Dems lost impeachment case during opening statement: Former US attorney

Dems lost impeachment case during opening statement: Former US attorney

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  1. I just cant wait for that day, hopefully in our near future, when the demise of Duncy Pelosi, Adam Stiffshit Schiff, Mad Maxine Waters, and all the rest of these Demontard corrupt politicians takes place. Sick of them all, such corrupt, tax stealing, useless SOB's!

  2. God bless house democrats. They have worked so hard to convince democrats and independents to vote Red in 2020. Crowds will cheer as Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff go into retirement. Gold pens for everyone.

  3. Dems knows they are corrupt but they have accomplished what they had set out to do; they have effectively put a stop to the investigation into the corrupt Bidens.

  4. What would you do if you were an animal caught in a trap? Would you give up? Would you follow protocol and hope for the best? The Democrats are criminals; animals caught in a trap. It all makes sense when you realize who, and what you’re dealing with – animals with everything to lose if Trump succeeds.

  5. did anybody see that new skit on TV today saturday night live is making it look real live its saturday night welcome to the twilight zone

  6. Anybody who believes anything the Fox news says, especially this far down the rabbit hole, obviously have no brain in between their ears. Oh my God. Everything this guy said is not even true. Moronic.

  7. This is so not right, TRUMP has OBSTRUCTED CONGRESS, the withholding of his WHITEHOUSE STAFF and DOCUMENTS IS OBSTRUCTION. The reason NANCY change her standing on not to proceed with IMPEACHMENT was because TRUMP was calling on other nations like CHINA and RUSSIA to find DIRT on the BIDENS. NANCY was also fearful that INTERFERENCE of the 2020 election from RUSSIA would take place again, we all remember how PUPPET MASTER PUTIN stood next to TRUMP inHELSINKI and said he wanted to help TRUMP win in 2016, it's right there on TAPE. . The FRAMERS of the CONSTITUTION never dreamed of a LYING PRESIDENT and a AMERICA locked in POLITICAL TRIBES, so everything that FOX SUPPOSE NEWS said is POLITICAL BS. Someone please tell this woman that the people will decide after this trial, the REPUBLICANS will protect TRUMP, there are only 2 questions, one will there be witnesses called, and the other is all the ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT by CONGRESS enough to get TRUMP REMOVED. This trial is about the actions of TRUMPS ABUSE OF POWER and LAW BREAKING when he withheld funds that were approved by CONGRESS for UKRAINE, which is against the LAW. If TRUMP wanted to investigate the BIDEN'S then all he had to do was pick up the phone some years ago and called his A.G. to do so.This is all about stopping JOE BIDEN, who would get support from WALL STREET, and CORPORATIONS because he is PRO BUSINESS. TRUMP FEARS BIDEN. GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC.

  8. Democrats are born losers so they lost the day they were born and later decided to become democrats. Trying to impeach a president who has not committed a crime is not a smart thing to do but you shouldn't expect much from Nancy peolosi

  9. or maybe, just maybe, he didn’t do anything wrong to be impeached, and the only people who can wrap their head around that is the republicans

  10. We need to be careful here…. "A house divided against itself cannot stand…" The Socialist, Marxist Democrats will not stop their evil works. Reference what Mad Maxine Watters said recently…. They don't intend to let up on our president if this thing is overturned in his favor.. I'm past sick of this evil in our Congress!! TRUMP 2020!!!!

  11. Maybe if Republicans would actually listen it wouldn't be so partisan. Maybe if they stayed awake, stopped playing crossword puzzles, running to the cloak room to their phones, looking at their apple watches, etc. Maybe if the republican party actually took this seriously and got their head out of the presidents a** they could hear something. Maybe if the senators took their job seriously.

  12. Schiiff isn't talking to Republicans or America. He is talking to his base to get reelected and the Liberal Hack Journalist who are eating these obvious lies up.

  13. Well at lest the Demcrates finally come out say they know they cant beat Trump and only way is for the false clams cime on demcrates like at of all People u have standing up for u is a Adam Schiff he been shown be a fool and is very creepy looking lol dont have cheat to win dems lol

  14. America is suffering from old wounds and terrible mistakes that didn’t help us then and don’t help us now. This time in our country will probably be the last time to actually heal. If we don’t, well just imagine someone who doesn’t know how or want to heal from old wounds. They never get over it and it changes them to the core in the worst way. Bitter and in ruins. Gotta vote Trump 2020🇺🇸❤️🕊

  15. OMG! You think the meltdown was funny during the inauguration? Wait till this is over and Teflon Don is reelected! Pffft its gonna be a meme frenzy for ages!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪

  16. Trump is a professional criminal, the worst human on the planet. That's why you like him, because you're cynical and you want to see the destruction of the world.


  18. You had 23 state attorney general's right a letter of protest of the impeachment being not valid. This is big .

  19. Corrections the trial was lost when moscow mitch came out 4 weeks ago saying that he was going to hold a Russian style trial ie no trial/ mock trial. Again moscow mitch came out saying he was going to do what queen trump/ Putin wants

  20. This crap …. L O L ….. It seems to me there's a lot of talking but nothing is been said ….. Please someone tell me ….. what did Trump do that's so bad other than we don't like him …. I didn't like the other guy . No one tried to go after him . Of course if they tried they would have wound up in a ditch

  21. They will go down as a very big embarrassment to AMERICA. SHAMEFUL AND DISGRACEFUL. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  22. Nancy Pelosi said they will impeach Trump the day he was elected…long before there so called evidence. Why doesnt anyone bring this up?

  23. Where is the courage and honesty on this news channel to say the truth trump actions are wrong and we deserve better 👎🏻

  24. These are the people pointing their fingers at the President?
    Sick of it. The mentality is warped. Queen Nancy, Jester Schiff, Prince Newcom and the whole court are trying to hold onto their seats.
    If you will refrain from telling any lies about the Republican Party, I'll promise not to tell the truth about the Democrats? who said this: hint also wrote speech when Statue of Liberty was unveiled.
    Blackmail but we Will get to the Biden Story and more….Thanks for making us curious about the smokescreen.

  25. Nancy blowsi and the rest of the Democratic socialist party timed all this horse shite to give them more time to pander to the ignorant voters 🇺🇸🇮🇱

  26. Trish–hair, make-up, lighting,–looks like one of those Breck Girls from the Breck shampoo magazine ads, back in the day.

  27. Go figure, really? Only an idiot would think dems had a chance of winning, makes me ask what's really going on. This was to stupid to be real.

  28. First of all Pelosi say ignorant drunk. And Romney needs to read a real Bible not some joke coming out of the 1800s. So foolish.

  29. The only reason Clinton wasn't thrown out of office is because Arlen Specter took a deal to get his wife a job and changed his vote and made it a tie and Al Gore voted against it in exchange for the support of the Clinton's in his run for president

  30. Did hear right? he says not one democrat voted for these articles of impeachment ? duh, he means not one

    Republican. Kindy stop this nonsense this is CRAP/LIES the democrats are doing . Nancy thinks she is the President . any of our congress people caught in Dishonesty/ Lies should be Impeached -Fined and removed from office!! even put in Jail for Perjury!!


  32. When Trump wins in 2020 the Democrats will be still at it trying to impeach the best president since Reagan and not doing their jobs.

  33. This has got to be a political hoax with a political agenda. The 21 STATE AG's that wrote a letter to the senators and advised them that the articles of impeachment do not meet the requirements of the law and constitution , and should be loudly rejected. These AG's are the recognized legal heads and authorities of the law and have all agreed that the impeachment articles are out of line in process and fairness. America wake up as these AG's are experts in law and application of the law even stating that the articles would not stand up in a court of law. SHALOM

  34. How embarrassing it must be for the families, especially the children of these tyrannical dramatic crooked democrats.. really pathetic.

  35. The 2020 elections the polls will close in 1 hour, because the voting machines are going to crash, because so many people are going to be voting for Trump. It's just like Euchre Trump trump them again. Go Trump 2020!!👍

  36. If the House of Representatives has so much time to impeach, how are they doing their jobs as legislators? Should we consider abolishing the House of Representatives?

  37. Democrats are drunk with power and are making a huge mistake. They are the ones that should be on TRIAL. Everything they have done to the President in the last 3 years borders on Sedition and trying to Overthrow a duly elected President, with abuse of their power and acting above the law.

  38. If you beleive in miracle Trish is a angle , smart and bright soooooooooooooo beautiful she is a doll tank God !

  39. These evil lying seditious Traitorous demonic bastards MUST pay the price! Must be dealt with, one way or another!

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