Designing business cards in CorelDraw X4

Designing business cards in CorelDraw X4

this is a tutorial in creating business cards so what do we have here we have a ready-made business card and this is our target graphics that we’re going to create so first in CorelDraw the default page setup is a letter size and so if you want to create a business card you have to go to the drop-down here and choose business card and if you notice once i click the business card it the the size here became 3.5 inches by 2 inches and once you do once you select business cards you’re going to have a page border which is a business card size here in page to what I’ve done in page 2 i extracted all the all the elements that we’re going to use for this project so we’re going to start in creating the background of the the business card so in here there’s a shortcut key or the shortcut shortcut grade 2 to make the business card border here visible so double-click on your tight rectangular tool and suddenly you’re going to have this business card border which is three and a half by two inches okay now let’s look at this our target graphics here so what I’m going to do I’m going to fill this with this color here I sample the color so i click on my eyedropper tool and click on that color and then hold on shift and fill that okay now and then this one is the is the image that we are going to use there’s also a good way to or an option to use in CorelDraw which is if you go to view click on snap to objects so what stopped the object does is once you click on an object and you see if I go to this edge here it snaps to an edge or to a node okay let’s say I’m going to go to the middle of this one it says midpoint edge node so I click on the node and I drag it over here to the upper right corner of the of the business card and it snaps right so you know that it will snap and you don’t need to align or anything so in here what I’m going to do I’m going to move this one until it snaps there it snaps to the edge okay the shortcut key for that is all said okay I’ll set to turn off so you toggle off and on why out said so I’m going to turn off the objects not because i’m done doing that so the next thing left to do is to how do i make the effect of fading going to this caller here so i click on the photograph and then I go to my interactive transparency tool I click here and drag okay so i still can see a seam in there so i’ll just move this more and i’m going to move this block slider going to the right ok so I’m fine so now it blends with a picture now if you also notice in this target graphic here is that it has a orangie color here and in the side too so so I used up the mesh field to do that so you click on the background ok I know it’s a background because see the color is that maroon thing and then I go to my click here go to your mesh field type in letter M so once you click on Nashville it would have this notes here ok how does match will work ok it works with if I select this node ok you know it’s selected because it’s highlighted and I’m going to put say orange here see very nice so in this edge here was going to select this node ok i’m in my mesh field mesh feel feature here ok so i click on the orange ok so it’s more orange now now I also notice that there’s a little bit of white in here so what I’m going to do I’m going to highlight this and I’m going to put white there but it’s it’s a bit I can move this ok by selecting these nodes here and then I can move it going to the right side here okay that’s close okay very nice okay now now we are ready to to put the logo in i already prepared the file here for the logo so this is the logo so i’m going to put it in the side here let’s go back to the target so i’m going to make it white okay so if you also notice there’s a drop shadow a hard drop shadow when i say hard drop shadow it’s not that self drop shadow that you see but it’s it’s you know there’s a hard with a black one black drop shadow therefore so what I’m going to do how do you do the drop shadow hey so I click on the logo which is all vector okay it’s not a JPEG or a bit ma it’s a vector image and you go to your plus sign in your keyboard okay a plus sign now we duplicated it without an offset now I’m going to move this one going to the lower right corner and then i’ll make that black ok but then here i want the white to be on top of the black so you click on the white logo you know it’s white because in the status points as white ok so you go arrange order to front of page now you can adjust the drop shadow yeah ok so now you gotta drop shadow for ok now now i’m done with that so I’m just going to position it ok I’m going to proceed hit it there ok now this black thing here is actually just a rectangle so i click on my rectangular tool ok i can go back to my view and snap to objects or outset so see it stops to the edge so i click and drag and i’m going to make make a rectangle i’m going to click on black and then i’m going to remove my snap to objects again and i’m just going to adjust the thickness of the of that bar and then i’m going to go to my transparency tool ok then i’m going to click and drag to the left side ok so I’m good with that now now if you not excluded this one it has a very transparent is a duplicate of the logo but it’s transparent so how did I do that so I’m going to choose the white and I know it’s a white logo because here inside where it says white click + in your in your keyboard get a plus sign and I’m going to move it here okay but i only want the only want the bike not the text so what I’m going to do is I’m going to go to arrange break curve apart okay and then i’m going to delete this and also delete this okay since it’s break dates it’s already break apart okay i’m going to combine this again so i’m going to make up my key to select all of that and then click on combined there and then i’m going to enlarge it here and then I’m going to put transparency and i’ll just click on you a form i’m going to put more transparency in it there and i’m just going to enlarge it yeah that looks good okay now

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  1. Thanks Alex, I've learnt so much from you from your videos. (You really helped me learn Corel X3) you are very much appreciated!

  2. YOU are absolutely AMAZING!!! Wow!!!
    Thank you very much…and great work….
    Regards from Spain.

  3. One problem with this is if you send it to a Printer and they will tell you you will need crop marks and 3mm bleed and the photo doesn't allow for bleed. far more to setting up a business card then all those fancy tricks. However nice job but not completed  without bleed and crops.

  4. Thank you so much for teaching me Corel draw.your all videos are so helpful and precise that anyone can learn from that.keep the good work.all the best and god bless you.

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