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  1. That's why I don't order through Amazon – their entire supply chain has become infiltrated by Chinese counterfeit products – and, Amazon gets a free pass through customs !

  2. Big flea market in oceanside ca. full of counterfeit stuff, has been forced out last month to build homes. glad to see it!

  3. Yep, really sucks when you buy something designer for a low price and try to resell it for a higher price only to find out that it is a counterfeit by the original designer who is actively looking to prosecute anybody they can find who is trying to make a profit. This is how a lot of us who were so naive to the game gets to learn about it. Just seems like another racket to me.

  4. They are using our tax money dollars to pay the house for sessions of impeachment  !!!!  Crazy.      Imagine what we can do by now with that money for us citizens. 
    Calculation: Members of Congress Are Compensated for a session for day . $7,200.23 per Day
    A member of the U.S. House of Representatives earns $174,000 per year. So, given that the House was in session for 191 days in 2019, that works out to a salary of $910.99 per day. Each House member is also provided with a budget of $944,671 to cover staff costs and another $256,574 to cover office expenditures.
    After dividing those costs by 191 days in session and adding the resulting figures to the base salary, you’ll come to $7,200.23 per House member for daily wages and office costs.

  5. I stopped buying designer goods because so many people have counterfeits that look the same so there's no point anymore especially when people will just assume fake now due to all the inner city hoodlums wearing fake belts, fake jewelery, fake designer clothing, fake bags, etc.. it's pathetic. Now anyone I see wearing gucci or Versace i think "that's a broke hoodlum wearing fake crap"

  6. We just need to go back to, Made in USA, products! It was once like that and it needs to go back to that, creating jobs for American Citizens, building factories in all different states and boosting our economy greatly!

  7. Yeah the counterfeit is called the Federal Reserve where they print money out of thin air backed by our kids futures.
    there's nothing Federal there's nothing reserve about it.
    It needs to be destroyed completely

  8. 👋There’s the China connection . China has stolen and created every item we made . That’s why you can’t even buy a Ping from just anybody of a Gucci etc

  9. Only once a month !? Hmmm china would really like to thank these treasonous dHS officials for this secret information.

  10. Hold companies that deal with counterfeiters accountable. Throw Bezos in jail for a while other companies will heed the message.

  11. I think if the public realized that America has printed so much fake money that the gold to USD is very near 0$ no one would care.

    That is they want everyone to believe in crypto currency. Where 1 ounce of gold is valued at 20000$ instead of 1700$.

    Even when the 1700$ is a lie because the USD is worthless. Zero nodes zilch.

    Ask any country that demands America pay with gold even at a discount for products. They end up getting invaded to keep the truth a secret.

  12. America 3 years ago sold China 20$ bill printing machines cause China wanted to "study" how America makes money. China openly admitted they pumped 80 millions dollars in fake 20$ bills in our system through Mexico 😅😅😅 money and crap has 0 value. This is all a joke and it's hilarious. I'm going to sit back and watch the world burn 😂😂😂

  13. In China, the day shift make product for western firms, the night time shift produces the same product for the communist to sell on the black market.

  14. A nfl jersey made in China from nfl $300, same jersey made in China $40. Cuts out 3 middle men. It's not counterfeit if the guy working in the China factory buys goods at his price and then sells for a profit. That's capitalism

  15. Great to hear an interview where the guests and the host let the report be clearly presented. Nice job, Fox! Now get rid of of Juan on the FIVE!!

  16. God bless you 🌍💞💞💞👪👪👪🌇🌇🏡🏡🌈🌈🌈🌈🍱🍱🍱🍱🍷🍷🍷💞🌍

  17. I ordered Younique face makeup from ebay that was counterfeit. It was very runny and oily, also mascara. I told the seller it was illegal selling this. They quickly refunded my money.

  18. do you really believe that the chinese government doesnt know a thing about this ?? i dont believe that china is stupid

  19. do you really believe that the chinese government doesnt know a thing about this ?? i dont believe that china is stupid

  20. Soooooo. The real question is why are people looking to purchase things at lower prices? Are the brand prices too high… which is causing more people to seek lower prices! THE REASON/ROOT CAUSE needs to be identified first to fix the problem.

  21. I love it Law and Order good job ice find some more of those drugs and anything else counterfeit coming into a country

  22. Don't tell the Democrats ice has seized counterfeit Goods they may want to put it into the sanctuary cities and give it amnesty

  23. I was one of the investigators that identified the existence of counterfeit prescription drugs in the 90’s. Fentanyl and drugs subject to abuse are not the only drugs being counterfeited. Your mothers heart medicine and your child’s cancer med are just a couple of cases that I worked. IF ITS EXPENSIVE and the opportunity exists, IT WILL BE COUNTERFEITED. Bogus handbags and earbuds are wrong but every person that gets a shot or puts a pill in their mouth is at risk. I practiced as a pharmacist for years and nobody could have convinced me that I wasn’t giving safe meds to my patients. I was very wrong! I have found counterfeit drugs in hospitals, large and small pharmacies and drug wHolesalers. Counterfeit Prescription drugs specifically, need to be exposed by media.

  24. I was in China last year, I needed contact lens solution, I went to a pharmacy and they had "Bush and Lamb" the box looked exactly like the "Bausch and Lomb" brand I bought back home. I DECIDED TO WEAR MY GLASSES until I got home

  25. A lot of metal products that come from China that contain metal, have large amounts of Thorium. Because its such a common metal, and hard to dispose of, it finds its way into their exports. And of course… It is radioactive. And this isn't a "trace" amount of Thorium. There is enough in many of these products to cause serious harm if exposed to these items for a prolonged period of time. Though, until their government develops some morals about not giving radiation poisoning to people around the world. I doubt that will stop…

  26. Everyone should take some time to look at Vechain. It is a crypto currency that will be tracking EVERYTHING on it's blockchain. It was created for this very purpose. No more counterfeiting. It has already been given praise from the Chinese Gov't with a number of reported big partnerships. If and when it's adopted worldwide, all products will be digitally tracked. Guaranteed original products. No more fakes…..

  27. Funny how co's can get the federal authorities to protect their trademarks and retail profits, but ordinary citizens are at the mercy of gang members and drunk-driving illegals!

  28. We need to have more of our manufacturing brought back to the states, pretty much all of our clothing ,electronics.appliances,car parts and toys are made over seas, we need to manufacture more here

  29. Buy made in USA and keep the prices at affordable level. I know when toys were made in US they lasted longer. Now made in China and all plastic meant to be thrown away, so buy another every year during the Holidays. We are not saving anything buying cheaply made items. More to recycle.

  30. when are people going to learn ? Foreign countries can not be trusted with anything period's more proof !  America must stand ..not bow not let your guard down …or others will roll all over us …the competition & threat is real  ! Democrats say …"open the borders …come on in "…That party of traitors do not protect this country !

  31. I ordered a woman's dress (that should have been thrown in the trash can, I promise you, I didn't know what that mess was, and a blouse, I was sent each time these items for small children. Then I ordered name brand flat irons, that was loose. I didn't tolerate this time, so Amazon gave my money back. They have a knockoff Nordstrom department store, when you get the merchandise that is supposed to be on sale, that is cheap-looking. Why is it always the American people, that these countries take us for granted??? And we are the ones, that aways come to rescue number 9!!!!!

  32. Thank you Jesus Christ… Thank you President Trump, and our law enforcement team… And Maria for covering the story. AMEN

  33. Force Amazon to source ALL products, so the Manufacturer can be vetted. Don't allow Amazon to post; Manufacturer unknown. Stop blaming the last person in the chain.

  34. E-commerce is becoming people picking out of Dumpsters to sell on Amazon, or completely bogus products, or any number of scams….and this is Americans. Yet, Amazon just keeps mailing them out and getting the next Billion for Jeff B. Funny that. This has got to hurt these businesses eventually. "In the bad old days", businesses worked hard for a Good Reputation. I remember the "Good House keeping seal of approval". It was the way my mother bought things.

  35. Ebay and Amazon seem to be the leaders in selling this stuff I believe. Even though I've tried to tell them about different goods being fake they don't care. Profit, Profit, Profit that's all they care about and close their eyes to it.

  36. Now, we're being told where to shop! I've been shopping online for years.. Why? Shipping charges when you buy local are ridiculous. I've never had a problem. What's next.. If i have an order that's not right, I can return or Ebay refunds my money.

  37. China cannot be trusted. They ruined Australia with their lies. Stealing all the water down under. China is a very low moral country. They are doing the same thing to Africa. China didn't even invent the egg roll.

  38. Thanks for bringing this report to us! Customer reviews also can tell a tale. I always check customer reviews first!

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