Developing a £70K Loss Making Business Into £300K Profit | IT DEV

Developing a £70K Loss Making Business Into £300K Profit | IT DEV

The biggest financial result
working with ActionCOACH has been improving the profit
so we’re originally your loss of £70K turning it around into a profit of £300 K yeah we were having a tough
time we were very much in a mindset of looking to grow the business but yeah
I just had a bad patch so while I’ve had been recruiting taking on new staff we
actually lost a couple of large contracts so yeah we thought it would
be really good to get some help we found that we reached a particular
level and finding it quite difficult to improve on that so yeah I think without
engaging ActionCOACH I suspect we would have been in a similar situation to
before we saw results pretty quickly
we’ve been engaged of ActionCOACH for almost two years now
and in that period it’s really been we’ve seen some real
performance improvements the most valuable thing that I’ve got from ActionCOACH is looking at the importance of KPIs and measuring the performance
indicators you know throughout the business and in all different areas if
you don’t measure it then you’re unlikely to make improvements if you
don’t know what you’re doing right now then how can you adjust that and see if
the changes you’ve made the possible positive impact before ActionCOACH we
we had a loss of £70K and this is our recent results it’s around about £300K
profit our turnover we’ve been running for quite a few years that
at a level around about three quarters of a million been finding it quite
difficult to improve on that but yeah we’re now turning over… the target for
this year is £1.6 million we turned over almost £1.4 million last year
so really a step change for us and we’re really pleased with that
really the past 18 months been quite translational and we moved from a
headcount of 15 we now have 23 staff and ActionCOACH
were really really helpful at putting together some really good suggestions
on how we could adjust our recruitment process to really improve on its
performance I think for me the biggest change with having engaged with ActionCOACH is it’s my stress level certainly feeling a lot less stress now so I’m
happier both at workout and at home there have been big improvement in
myself yeah I would just go for it you know for us ActionCOACH have
been amazing and I’d give them a chance I think they do a great job for you
ActionCOACH has allowed me to they feel a lot happier and a lot less stressed

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