Digital Exclusive: The Cat Ultimatum

Digital Exclusive: The Cat Ultimatum

– My boyfriend and I’ve been
together for five years. During these five years,
I adopted four cats. – Excuse me? – Yes, four cats. – You have four cats? – Yes, two stay with me,
two are at my mom’s house, so he never liked cats
and he thinks that I spend too much time with my cats
and too much money on my cats because on the weekends
I go to my mom’s house since they stay two nights
with her and my other cats and then most nights at home
I’m on the couch with my cats and so recently he gave me this ultimatum. He said, look, you gotta choose
between me and your cats. Now look, I love my
boyfriend, but I love my cats. Those are my babies, like they’re my kids, so I don’t want to lose
either one of them. – What y’all be talking about all? (laughing) – Because we love cats. – The audience is killed
when people be talking. I love my cats, they’re like my kids. They ain’t like no damn kids. (laughing) Cats ain’t like kids. Listen to me, they’re not
like kids and if you think they like kids it’s ’cause
you ain’t got no kids. (applauding) Just want to throw that
out there, go ahead. – All right, so my question
is how can I get him to compromise with me and the
cats to save our relationship? – This is really got your
relationship in trouble? – Yes, he wants to go, he’s
like look, it’s either me or the cats, he is done. – So he done put an ultimatum on you? – Yes, he sure did, he had the nerve. (laughing) – Well, what’d you say? – He has some nerve. – He got some nerve. – Yes. (laughing) – Well, here’s my response to that. Let me see how I can put this on TV. (laughing) Maybe you need to issue an ultimatum. – Mm. – Maybe you should say to
him do you want to get rid of these kitty cats? (applauding) Or do you want to get
rid of this kitty cat? (cheering) ‘Cause I got news for you, you
might have four kitty cats, but there’s one kitty cat
that he can’t live without. There’s one kitty kat,
hello, that means more to him than all the rest of the kitty cats, yeah. You just gotta figure out which
one of these meows you want. (applauding) Hello. Now here’s what you do,
wait ’til this show air, record this segment that I just did, and play it for your boyfriend. – That’s right, that’s right. – You and them kitty cats
will be at that house. (laughing) Trust me, don’t worry about it. (applauding) Where’s Stephanie? (applauding)

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  1. If he loves her he shouldn't want to take something away from her that she loves. If she did it she would never love him the same, the wouldn't last and her fur babies would be gone and he would too.

    With that being said, there are millions of men who love animals, maybe they just aren't the couple for each other. Some partnerships aren't meant to be.

  2. This is laughable, women give men ultimatums all the time. The guy should leave her with her cats, lots of single woman out there that would put him before the pets. Who is going to look after the cats if she has a baby? Him? Bs

  3. This is i feel it will go down, the guy will take up that ultimatum and stay with his current girl. But it dont mean he aint gonna be looking for others, and as soon he got one potential hes gonna ditch this cat lady

  4. Steve this is one i disagree with whole heartedly, she is a pretty lady her cat is like all other cat but none of those cats can help her when she is "sick" i want to see those cats help pay bills an all the other things a man can do for his woman if she is giving her cats more attention than him he has a right to tell her about it.

  5. 1:40 That evil laugh, i wish i could put a face on it, i hear it in practically every video and i just love it !

  6. For me as long as you love me I am fine with them cats. Whether you spend more time with them and dedicate some time also for me. I am a cool.

  7. Yeah, he will leave her. That's too many Cats. All Cats (woman/xxx) is the same… It's just different heads on the body.

  8. Reading these comments is hilarious 😂😂😂.some of you guys are hyocrites. You can't tell someone to give up cats. She clearly loves her cat. That's like a women saying it's me or the PS4. 😂😂😂

  9. I think they were both in the wrong. The boyfriend was in the wrong for wanting to end a whole life with this girl because of a small problem like having cats around, and she was in the wrong by not just putting the cats in a cage for a while out of pure courtesy for the one she loves.

  10. She’s bad but nah….move on my brother. Steve is just pandering to women as usual. Idc bout no “kitty cat” that’s everywhere.

  11. If he wants to go, BOY BYE!! Ultimatums don’t work. Plus, the cats were there before him. Her only mistake was being with a guy who didn’t like cats.

  12. Listen to me they ain’t like no cats. Girl you crazy… run run run 🏃 that guy needs to run as faraway as possible 😡😡😡

  13. Steve Harvey is the ultimate PC killer XD We need him in these hard times of fun sucking SJWs trying to ruin life! XD

  14. Imagine if they had kids. her kids be like: "Mom, why our father ain't with us?" she goes: "We had a great relationship, but one day I brought 4 cats with me … "

  15. Say goodbye to him and get yourself someone who respects all the kittys not just the one he wants to play with 🐈

  16. She gonna get dumped. Plenty of kitty cats to go around. No need for the four legged ones. If he gave her the ultimatum, her ass is almost out the door. That guy is really sick of those cats!

  17. Total delusion all round. Any woman that has more than one cat is crazy. Ditch her and her stinking p*ss smelling house.

  18. You know what lady, keep you cats. Lose your man. If you, as a woman, are honestly that damn stupid, you deserve to be that crazy old cat lady the kids down the street spread rumors about. Go ahead. When you got bills that you need help with, when your bed is feeling less, comfy, when you get that urge to be in a man's arms, please turn to those cats. See how it feels.

  19. Your love for animals is a part of you. If he loves you, he loves ALL of you!! He can't pick and choose the parts of you he loves!!!

  20. She is too young to be a cat lady. I know most cat ladies are people without kids and in their 50s or 60s. One of my friends mom rescued disabled cats. I did not know and went there to spend the night with my friend. Well, the cats were jumping at me from up and everywhere. She had at least 50 in the house and it smelled like cats. It was one of my longest nights because cats are a little sneaky and I spent the night. I know another lady who has like 5 and has no time for her elderly mom but has time to take her cats to the vet and reschedules her mom's visits to the doctors if the cats need neutering or something. She keeps the ashes of all her cats in the house after they die too…they get cremated.

  21. She need to date a vet or a vet technician to have a lasting relationship. She has too many cats. Most people have one or two. If you have more than that you are a cat lady.

  22. He's got nerve
    Lady your the one who adopted 4 cats knowing that he didn't like cats from the start and then spends more time with the cats than him

  23. Steve, I think you dropped the ball on this one. Three points that are important here to let you know the guy has had enough: 1) She treats the cat like her kids, spends the weekend over her mom's house to visit the others too ( which means no weekend outings with "HER MAN!) 2) Guys don't issue ultimatums, nor play around about leaving a hot girl like this one. If he did then he must be fed up and is probably already looking. Also, she said she really loves him, but did not say she believes he really loves her. 3) If she is cuddled on the couch with the cats, when does he get to cuddle up with her alone? He sees this behavior as a indicative of their future relationship and has likely been contemplating whether to leave or GET HER HELP!

    If she follows your advice, then I think he is out the door. The final straw for him being the fact that she put their business in the streets as opposed to really working it out with him.

  24. I once had a girlfriend like that. Iam one african dude who wasnt going to stick around for sure. That house smelled pretty bad and she was a clean girl.

  25. Dumb advice he has already said she is going to go bye bye if he has to continue w/ the cats. If you need to issue ultimatums you should just go it’s not working out.

  26. I'm a cat lover and I would never give up my fur babies for any man who issue me an ultimatum to get rid of them.
    Even if she follows Steve's advice, that's not going to change the heart and mind of that loser boyfriend. I don't trust men like her boyfriend. Heck, he might let the cats outside to roam and get lost or poison them for spite.

    Since he had the gumption to issue a demand for a cat free place; the thing to do is to call his bluff. Agree with him. Tell him, okay. Buh-bye. Then, show him the door.

    There plenty of fine men out there who are cat lovers. Take your pick.

  27. I think it's really sweet she loves all her cats and if he can't accept that then she deserves to find a man who can appreciate this about her. I liked Steve's answer though, haha.

  28. she is going to end as a crazy cat lady we all know it the only reason she has a boyfriend right now because she is cute. but that won't be forever

  29. I think that was the best way to solve the love pet issues.
    It good to have pet if u love one but letting your partner become jealous is something else.
    This Lady has to put his self on her man shoe, just imagine hom giving more attention to his pet than he give to u.

  30. The guy will be fine without her. If your girlfriend spends more money and time on her cats than on her boyfriend. You should leave.

  31. This is the only first clip I do not agree with.
    I loath cats and allergic.. I do not think it would be worth, as there are many kitty cats all over anyways..

  32. Women will continue to do what they want then blame you. You knew he is not a cat person so what do you do, oh get 4 cats! Great idea, then it's his fault for giving an ultimatum. He told u he don't like cat, u just weren't listening.

  33. Just when I thought he couldn't get any better… Thank you God for giving us this light. Please let it dwell in every cell in your body that you are a gift and here by design.

  34. Steve just messed up it this time . she gonna be single.she needs to understand she really is NOT the ONLY beautiful woman he can meet….

  35. You People choose animals in place of human beings anyways what is the deffered between you and the animal thesame l understand why you hate the jews because they are not of your kind.

  36. Old single granny with 50 cats in the house. I disagree with you Steve Harvey the woman was created for man not the cat for the man…..

  37. I totally disagree with Steve on this God says quit having animalistic Behavior you don't put no animal before no human being

  38. They been 2gether for 5 years and the issue here is about some damn cats that speaks volumes she should be more concerned about becoming a wife but of course they aren't on that level

  39. Brown sugar looking sexy in that dress and long as she take care of her cats I’ll take care of her kitty 😍😍

  40. steve is such a old fashioned out of toucb beta metal who is not in touch with todays man and in my opinion needs to shut up.

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