Did any impeachment witnesses offer proof that Trump committed a crime?

Did any impeachment witnesses offer proof that Trump committed a crime?

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  1. All know this charade is simply a conditioning to harden left extremists and attach more voters to the democrat base. A.K.A. election influence 2020.

  2. No. They provided plenty of Q proof though.
    Impeachment = 107
    Amb Taylor = 107
    George Kent = 107
    Col Vindman = 107
    Mr D. Holmes = 107
    Under S. Hale = 107
    Amb Yovanovitch = 170

    Enjoy the show!

  3. It's nonsense to say the staged announcement of a phony investigation into Joe Biden (with no requirement for an actual investigation) is not a thing of value for Trump. It ABSOLUTELY is. And it fits with a pattern of Trump behavior where he sows doubt and muddies the water then shrugs and says "who knows?" Such a sad place we Americans have fallen to.

  4. This is very important in my life i have vote 2 times for Republicans.

    I want you to know,I don´t care if a Republican or Democrat wins.

    I just want the best for the United States. you all know that President Trump is doing things that are not right and they keep saying that he has never done anything wrong please open your eyes i did you are seeing all the evidence .what else do you want to see?

    That ! killed someone like he said and nothing happens to him .with.the pain in my soul .

    I prefer to be taken out of the white House. before a world war begin because it can happen and you know it he is not right in the mind well in your hand it will be if you want to take seriously what i wrote sadly many people are blind and do not want to see all evidence .

    thanks you and may God bless the United States.

  5. 8The Trump administration employs the son of Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney. The White House pays him nearly six figures to serve as a sports liaison

  6. To anyone who did not watch, and consume the entirety of the hearings, may unwittingly accept the legal interpretations provided here, of the purported issues; but there are a lot of counter evidence presented in the hearings to what is being said here. There were NINE witnesses who essentially corroborated, with first hand witnessing of communications, meetings, phone calls, etc., who have substantiated, with more than reasonable certainty, of the impeachable offences committed by Trump or his designates. Not to mention Giuliani's front page blunders to add to the fire!

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  8. "Ambassador" to the European Union…whoopie dip Gordon. Why so intrusive into Ukraine affairs ? The "show" Gordon was giving to the career diplomats reeks. The "show" Gordon gave for the house hearing ridiculous.

  9. Trump said 'I don't want quid quo pro" when the milk has been already spilled. For the record. You are evil people. And liars

  10. Dems from my point of view, the demorats can not handle the truth, this is why they are doing everything they can to stop our president from winning a two term in the election of 2020, however Trump will win and it will be more than 2016. Than the dems will loose what mind they have left. Waiting for it, Trump 2020 with over 330 electoral votes.


  12. I watched most of the hearings and this is a load that FOX is giving. There were in fact some concerning topics and testimony. I don't know if it was necessary illegal but most definitely a concerning testimony given by the leak Lt. Col. Vinman.

  13. Just how dumb does fox think their listener's are? They must think they are at 3rd grade level, witness testimony is evidence. How much is fox making off the GOP'S propaganda campaign to hold onto voters. This is unethical and disrespectful to the audience. To flat lie and jack listener's around is unacceptable.

  14. what he missed out was that bribery involves obtaining something of value for personal and private gain. This is so threadbare it would be a joke if it was not so serious.

  15. “Mr. Sondland, let’s be clear,” Rep. Mike Turner reportedly asked.
    “No one on this planet — not Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney,
    Mike Pompeo — no one told you aid was tied to political investigations,
    is that correct.”

    “That’s correct,” Ambassador Sondland responded under oath.

    Stick a fork in the Impeachment Hoax, it’s done.

  16. “Mr. Sondland, let’s be clear,” Rep. Mike Turner reportedly asked.
    “No one on this planet — not Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney,
    Mike Pompeo — no one told you aid was tied to political investigations,
    is that correct.”

    “That’s correct,” Ambassador Sondland responded under oath.

    Stick a fork in the Impeachment Hoax, it’s done.

  17. If only Nixon had been as shifty as Trump he could have escaped impeachment. Instead of saying "I resign effective noon tomorrow", he'd say "and you've all be listening to fake news". Then Nixon would move his hands back and forth as if he had Trump's invisible accordion. The problem is Nixon's hands maybe weren't small enough.

  18. I still believe they are going to try and impeach him over nothing. They are in too deep not too. But the price could very high for them.

  19. Well, the transcript revealed a president soliciting a foreign power to interfere in the 2020 election in exchange for military aid… which is what every witness has alluded to or directly indicated… which is against the law… so I'm gonna say, yes…

  20. I like this Robert Ray, he explained it properly and easy for me to understand even if I'm just an average person. and if you are a liberal democrat no matter how good is the explanation they will not understand because they already made up there mind. everything is blocked.

  21. Nope. Even if he had asked them to investigate biden for a crime and threatened to withhold aid, it wouldn't have been a crime. But he didnt and no one has any proof to the contrary. Next week, they'll have a new scheme cooked up. The only thing the libturds know is orange man bad.

  22. Time to go home and call it a year with that lengthy winter break coming up Democrats. You guys should be really proud of everything you’ve gotten accomplished over the last 2.5 years. These unending Witch Hunts against our duly elected president have been a magnificent use of time and resources. The American people thank you for your amazing service. We won’t forget.

  23. Not one. Even the ones that said, "Everybody knew what he wanted," never spoke to him. Some never even met him. Or, his proxies. What a waste of taxpayer money.

  24. I've yet to hear anybody state any criminal statute the president has broken. If he did you would hear the US code statute number he broke all over fake news all day everyday until this is over.

  25. you guys seriously using a quote trump made after learning about the whistleblower complaint to defend him????? My gosh. do better people. Sonland's also said "Yes there was a quid pro quo" and "everyone was in the loop" . Why didn't you guys report that. Meanwhile screaming other news outlet name as fake news lmfao.


  27. @Unwited Stwates of Amewika, You must be absolutely uneducated with no business even commenting here. The Democrats have sat on their asses for three years blocking every bill Trump has signed. They're sitting on the most important bill our country needs USMCA! Grow a brain. You're ignorant. Pelosi is an alcoholic and Schiff is a pawn with $ coming from corrupt outsiders who are having trouble keeping their illegal activities operating under the Trump administration

  28. Attorney – “This is all opinion and presumption”

    Host – “Should those with first hand knowledge testify?”

    Attorney – “No”


  29. The call transcripts, testimonies under oath, and admissions from Trump, Mulvani, Sondland and Giulliani are all admissible as evidence. The subsequent cover ups, witness tampering and defying subpoenas are clearly also crimes.

  30. Why the hell do we have to pay to protect Ukraine?
    Soon enough we'll have the f-n enemy at the southern border of our own house! Airborne
    I am born American. Raised in foreign countries and I see it differently.
    Americans need to get a grip. When the mass migration begins we'll be overran and the WOKE Americans will open up their arms and welcome the enemy into their own bed. Period
    Stupid, stupid, stupid….

  31. Still trying to figure out why it's called the " intelligence committee " since they've done nothing of any intelligence lately.

  32. 10 eyewitness with evidence can tell the cops that a person committed a crime, but the justice system will not charge the person unless the person admits to the crime. Fox logic.

  33. These miserable democrats proved sweet f all. They are so miserable they will mess up People's Christmas taxpayers with all this crap. This is a fake impeachment they are a joke they were hoping no one will vote for him, But Biden broke the law by threatening ti stop the money unless they fired the prosecutor, that is shocking that was a bribe for sure. Nothing Trump did was wrong he had already said he wanted nothing, But Biden is the corrupt crook, Trump did not say a thing about Biden only he wanted the new Prime Minister to do what he said not have any corruption. Biden is a weed he has no chance of beating this President ever he is no competition with President Trump, Bidden is a joke, he is always threatening violence on President Trump, with biden's skinny little legs and arms are not due to weight training far too skinny he needs to stop threatening Trump, Biden's time is running out they are after him now,

  34. Ukraine opened a probe into foreign effort to influence US election to help Hillary Clinton back in March, 2019. New NSA Inspector General, Robert Storch, was posted two years as a Department of Justice Resident Legal Advisor in Ukraine. The Obama white house engaged Urkaine to give the Russia collusion hoax/narrative an early boost. Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch made irregular requests to monitor the communications of U.S. journalists in the Ukraine such as Sara Carter and John Soloman. The sons of Pelosi, Kerry, Romney and Biden were all doing shady business in Ukraine's energy sector.

  35. Well the ambassador said there was a quid pro quo. The POTUS only denied that after the whistle blew. Did Lindsey Graham say that would be troubling if it was true? Now he says he won't watch our read the testimonies. The truth is the trump cult will let him get away with anything and literally cannibalize the entire Nation.

  36. Actually they provided the opposite. They all agreed Hunter Biden was suspect in Ukraine. Meaning non-partisan public servants agreed what he was doing was suspicious. Meaning Trump's action is 100% ethical and legal as he was requesting an investigation that was in the interest of Americans to see resolved.

    Bribery and "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" come from English common law. Something the framers lived under for centuries which is why it isn't defined. Court's and how they function are also not defined in the Constitution, yet everyone knew how a court would function.

    Bribery is dead on arrival and makes no sense within English common law. As it was the politician themselves being bribed, or bought off. Not the other way around. High Crimes and Misdemeanors is the only one they could impeach on as it is intentionally subjective and not defined even in English Common Law. It existed to hold elected officials to a higher standard than normal people. As such if an official is abusing power but isn't technically breaking the law, that is a "High Crime". And because it isn't defined Democrats could impeach Trump for being ugly. They are probably avoiding this one as "High Crimes" is a bad PR battle. As they would have to actively convince voters of its actual meaning, where it sounds like Felonies or serious criminal activity. They probably polled it and knew it would bomb hard.

    So they are left with bribery hoping Americans are stupid enough to buy that is what it means. Sadly for them most Americans understand the intent of bribery, as in the elected official being bought off. This hasn't changed in terms of meaning over time. So they are still in an uphill battle attempting to convince people it applies and it's not going to work.

    Their impeachment is nothing more than them hating Trump and looking at massive political losses in 2020. On top of which RGB may survive through the election but she will not last through the following 4 years based on her constant health battles. If Trump replaces RGB with an originalist justices the judicial activism of the left is finished for decades. They are essentially left with expanding the number of judges the next time they control all three branches of government. But that would likely back fire on them, as not only would the electorate find that shitty, the Republicans would likely hit them back as soon as they have power as a tit for tat. All they have really done is destabilize the judicial branch and still have lost their super legislature that enshrines their shitty ideology into Constitutional Law.

  37. I would like to jack slap the jack wagon Schiff. There isn't any crime anywhere to be found. I am sick of this Democrat lie. Trump 2020

  38. They produced zero evidence. The witnesses were blowing a lot of hot air. What a joke. Adam Shitforbrains will be investigated soon for his part in this joke and other crimes. He is nothing but a weasel.

  39. Is this a farce or parody? I think parody. Very entertaining like Dallas or some other soap. Completely illegal. Call it Peachment. Make it really fun and have Ukraine issue arrest warrants for both Bidens for corruption and request extradition. that would be so funny to see the reaction of the Dems…LOL. If they don't show up try them in absentia and sentence them. Issue pick up to all nations. Bidens on the lamb episode….The non americans are trying to figure out how the government works and you Pelosi making pronouncments, …"is laid on the table"…sad

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