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  1. This guy is a good salesman. He said he is the only one who can beat Trump. And saying the American people are suffering more economic hardship than before and the national deficit is bigger than Obama. He is asking why all these not reported in Fox News.

  2. The Democrats should have called All their witnesses in The House! This is a Complete Coup against The Constitution. Time for Treason crimes. SERIOUSLY!

  3. He's correct about a fair trial. It's to bad the Democrats dont understand that. It's a fact Democrats doubled the national debt.

  4. There were more people on Welfare when Obama was in office. These Democrats are fascist liars and people believe the vial lies they spew.

  5. Hahahaaaa! The jobs Obama was creating were positions for deep state operatives….putting his corrupt buddies in high places and paying them with out tax dollars….while sending our jobs over seas for big kickbacks…..keeping our borders open for drug cartels to scramble the brains of those left unemployed and homeless. He replaced our good military generals and leaders with puppets and depleted our military while creating chaos in countries so he could justify foreign aid to receive even more kickbacks to fund the demise of our country. Obama did NOTHING for America.

  6. This idiot bennet wont even be nominated. He better do a little more fact finding before he attacks Fox and Neil. Thanks for the laugh moron. Liberals LIE!

  7. You sir are a misinformed idiot, a nobody with no chance, you finally get off cnn and msnbc to the big time, fox news, and you blew it, you lied. Everyone even the democrats knows that the Trump economy has out preformed that of any president ever. The numbers on wall street speak for themselves, and unemployment was easy for the president to fix because of all the unemployed left over from obamas pathetic presidency that were looking for work. Your full of shite dude. The numbers dont lie, and if your numbers dont match everyone else's then you should hire a statistical analyst, someone like me whos federally certified, but not me, i cant stand socialists. Lol

  8. Another lying democrat. Never heard of this guy before, turns out he's another in a long line of libturd's running for president. Go figure.

  9. LOL, some medias claim he is a MODERATE DEMOCRAT. I don't think the Colorado farmers will buy his hyperpartisan comments.

  10. Lol the con Obama care was a huge problem and still is and along with all the corrupt officials making money off the American taxpayers money from hillary to quid pro quo Biden etc etc. Facts support that.

  11. It was also the first impeachment in the house that afforded no due process to the accused! This dumb demaflap keeps flappin about a fair trial. Where was the fair trial in the house? I would have used executive privilege also, that's just one voter's opinion

  12. Stop the democrats from trying to change the results of the election!! They have proven that they hated this President and have tried to take out the President from the very beginning! They claimed that they work for the people but we believe they have put their own personal political interests before the people's and they have gotten out of hand! We, the people believe they have no good reason to remove this President because we know the President has done nothing wrong and hearsay would never make it in any courtroom! Congress should save what dignity that they have left to save what our forefathers wanted the process of impeachment to be used. They should not allow the democrats to cause more damage to what they created! Most importantly, None of the people running for President should be allowed to participate in this impeachment process because that also is totally bias!!! BE FAIR! Senators that are running for President cannot be managers!! What??!! We the people are not stupid! We see something wrong there! Those senators made the decision to run for the seat of President and should not be allowed to participate in any part of this impeachment process! We have enough corruption in this country and we want it to stop!!! It's bad enough that we have to sit and deal with Adam Schiff lying to us and to Congress and nothing is being done about it! He should recuse himself but we know he won't and we hope justice comes for what he has done! The people are sick that justice is not being served and we want the democrats to stop dividing this country! All in all, the democrats need to stop putting their own interest before the people's and stop wasting the people's money and time with this stupid impeachment! They should stop being poor sports about the results of the election and wish the best for the President that won! Instead, We have watched the democrats obstruct our President from trying to serve this country and they should be ashamed of themselves! Thank goodness our President is strong because look at all the good things he has done for this country! Imagine if our country was not divided and had support from the democrats! The results would have really been awesome! But what we are watching, Some of what they have done should be considered treasonous! WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN!!

  13. yet another tool who watches to much CCN and thinks we all want rid of Mr T — I mean they say im delusional and need medicating !! geezzzzzz were do they dig 'em up from ??

  14. Didn't Obama use presidential privilege to cover up his gun running scandal. Or was it the Benghazi mess?
    This guy is doing the utmost to push the sins of the Democrats and likely himself into his political enemies. A prime example of the application of rules for radicals.

  15. Donald Trump will still win.😁😂😂😂💁👍 this man resemble a bag of crap 💩 from African public toilets

  16. Democrats are pure definition of corruption! All of them now are running for president. Do you see how evil these Dems are. They think running for president will shield them from Q hammer of justice. Rats 🐀 are running scared in DC and look 👀 closely to the face of the clown and scum bag in the video above, he looks so scared! The house Democrats has been exposed. Now those in senate would follow. Nothing will stop what is coming. Pain! Q

  17. Senator Bennet says the crime was President Trump wanting a political opponent (Joe Biden) investigated. Yet, as Bennet runs for office against the incumbent Trump , he is doing the same thing, wanting his opponent investigated, and would sit in judgment of him. Senator Bennet should ethically either recuse himself from the Senate trial, or discontinue his campaign.

  18. How did the deficit double under Obama if he was spending less in America, oh right I forgot about giving away American tax money to other countries.

  19. The discussion between dems and Republicans is so heated it contributes to climate change. The situation in Australia is again strikingly similar to that in California. Researchers have shown that global warming is expanding an atmospheric circulation pattern known as the Hadley cell. This circulation is caused by hot air at the equator rising and spreading toward the poles, where it begins to cool and descend, forming high pressure ridges. In Australia, this process creates what’s known as the subtropical ridge, which as CSIRO notes, has become more intense as a result of global warming expanding the Hadley cell circulation. A 2014 study, CSIRO’s David Post and colleagues reported that stronger high-pressure ridges have been decreasing rainfall in southeastern Australia in the autumn and winter. The significance? The lack of rainfall creates more dry fuel for fires and lengthens the bushfire season.

  20. It is amazing the way the DemoRats have such a short memory? NOW they are worried about witnesses and worry about a FAIR trail… such freaking hipacrits!!

  21. "Republican Senator Rand Paul… with warning for Democrats, that a call for witnesses… may open the door for Republicans to demand witnesses of their own like [the Bidens] so be careful what you wish for, you just might get it… will that deter Democrats for pushing witnesses?"
    We have only one question: do Democrats want to win this trial, or they just do it for fun, or because they have no better idea what to do, or they simply want to lose it?

    In case Democrats want to win this trial, then the answer to the host's question is that bring it on. If Mr Biden has to testify on condition for all other witnesses, then he must testify or the Democrats will surely lose, on a boring 'witnessless' trial. That is the only way to bring down the Republicans and Trump. If the cost of this victory is Mr Biden's Presidency, then it is the cost of it, period.

    If the Democrats want to save Mr Biden, then they will save Trump with it, that's what must be understood finally, until it's not too late. Mr Biden's testimony cannot be worse for the Democrats, than all other witnesses for Trump, therefore only can help the Democrats.

  22. Hey Bennet,
    You ARE the DumbOcrook Party’s useFOOL/useLess idiot.
    You can’t even shine Pres. Trump’s shoes, you loser.
    And this neverTrumper Caput-o is another willing and able loser…

  23. Used to be a dem family way back to jimmy carter before now whole family dosent claim a side it's the person most don't understand get rid of trump pence takes over they get mad say keep trump most Americans don't know how law and government works why it's a sad day the education system has let us all down

  24. Those dislikes and likes on Fox videos show me that they actually express their opinion and don't think all the same unlike democrats(And I'm talking about Chris Wallace and when they point out facts regardless of whether Trump likes them or not).I can clearly understand why people don't like this one.

  25. How sad to have to explain how executive privilege works to someone running for president. The House investigates and the Trial is held in the Senate. Witnesses wanted should have been called in the house; period! We have 3 equal branches of government, when a dispute arises between two (executive and the legislature) the 3rd (judiciary) determines the resolution of that dispute. President Trump used executive privilege (used by every president in history, see Obama fast and furious scandal for example) and all the democrats in the house had to do was go to court and let the Judiciary decide who if any witnesses had to testify and what if any documents had to be provided. In the rush to impeach (9th attempt, I can list all 9 if you want) the democrats failed to do so and now want the Senate to do their job for them; they bypassed the Judiciary in the house and by withholding the articles of impeachment tried to do so again in the senate.

  26. Trump said he could shoot someone in the street and he wouldn’t loose any support. That should tell you something. He knows you will believe anything he says, and excuse anything he does. That’s irresponsible of you and sad.

  27. All of a sudden Republicans don’t talk about the deficit anymore. Faux News just focus on spreading propaganda to their methhead viewers.

  28. He just point-blank lied about executive privilege and economic numbers and they just let him do it. It's up to us to get rid of these people

  29. This guy will NEVER be president. He is so out of touch with reality and the American People. He has TDS and it has affected his ability to see anything correctly.

  30. This guy is bias because TRUMP is doing a better job than any Democrat ever could he can say this n that but facts are facts theres more Americans working now than ever before the stock market us at an alltime high wages gave increased and so on and so on this guy i didnt even know he was running for the nomination so that says alot i bet more than half of america doesn't even know that this guy is running i have never heard his name ever mentioned…

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