DELTA ONE SUITES A350 Business Class Review

DELTA ONE SUITES A350 Business Class Review

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  1. So nice, I love the Delta Safety demonstration – it's very cute actually. I travelled from Vancouver to LA on Delta in July.

  2. Why isn't Satoshi with you? The both of you have traveled together before without Justin. Who watched Justin before when you two went to Hawaii?

  3. シンイチさんのIWATFF(勝手に略しました)の中の自動販売機でピコラが売られてましたね。超なつかしい!長いこと食べてないなと思ってたらデザートのアイスにそっくりなお菓子が添えられてる✨✨と一人で盛り上がったのが言いたくてコメントしてしまいました😁つまらない話ですみません。

  4. WOW that flight was great, I have never flown any thing but coach nice to see what business class,is like, but Satoshii looked so sad, kinda made me sad also,

  5. I love Haneda! There's an udon place at the international terminal that I love <3 I hope you get to try the ANA lounge or Star Alliance, I really like it =] it was very large with a great selection and you could even shower!

  6. out of curiosity what items do you get to keep? i figure the bag with toothpaste and such. but do you keep the slippers and such. i will never get this chance always wondered.

  7. I flew Delta One Suites from Tokyo Narita to Detroit. Like you, I got a great deal on an upgrade. Definitely made the 13 hour flight enjoyable.

  8. I heard Delta was pulling out of Narita. More flights out of Haneda?? I loved our Narita layovers when I was flying for Northwest. We called it "Camp Narita" at the Radison.

  9. Brother! Thank you for sharing your entire flight with us! The last time I set foot at Haneda AP was 46 years ago! 😳 You’re so right, in how much it has changed. It does look more like a mall. I was so surprised to see a Victoria’s Secret store in there…..very cool! The food that you ate looked amazing—every single thing!

    This particular video was so exciting for me—not just because I love “traveling” with you through your videos….. It was exciting, because I knew I was waiting on the other side, to greet you boys! I will never forget that day, as long as I live! Love you brother!

  10. Lol….I was just there last week, also on Delta One to LA. I got a good deal as well. I went for the Japanese menu for dinner and breakfast, but mainly for allergy reasons.

  11. Hi Shinichi! It was so nice you could upgrade for this flight, and enjoy the Delta One Suites. It looked very comfortable, and the food was very impressive! The appetizers before dinner looked especially good. Wow! Thanks for the video.

  12. why wouldnt you go to rokurinsha at the food court?? for those who dont know its a 3 hour wait if you try to go to the main store in tokyo

  13. I'm curious about the pickled cherries. Are they sweet, savory, or sour? I love cherries, and I love most japanese pickles I've tried, but I can't even begin to think what pickled cherries would taste like unless they're like maraschino or cherry pie cherries, which those didn't appear to be.

  14. Really enjoyed this video and what the Delta One Suits looked like. I'm planing a trip to Japan in about four years once my youngest son is done with school and after my move back to Las Vegas. I want to fly once in Business Class and I thought that my first trip to Japan should be that. You only live once and might as well enjoy yourself in the process.

  15. Delta is me and my family's favorite airline. You can always trust them to arrive early and the staff is always really friendly. Their flights are also really cheap when we book (econ) and I personally don't get the pressure issues in my head and ears that I get with some other airlines using the same planes. Great movie selection too! Glad to see you enjoy your flight!

  16. Hey I'm of to Japan in the next few days and I'm flying emirates first class suites round trip with layover in Dubai .cost is around £4,500. Making savings by staying in business hotels.

  17. Was your flight attendant Kayoko? She is amazing. I have flown this route once (last month) and I agree… the best flight I have ever taken and the best airline food I have ever eaten. I also had the Japanese course. Hope you have a great time in LA.

  18. What a lucky break to get the upgrade for a small charge! I wouldn't pass that up, either. Looks like it was a great experience.

  19. Just saw this video and felt sad to see Satoshi-san not being his cheery self 🥺
    I want to see Haneda airport when I go to Japan next year. So lucky to have that upgrade for a small difference! Food looks so yummy~ 🤤

  20. I fly Lufthansa Business class to America every year. It is expensive. I save money to pay for it and it is totally worth it.

  21. You should definitely try the QSuite by Qatar Airways next time. Worlds Best Airline, Worlds best business class!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ UNREAL!

  22. "Something special about eating ice cream on a plane". I thought that too as I devoured a small pot of very nice chocolate haagen daaz on a flight back to the UK from Las Vegas, in fact all in all it was a tasty meal, although it didn't stay in my tummy for long, let's just say we hit severe turbulence before the plane crew even had a chance to clear up our dishes 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  23. thank you average Service Nothing overwhelming. and of Course no first class. the lanson champagne is pathetic

  24. Sat in 7A I see. I sat in 7A from Detroit to Narita at the beginning of August. Will be flying 1D on the way back in a week. I'm excited to get to fly Delta One again.

  25. Wow I flew with Delta to that very Airport from LAX last week and you are right its the superior Airport much closer to everything. I fell economy class thou my next trip I would love to fly Delta One

  26. I happy for you to experience how the business class , but also you never forget the feeling the experience of business class

  27. Loved this review! I am thinking of purchasing delta one tickets for my flight from USA to the Philippines. Would it be better to purchase a comfort+ seat then possibly upgrade at check in?? Also, I heard that the seat upgrades are only possible if you have a delta Credit card. Can you please explain ? Thanks!

  28. Im new to this channel and I would want to know if they are a gay couple? I don't have anything against that, I was just wandering.

  29. I know LA is dope but why would you leave Tokyo I mean I have never been to Tokyo but I have seen a ton of pictures and a lot of research. I would live there!

  30. Those appetizers looked delicious 😍. You've sold me on Delta One business class if I ever get the opportunity (& a good deal!) – that privacy door is perfect for those with social anxiety to sleep (& review the food 😂).

  31. Thanks for your extremely well detailed review of your meals! Planning next years trip to Manila and trying to choose between Delta,Qatar, Asiana, or Korean Air. These are the reviews that really help.

  32. 動画の撮り方の勉強になりました!そして和食が良いですね〜私はアトランタから乗りました。

  33. I think delta’s first and business class is better than all the other American carriers now. American Airlines is the worst.

  34. When ima millionaire ima pay for my family to go to Brazil to see my family that we’ve seen once, how much did this cost? (Per person?)

  35. delta has door, united polaris is not, but, I think united is more privacy. I didn't measure that. but, united has higher partition.
    and, vantage xl seat has long flat bed. on the other hand, small foot cubicle.(to me, not an issue. comfortable enough)

    but, I love both business solid hard product.

  36. Been bieng watching there videos for the last 3 hrs just got a new aubscriber just curious if there a couple of really good friends.. don't really matter just curious. But love the videos

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