see how many legitimate valid businesses have been suspended recently, there’s a ton of
complaints. And that’s what Google’s reasoning is for why they say it’s two to three weeks
before they can even get to it is because they have so many reinstatement requests that
they’re, they’re working their way through. So in my opinion, like, you know, again, it’s
logical to go in and make all the edits or the updates, or essentially just complete
the profile when you first get it verified. And then like Marco said, stay the hell out
of it. Because it’s when you go back in that, you know, that that this was a long time established
business. And we went in and made a slight change, and boom, it’s suspended. And you
know, it’s so again, if you’re going to do it, I guess the very beginning, when you first
verified is the best time to lose it. Because you haven’t already built an asset that starts
starting to produce, right, you’re, you’re at the early stages, it would be worse to
build up the asset, right, get it to start producing leads, and then at a later date,
go make an edit, and that’s when you lose it, because then you’ve just lost all the
work that you’ve done. So I do agree with Marco and that if you’re going to try to complete
the profile, optimize and complete it, then do that at the beginning. Because if you lose
it so what you really hadn’t benefited from it at that point, and you can always attempt
to try to start a new one. Right. So I do agree with that. If you wanted to rank a new
site organically for a local business niche and specific location, but don’t care about
ranking, your related GMB listing and don’t want to go to the trouble of even setting
one up. How much more difficult is it? If it ranks at all? If it all excuse me to rank
the site without a related GMB listing? Thanks, again? Well, it just depends on the area.
You know, and I’ve talked about this in recent Hump Day Hangouts. But if you do local, especially
for contractors, again, I do mostly stuff for contractors. So I don’t really look a
lot in other industries, guys apologize, but it is what it is. But for contractors, a lot
of times if you look for, you know, those type of terms, like home service type Related
Search Queries, you’re going to see that the the majority of the organic ranked pages are
now business directories, home advisor, or Yelp. You know, Angie’s List, those types
of things. And so you can still get results from ranking organically. But the problem
is that you’re fighting with really well established high authority directory sites that have really
taken over and started dominating the organic rankings for a lot of local search type of
terms. Right? And it makes sense because they can’t compete in the GMB space, the map space.
So they have been really taking over the organic. I don’t think it’s fair, I don’t think it’s
right that Google promotes index pages. Remember, Google is nothing other than an index of links,
which is why we suggested doing so much with GMA is because you keep people in, in Google
when they are interacting with Google assets. But when you’re looking at like the organic
ranking section, that’s typically an index of links, External links that take people
off of Google. And so when you’re looking at an index result, right search engine result
pages, you’re looking at indexed results for a search query that then when you click through
takes you to another index page, just on a different platform like Yelp, or like Angie’s
List or, you know, home advisor, God forbid, something like that didn’t to me that just
it’s stupid. Why would you want to go from one index to another, but that’s it is what
it is. And that’s how a lot of that is showing up in organic search right now. So can you
compete in that space? Yes, depending on the area. And that kind of stuff is how much work
it’s going to take really like what the level of competition is. So just do some searches
for that area, or that you know, the locations and the search queries that you’re in looking
to generate leads for to get results from, and take a look at what you’re going to be
competing with. And then you can kind of develop your organic SEO strategy based upon what
you’re competing with. Okay. Unknown Speaker 40:15
I have a plumbing business that will eventually have multiple locations, I’m thinking of ordering
our wire stacks, the current site will have location pages, and no subdomains currently
only want to target one location. If I order RBS with a G site, will the G site mimic the
current website with location pages? Or will it be built out for a single location? And
what I need to add more locations and future myself? Yes, currently, we don’t have it,
the only way that you could get us to do it is if you asked for a custom build, after
we delivered the base like the foundation that the core product, which would be the
Dr. Stack and the Google, you know the dry as Dr. Stack and the Google site, it’s going
to be based upon your primary money site, or whatever location you tell us, that’s going
to be the you know how we basic the bill. But then we don’t have a service yet where
we can go in it’s because it’s too It’s too involved, it really is very complicated for
us to be able to provide a done for you service where we go back in and do like theme mirroring.
That’s what we call it right where we mirror your G site and your drive stacks to mirror
the structure of your main your primary site, your money site, your self hosted site, right?
That is our recommendation. By the way, though, that you get the Dr. Stack built or do it
yourself, which you know, we don’t recommend but get the the base Dr. Stack built, and
then mirror with your Google site. And you’re our Why is that so your Drive folder files
and folders, the structure of your money site. But here’s the thing guys think about it,
you can get the base build done. And then you can just go copy the folders and rename
them and then go in and edit and you don’t have to do this, you can train a VA to do
it. Or like I said, I don’t Marco Tell me if I’m wrong. But Can Can somebody write it
and ask for a custom build right now for like, we gave them a custom pricing quote on a case
by case basis or now. Unknown Speaker 42:09
Excuse me, they can write to us, you have to understand that right now, the way it is,
it takes just as long to do one dry stack as any additional stacks within the main stack.
So if you have a website with 100 pages, and you know, regardless of where we put it, let’s
say we only charge $100 for each additional dr site, because of the time that it takes.
If you have 100 page website, there you go, how much that’s going to cost, it becomes
prohibitive, which is why we have and I can’t say too much what we have under development
to make things easier. And to try to bring the price down. If we can, we will and if
we can’t, then we’ve given everyone all of the tools, so that they can go ahead and and
and clone the stack. And then just edit and if if you haven’t done it, and if you’re interested,
all you have to do is donate to my charity, I’ll drop in the link and then write to support
at Semantic Mastery calm, and you’ll get the set of webinars where that was shared, you’ll
get the scripts where that was shared, and you can do it on your own, I again, it’s going
to take time to do it. Because what you have to do then, once you’ve cloned it is go in
and edit the the new stack to reflect whatever it is that you’re targeting new location,
new set of keywords, whatever it is that you want to do all over again. Okay. Very good. Unknown Speaker 43:47
Let’s see. Unknown Speaker 43:50
Or another g say will be good if I order future in the future, if I order a stack and a future
for another location. Yeah, that’s what I mean. That’s what we’re saying is that it’s
better off just create one branded g site and Dr. Stack, right corresponding and then
from there, you build, you continually build that one out, right, which is what Marco was
talking about, you can do it manually by just copying folders, including all the files and
then going in, you know, renaming them optimizing them for each individual location that you
want to promote. And then build out another page on the site, doing the same thing where
you embed all those, right. But you have to go manually edit all of those files that way,
it can be done. And that’s that’s what we encourage people to do currently, you don’t
have to do that. Because you can train a VA to do that is my point, right? But Marco’s
got some scripts and stuff that he created that you can get by just donating to his charity.
And he’ll provide you that information. Again, we don’t have it done for you service for
that yet. I’ve told people that if they need, you know, like, clients or whatever that,
you know, they could reach out to me and I can quote them a custom custom quote enterprise
because I can train a VA to do that, you know what I mean? So it’s, it can be done. All
right. But it’s not something we haven’t done for you like, you know, order form for that
yet. What else should I specify when ordering dry? Dry a stack on empty? Why be just your
whatever it asked for in the ordering process and AP, primary website URL, a list of your
primary keywords, some logo, your logo and some images if you want to use your own custom
images? If not, we’ll we’ll find some related images. And, you know, so Marco, what else
needs to be done on the Dr. JACK, Unknown Speaker 45:31
if he has any, or she I’m sorry, I don’t know. If you’re a he or she if you have social media
accounts. Or if you have a syndication network, then by all means, include all of those URLs
so that we can include them in the dry sack because that adds power to your syndication
network. Unknown Speaker 45:52
Okay, we’re moving on. Let’s see. Next is says Jordan valor says I love me some done
for you. They rock thanks to Unknown Speaker 46:02
Lisa is where can I find out more about Bradley’s new real estate business model in the mastermind. Unknown Speaker 46:08
I’m sorry, but that’s, that’s mastermind has its benefits, right? It has its privileges.
That’s really guys, that’s where we go into depth in depth a lot of stuff. That’s where
I share what’s going on with my own business and or businesses now. You know, we do that
on a weekly basis, or Well, we do web bi weekly webinars in the mastermind. And, you know,
I’m an open book in there, guys, it’s, there’s, there’s no doubt about that. But and you know,
again, that stuff that I can’t really share outside of that, right now, maybe maybe in
the coming months, this is something that I can share with a broader audience. But for
right now, we’re kind of beta testing how I can share this and help others get results
similar to what I’ve been able to achieve in this real estate business so quickly, which
has been really, really good for me in the last two months. So it’s, uh, it’s really,
really good. But I would I would highly recommend you come join the mastermind. And then like
I said, You’re it’s basically I’m an open book over there. So all right, Jordan says
when linking a PR to a previous PR, do you recommend linking to the best ranking or most
local PR, even if it purges or to link to the press advantage nonperson purging version
of the press release for the most power? The second? Jordan? That’s a great question. I
cover that in local PR Pro. But the problem with you know, my original strategy was to
link to the best ranked the top ranked PR wouldn’t whatever site that was published
on if I would do a search for at least a partial part of the title, either the whole title
or part of the title of the press release. So when a press release gets published, like
from from press advantage, for example, it gets it gets published on press advantage.
com domain first and then the It Gets distribute it out to the press cables to all of the distribution
channels. But when you do it, like if you were to just search and I know Jordan, you
probably know this. But if you just do a search for the title, then you’re going to see which
publication sites it’s been indexed on. And that’s lesser Now guys, Google has gotten
a little bit stricter on there. How many press releases like for example, the index, though
index them, but they’ll put them in a supplemental index? If because it’s you know, it’s duplicate
content, but not in the sense that it can be harmful. guys just know that all right. Unknown Speaker 48:36
But if you do a search on the title, you’ll see what Google thinks is the top rank or
is the ones that rank the best for that search are the ones that Google thinks is the most
authoritative right then have the most power. But a lot of those are going to purge, because
a lot of the distribution sites purge within 30 days, most of them do. Some of them, it’s
maybe a little bit longer, but most of them do purge within 30 days. And so my original
strategy was to either do a search for, you know, part of the title, or even the keyword
search, if you were lucky enough to get or, you know, if you were able to get some press
releases ranked for your primary keyword which happens, then whatever was ranked at the top,
you know, the best ranked one would be the one that you would link to from your next
press release as part of the PR stack. And until I found out by tracking results, like
three months later, if I had stopped doing continuous press releases press releases,
like you know, and I did for a lot of testing, I would do three or four I would get ranked
and and I wouldn’t do any more press releases. And then three months later, my rankings would
drop considerably for you know, a map stuff and everything. And I would go look at the
backlinks say, Well, why is that and found out, that’s when I found out the press releases
purge, I didn’t even know that until I started testing for the local PR pro method that we
developed. So then I went back and change my strategy and said, Okay, if you’re going
to be linking in a PR stack, you can still select your your top ranked PR, if you want,
you do get quicker benefits from that. But the problem is, if you’re going to if you’re
going to link to that press release, it’s going to be purged, then you have to set up
a redirect to link to it. So in other words, like use your own domain, set up a redirect
using something like pretty links, for example, that read so it redirects from your own domain
from a URL in your own domain to the press release that you’re linking to in the stack.
So that when it purchase, you can redirect that again to another PR, right. And you don’t
lose that the link juice from front because your other one got purged. But that’s a lot
of work, especially if you’re doing volume. Think about it. If you’re doing you know,
three, four or five, you know, three or four press releases a month, per client. And you’ve
got to worry about every month going back and locating the links that have been purged,
and then setting up new redirects in very short order, you’re going to be overwhelmed,
it’s going to be you know, you can’t maintain that for very long. So to answer your question,
yes, all I do now is linked directly back to those that I know will not purge press
advantage being one of them, I either link directly back to the organization page, or
I linked to a previous press event, you know, one of the press releases that are published
on the press advantage domain, or I’ll link back to like digital journal, I don’t think
digital journal purchase. So that’s that’s another one. Those are all nofollow links,
but it’s still a good site to link to. So I use that those are the ones that typically
get put in Google’s Google News anyways. So like, you can do a PR stack to a digital journal
publication as well. And there are a few others that you can find in there, you just got to
do some research. And remember, if you’re using other distribution services, guys, I
recommend the same thing, just find out the where they’re going to stay live and continually
link back to those. That’s part of the reason quantum Newswire has got something that’s
pretty cool, because they’ve got the ability to with their plugin, to use your own domain
or your clients domain or whatever, as the district the main distribution point. In other
words, where you know, press advantage the publishers on their double first, and then
it goes out to the distributed through the press cables to the others. So a lot of the
original credit, the citation, the attribution goes back to press advantage, I’m okay with
that. Because I’m siphoning authority from press advantage to write what the organization
page does, and the iframe and all of that. So I’m okay with that. But if you want to
build the the attribution and the citations and everything back to your own domain, then
you’d want your own domain or your clients domain for that matter, to be the main point
of the original publication point. Right. And so that’s why like I said, quantum is
why it’s got some really cool stuff going on. And the only reason I brought them up
a couple times today is because they’ve just recently released a new feature. And I know
that we’re going to probably end up promoting that here in the coming. coming weeks. We’re
not trying to overwhelm anybody with press release stuff, but it is very, very powerful
strategy, guys. You know, I still my primary sources, press advantage, but quantum newswires
got some pretty cool stuff coming out to that attacks it SEO from a different angle. That
makes sense. Unknown Speaker 53:06
Okay, so Unknown Speaker 53:09
Jordan says only of time, let’s see if I know you guys. advocate both press advantage and
the quantum webinar. Okay, so that Yeah, I didn’t even see that question. I’m glad you
brought it up. How would you use those in tandem? Is it more of an either or? No, it’s
not an either or? I mean, it is if you’re limited. You have limited resources, then
you’re probably going to want to select one or the other. But you Jordan, I know you you’re
running a successful agency. So I know you have the resources. I would use both hands
down. No question. We use both. for diversity purposes. Like I said, quantum Newswire attacks
it from a different the SEO from a different angle. You can do things with quantum Newswire,
you can’t with press advantage. But likewise, I think you can achieve things with press
advantages. You can’t with quantum Newswire, I do advocate for both, because I think they’re
both valuable. And I’ve always said even in our local PR, pro course, diversity, you know,
if you’re constantly using the same service over and over and over again, there is a diminishing
return that occurs at some point. Okay. So absolutely, I would use both if you have the
resources for both. Do I have a list of PR sites that don’t charge? No, because, in part
because they change the they’re they’re often fluid? In other words, I mean, there are some
that have been around for years that haven’t kind of changed. But there are some a lot
of the distribution sites within a press release distribution, service or network will, they’ll
change their very fluid, they’ll rotate in and out, some will come some will go. And
so no, and the vast majority of them do purge, guys, just keep that in mind. There’s only
a very small percentage of them that don’t. But that’s why i said i don’t i don’t spend
a lot of time trying to figure out which ones doing which ones don’t I used to, but I got
over that because it changes too often. And that’s why I said I just stick with pointing
back to press advantage, or digital journal. Or if I’m using quantum news wire pointing
back to my own domain or my clients domain, depending on where I’m publishing it from.
Right. And that’s, that’s it, I just stick with the ones that I know are going to be
good. And like I said, with press advantage. It’s a you know, I love the organization pages
is becoming an integral part of our ID frame or excuse me, Id page or iframe stacks or
Google Sites, all of that it’s really a critical part of everything that we do. So okay. When
Clayton, longtime mastermind member, he said join the real estate program that Bradley
has been talking about wasn’t real interested at first, but look further and it changed
my mind. Yeah, Dwayne, I’m really excited to have you on. I’m actually really excited
to have you on lane because I think it is a golden opportunity. I really, truly believe
that. I think there’s so much money to be made in this business, so much more money
to be made in this business, applying our digital marketing knowledge, then acting as
a digital consultant or agency see owner alone. And I’ve said that because, you know, I’ve
had experienced in my own digital marketing business, incremental growth, linear incremental
growth, right. My income has gone up year over year for multiple years, but it’s always
been a slow and steady build the real estate business I can tell you right now, if you
generate revenue incredibly quickly, like exponential growth, and it’s it’s it’s really
exciting to get $20,000 paydays, you know, like checks for that much money as fucking
exciting. I’m sorry, but it is. So I really liked the business model. And since we know,
digital marketing, Wayne included, it really gives us a competitive edge over others, I
think. So a lot of people in that space are still doing a lot of traditional marketing,
which still works. But when I say traditional, like direct mail, you know, and bandit signs
and that kind of stuff. And all of that still works. But if you can combine that with digital
marketing, you can get considerably better results. I’m getting eight to 10 leads per
week right now, just from my Google stuff, like my SEO and my Google at both SEO and
Google ads, and a couple even a few leads from Facebook because her nones managing my
Facebook campaign. So Unknown Speaker 57:13
all right, anybody got any other comments? Looks like we’re done. Unknown Speaker 57:17
I’m ready to go to the mountain. Unknown Speaker 57:19
Whoo. Early weekend. Yeah, just want to say real quick. If you haven’t picked up your
poker life tickets this week is the week to do it before the price goes up next week.
So head over to poker food All right, Marco. Unknown Speaker 57:33
I’m good, man. I’m looking forward to the real estate thing. And just so people know,
we’re going to be providing a lot of support. It’s not as if you’re going to be left out
on your own. Like we usually do you follow the training you go you apply the training,
and you do it. I mean, we’re going to be with with the people who are in there every step
of the way. Applying the processes, the different things that we’re going to be bringing into
it. It’s not just one thing you go you’re training and try to do it try to replicate
now. You’re not on your own. We will hold your hand the entire way. Unknown Speaker 58:09
Yeah, it’s it’s fun, and I’m excited about it. So anyways, see you guys in the mastermind
then, right. Alright guys, we’ll see you next week. Thanks, everybody for being here. Happy
Fourth of July. Be safe. Bye, everyone. Transcribed by

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