Developmental Services Worker Program at Centennial College

Developmental Services Worker Program at Centennial College

The Developmental Services Worker program is a two-year, four-semester program. At the end of those two years our students graduate with a diploma in developmental services work. Throughout our program our students learn how to interact and support people with intellectual disabilities across the life span. I have two siblings who have struggled through school. It was really hard to watch them. They didn’t get the support they needed. So I kind of wanted to do something that could help them. I wanted to be one of those people who could actually go in and support people who needed support. We really focus on how to support individuals from a community and holistic basis. So we look at disability as being something that exists in communities, in buildings, in legislature and policy, and in minds. And not so much in people. We don’t look at a person’s deficit. You look at what they can do because your whole purpose is to assist that person. In making their life a better one. So we focus on how to create communities that take away those barriers to inclusion. Instead of changing or fixing individuals. And I’m done a placement now where I’ve worked with adults with intellectual disabilities in a classroom setting When they came into the program, they couldn’t read at all. And now they can actually read small sentences It’s very empowering and it makes me feel good. In the last year of my program I had two placements. One in a school setting and one in a group home setting. So when Georgia came to Centennial, it was after receiving education abroad. Georgia excelled in our program. Almost able to bring all of her knowledge from her previous education forward. It was extremely clear that she was well prepared to work and it was noticed by her placement mentors. Before she even graduated she was offered full-time employment. Centennial College has opened my eyes to realize that in order for you to make a difference you have to make every single effort or stride that you make count. And it doesn’t matter how much you may fall back you still get up and you go.

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  1. Does this course involve math if so is it a lot ? I want to apply but I don’t think I will be able to do it I am so bad in math

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