Develop your enterprise skills at UniSA Business School

Develop your enterprise skills at UniSA Business School

Professor Stephen Boyle, Dean: Academic at UniSA Business School: Transferrable skills are those sorts of skills that you take with you wherever
you go through your career and so you have your your body
of knowledge that you’ll use to start with, but those other skills, communication, problem
solving, teamwork skills, they’re the skills you’ll
take with you forever. Elaine Bensted, CEO at Zoos SA:
These transferrable skills are critically important to employers. We almost take for granted
that the technical skills are going to be there and
there’s plenty of people in the market with those technical skills, so the thing that makes people stand out is those transferrable skills. Susan Frangakis, Head of HR Business Partners at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank: We look for communication,
collaboration, teamwork, adaptability. The transferrable skills are sometimes even more important than the technical because we know that how people go about doing their jobs is just
as important as the what. Dani Carling, Office Administrator at WRP Legal & Advisory: Transferrable employment
skills I believe are things that you can either just have or are things that you can be nurtured
with and just grow over time, if that’s in your studies, for example. In a law environment, having those skills really does set you apart
from either other candidates or other law firms. I’ve definitely been able to
apply the skills I’ve learned at UniSA. Nicholas Parrella, Human Resources Officer at Jobs Statewide: If you don’t face a
challenge, you’re never gonna overcome it or you’re
never gonna learn from it. The way I learnt how to
speak in front of groups or the way I learnt to lead a group or bring new ideas to
the table is by doing it and I think it’s saying that I did a lot throughout uni and, you
know, being able to do it throughout uni has kind of helped me build up those skills and transfer them to my employment as well. Professor Boyle: We think about the
student’s entire program, so what we’ve done is taken those skills and embedded them in the coursework that they’re doing, so it’s
not something additional that they have to do, but
what it does demonstrate is why we’re doing particular things and so we really give the
student the opportunity to embrace those activities,
to engage in those activities, because that’s what will help
them get the job in the end and if they can develop those skills, they’ll be most employable
graduates available. Terri Feil, Marketing Manager at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank: So I guess going back to my uni days, the things that I can think
of that would be really handy for students to do. I would really get involved
with those activities, so whether that’s going on exchange or finding a mentor in the
industry that you’re studying, all those types of things
that are probably beyond the come in and go to
uni and tick and go home, all those things that are outside of that and any type of networking opportunity or workshops, all those
things are great opportunities to build on those skills. Professor Boyle: I think what’s really
important for graduates is to think about their whole career because they’re going to go through probably at least five different careers. We don’t know, maybe in five years’ time what industry’s going to look like, and so you need to be able to adapt, you need to be able to be creative, you need to be innovative,
and entrepreneurial. I started out as a
musician, now I’m the Dean in a business school. You never know where
you’re going to end up, but all of those skills
you learn over time, you’ll use in every career
opportunity that you have.

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