Did you know …? “Weather” underground

Did you know …? “Weather” underground

Did you know … Whoa, it is pretty cold up here! How fortunate that underground we control the “weather” ourselves. Ah, now that is much more pleasant! Depending on the depth we are at, temperatures range from 20 to 28 degrees centigrade. As you know: The deeper we go, the warmer it gets. We are now looking at a “Wettertor” a ventilation control device. It helps directing fresh air in the right direction… …and removing affected air from the underground mine through the shafts. Our “weather-makers” are true experts. Their Job is to supply the mine with fresh, cool air. And to remove engine exhaust emissions, blast fumes and natural mine gases. The ventilation system consists of pipes, ducts, gates, shafts … and huge fans. To be continued …

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