Destenie Nock on the Three Minute Thesis

Destenie Nock on the Three Minute Thesis

Getting practice coming up with a way to convey why my research is important and what I do to an audience in three minutes or less was really, really good. My topic was on my current research in looking at how we can make power systems more sustainable. It was the first time that I had to be on stage giving a talk about my research and It also was the first time I really had to prepare an elevator pitch. And now I’m in the job market, so (laughs) So people are like hey, “what do you do for your research?” And they don’t want a ten minute power point presentation. They want a thirty second pitch about what I do and why it’s important. And I felt like I used a lot of stuff I prepared for the 3 minute thesis in just getting ready for these job interviews.

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