Digital Marketing for Your Small Business-My 2 Step Formula for Success

Digital Marketing for Your Small Business-My 2 Step Formula for Success

okay this video is coming to you from
Seville in Spain Seville is a fabulous City World War two visited strongly
recommended fabulous Moorish influence architecture buildings you see a tower
there behind me that’s a Moorish Tower going back hundreds of years centuries
and the Cathedral here Seville Cathedral which I visited earlier on has his
biggest cottage occasion in the world and it has obviously Christian
influences and so on so if a mix of the barak you have a mixture of Christian
you have a mixture of Moorish of a mixture of the cultural heritage of
Islam here and so on and so forth Moors and the Christians etc but this video
short video is opposed how to advertise your business or how a small business
should advertise should promote themselves and the one thing that I
suggest that you do and make it their business to do is to one fish where the
fish are in other words if you see behind me there there’s a coyote and the
guy they are selling water and coke diet coke and he’s selling beer and so on if
you consider it’s 30 degrees such this here today in Seville so that guy that
selling water has plenty of fish so he’s fishing essentially where the fish are
in AD versus people here who need and want water
who wants coca-cola Dacor beer or whatever would
you want some sort of sustenance some sort of liquid sustenance he’s fishing
her the future from your perspective in 2019 I’m suggesting to you that you need
to very very intentionally and very very carefully and very assiduously study
exactly who your potential market is and fish there it’s going to take you a
little bit of trial and error it’s going to take a little bit of hidden miss it’s
going to take quite a few experiments using for example Facebook using
Facebook advertising using YouTube using YouTube advertising using Instagram
using Twitter all of the platforms that are out there all of the ways you can
essentially fish where the fish are where your people are for your potential
market is that’s where you need to be targeting your message obviously there’s
no point trying to sell snow or ice to Eskimos or selling products or services
to people who don’t want them for example if you’re selling let’s say dog
training no point targeting people who don’t have dogs so you need a fish where
the fish are you need to do trial and error and after
a while of smart advertising smart trial and error hidden miss you will
eventually carve out a very bespoke marketing program for you it’s not going
to be one that’s handed to you on a plate by some so-called digital
marketing or online marketing expert it’s going to be one that’s carved out
for you and built and designed by you because only you know your business and
your market as well as you do but the best thing you can do is spend a
little bit of time a little bit of money studying where your market is where they
hang out where you’re likely to meet them the second thing you need to do
then is provide value in advance so you don’t want to just give them a message
of buy my shit I’ll give them a message of utility
usefulness what you do is you give useful information or perhaps even a
trial of your product up front at the beginning without any obligation what
you’re doing is you’re providing value in advance VI a value in advance you’re
providing utility whatever you’re doing whether it’s a tip for example in my
game I provide free information about employment law but property law and so
on I provide all of this information upfront free gratis and people
eventually then say Jesus that was fairly useful demand can’t be all bad
that was a useful tip I must get on to him about this particular problem and
see what he knows about it but my philosophy and my strategy is not to
target you were anybody else that said please buy my stuff please use me as a
slicer the country is full of good solicitors
what I do is I provide value in advance they provide useful information or a
useful tip something of value something of utility up front in advance and I
suggest that you do the same thing in your business so two things I suggest to
grow your business to advertise your business number one fish heard a fish
are discover where your people are and meet them there and to provide value in
advance provide utility give them something useful hope you find this
video useful if you do give it the thumbs up down below and I’m gonna have
to say enough now it’s 30 degrees C here and my phone is HTML and I gotta get
back onto the bus to go back to algo Farah you may be interested in
subscribing to our YouTube channel and make a new video once a week every
Saturday about Irish business or I restore hope you find this one useful if
you do as I say I just give it a thumbs up down below thanks

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