Digital Business Card Chatbot – ManyChat Tutorial 2020

Digital Business Card Chatbot – ManyChat Tutorial 2020

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  1. kelly all your videos are very usefulls!!, i was lookng for hoiw to create some card whit all my information thought my manychat to broadcast and your notification appear on my laptop hehe!… and also kelly in your past video of facebook apointments im looking for automation my facebook native appointments (that i build thanks to your video too) to my hubspot crm deals throught my manychat and zapier using some keywords attach to the words "Appointment Request" that show manychat when some client press over the apointment button of facebook, but it nothing happend… could you tell me how would you do that?

  2. oooo…so cool to put my logo inside the QR code, i didn't know they develop it … Nice! & Thank you .

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