Hello and welcome to another when I
travel the world video if you’d like to support my channel then please comment
like and subscribe to this video. Good Morning everyone and welcome to another trip
report today I’m flying with Delta Airlines in Delta one business class
from Los Angeles to New York JFK so come on let’s go check it out I had stayed at the Crowne Plaza at LAX
and it’s honestly one of those Airport hotels where you don’t mind waiting
outside in the morning for the shuttle bus. The Crowne Plaza Hotel offers a free
shuttle service to LAX and it’s only about five minute ride. Delta airlines
operate from terminals two and three at LAX. Delta one passengers have access to
a private check-in area which is separate from the other Delta check-in
areas. The competition is high on this route so I decided to head to the lounge
to check it out and just see if it was any better than any others I’ve been to
LAX to find the lounge I was taught to look for the bright staircase going up
and I can say it’s fairly easy to find. To my surprise the lounge is actually
quite nice but a little bit smaller than I thought it would be Though the one big disappointment was
the food available at this time in the morning really nothing impressive for a
flagship lounge on a competitive route. After enjoying some time in the lounge
it was time to head to my gate. Today I was departing from gate 27 which isn’t
actually very far from the lounge at all. Delta Airlines of staggered business
class seating on their Boeing 767s some of the seats are true window seats and
some of them are true aisles so make sure you pay attention to the seat
numbers. Today I had purposely picked seat 5d knowing that it was a true
window seat Welcome aboard this Delta Airlines flight to New York JFK Today i’m flying back to England And my first flight is Los Angeles to New York. Delta have really tried to step up their game recently with a better amenity kit and
more comfortable bedding provided by a Westin hotels. They also offer a more
unique option for the complimentary headphones that you can use in business
class slightly different from other airlines I’ve flown. Your seats tray
table is stored just on the side of your seat and you can access it by just
pressing the button here. You also have a universal plug headphone
socket USB socket and a light okay let’s take a look at today’s menu It was finally nice to actually see some
good beers on an aircraft menu we had Hello and welcome on to this Boeing
767 From Los Angeles to New York
I hope this microphone is working as it’s been having some issues
so yep we are on route, got about five hours to go, so far the
the weather is pretty good so let’s see what Delta can offer. Just after takeoff the crew gave out hot
towels let’s take a bit more of a look at the Delta 1 amenity kit. Unfortunately
the best part the amenity kit was actually the case and a toothpaste the
rest of the other items really weren’t that great. One of the nice things about Delta is
that nearly the entire fleet is Wi-Fi equippe, though one thing you may want to
consider is the actual price of the Wi-Fi it is quite expensive though I was
lucky enough to have a free gogo card on me at the time that did save me $28 and
it’s actually fairly easy to connect to the Wi-Fi just turn on your computer or
phone and off you go. We are just cruising along now at 35,000 feet just coming up
to Flagstaff and the breakfast service is about to start. The starter for today’s breakfast
service was a fruit platter with a side of cheeses now I’m not really the kind
of guy that eats cheese for breakfast so it was interesting to see that on the plate. For my main course I decided to go with
the scrambled eggs or with the cream cheese and chives mixed in and it was
actually quite a tasty breakfast. After breakfast I had a much-needed
coffee as it had already been a really long morning.Delta are known for having
fully flat beds on their Los Angeles to JFK routes so this is a flat bed let’s give
it a try and see what it’s like. Initially I did have a few problems
getting my seat to go flat it was mainly a glitchy button though on the controls I do have to admit that the more
comfortable bedding was a really nice touch and actually made the bed
comfortable. I got lucky on this flight and I
actually fell asleep for about an hour. I woke up as we approached Toronto and we
had about an hour left remaining in flight time After waking up I decided that I needed
some more caffeine so I ordered some tea. The onboard entertainment selection from
Delta is actually pretty good though I didn’t really have enough time to watch
a bunch of movies or a TV shows they also have a large audio library, if you are just interested in
listening to music. Thank you for watching my look at the
Delta 1 business class product today from Los Angeles to JFK if you enjoyed
the video then please subscribe or leave a comment or any feedback that you think
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  1. yes i do agree with some other folks here. your voice" lifts" your reports to new heights!!!
    I think my opinion about the meal service is predictable…toolLittle food no luxurious presentation..and somebody mentioned it before..why did that f.a. did not help you with that duvette so called "turn down" service. Well this is not FIRST CLASS only Business…thats the explanation for it i guess..

    Thank you for your reports..what would "we" do without you!!!! thumbs up

  2. James that looked amazing. The amount of food you got was as good if not better than some longhaul flights. Great report, brilliant commentary, good job.

  3. Your videos just keep getting better! Looks like a pretty descent flight. The food surprisingly enough actually looked pretty good. (Or maybe that’s because I’m hungry!) As you said, bedding really does add a nice touch for a flight of this length. Thanks for another fantastic upload!

  4. I agree with the sparse offerings at the lounge back at LAX. However, good news… Delta is changing the caterer and the offerings WILL be "improved" at some point later this year. At least, that's what has been shared with me from several friends who work at Delta. Also, that window seat just forward of the number 2 engine was a great choice. I, also, prefer the true window seats when flying on the 767. No seat-mates to crawl over!

  5. Well. I remember Delta as chunked up airline. Not now anymore. They improved a lot. Good. The engine was running on idle and than it spooled up again.

  6. The markings on the turbo fan appear to stop and change direction. This is simply a visual affect caused by the orientation of the spiral markings. They appear to go different directions at different speeds when in reality they are always turning the same direction. There is probably a name for this phenomena but I didn't look it up. Nice video.

  7. I always find myself amazed at the ATO audio. Do they really rattle on at that speed? or did you speed it up a bit?  Great stuff, as usual, I always enjoy your reviews.

  8. Really enjoyed the video. Food in lounge looked a bit basic alright. Voiceover makes it more personal. Thanks again for a great review.

  9. Wonderful video! Dinner at school today was bad, I'd be happy if have that cookie now 😍
    It's amazing they give out amenity kit for domestic!

  10. Hi there's been so many years I didn't sit on airplane & may be won't anymore 😄 ..sorry to say I'm quit my job due to trauma situation on XXXXX flight that nearly kill all the passenger …btw I enjoyed all off your VIDEO and just want to checked with you …do you have gone thru bad situation on airport or in the sky ..may be could share some ..tq …

  11. Love the trip report , wonderring what sort of camera you use for this and look like you used some sort of mount to keep handfree to record boarding process to the planes ?

  12. Hey, the video was great I just love your trip report , if you don't mind just add some music it would be great 😀😀

  13. Hey James, and greetings from Lancashire. I noticed you're a bit of a beer conniseur (sp) from your Instagram, good man! I think BA are serving St Austell Tribute now, one of my all time favourite Ales. I also remember getting a can of Newcastle Brown a few years back on a flight home on American, seemed surreal, bu most enjoyable. Regards, David

  14. A good review, although my personal preference would be a smile now and then , unless you are not enjoying it. Had to laugh, as I was having a piece of cheese with my breakfast , while I was watching your video 🙂

  15. Enjoyed your video. Side note: love the way you say 'Los Angeles'. The seat looked nice though it looked as though it could use a privacy screen. Did you feel it was too 'open' compared with those of other airlines?

  16. bonjour je viens de voir de ta vidéo c'est sympa et passionnante merci je partage je te convie sur ma chaine aussi.

  17. Awesome video James! Really like this new style 🙂 delta one really is a great product, the food looks good and plentiful on this flight. Stayed at that Crown Plaza a couple times before, it isn’t too bad..


  18. I chose Delta Business Class last October when I flew to Nice and the bed wasn't totally flat. Have they improved upon it?

  19. Nice incorporation of the atc! I remember paying 1100USD for a transcon red eye with AA in business. Was pretty excited until I realized that they don't serve meals on red eyes. While i get the flight was for sleeping, a bottle of $2 yogurt smoothie was all there was. Your FA sounded really friendly lol

  20. Wow you are really old school all dressed well for that premium class trip…oh wait, that must have been somebody else.. Looks like a really nice flight though. At least the flight attendants seemed put together and classy.

  21. great vid. US Carriers have the WORST Tea. The water is never hot enough and the brands are uggh. Good looking breakfast though!

  22. AC must be ticked off big time being booted out of Terminal 2 after 30+ years and their lounge gone as with NZ. Grrrrrrr. AC had a great lounge in Term 2.

  23. Don't waste your money on DL First/ Business class ! Their service is pretty bad compared to other airlines, including foreign carriers ! I only fly First because coach is so bad, but still waist of money. Food quality is very GOOD on DL and their crews are good, but overall the flights are just a disappointment !

  24. I can't choose between JetBlue Mint and Delta Business, There Both Great Airlines! Lol (Southwest is my favorite)

  25. I haven't been on a plane in like 13 years, are cellphones allowed now in flight or still needs to be turned off??

  26. The engine spinner changes due to a spool up as turns slow down the plane so they must increase the thrust to keep their designated speed set by ATC in high density airports.

  27. Very interesting to land on 31L. Although I have landed on that runway, I've taken off on it more then I've landed on it. I tend to land a lot on31R

  28. The DL 767 is getting very dated in premium hard product. The age is showing. Nuts and cheese courses are a bit strange for breakfast. I suspect that was the service sequencing issue the Nats were for later in the flight and probably the cheese

  29. Kennedy never lived in New York, he only cheated on Jackie there.
    With Marilyn Monroe.
    If anything, the airport should be called, MARILYN MONROE INT'L!
    At least SHE lived in NYC for a time!!

  30. boy you really got to love those Rolls Royce Trent 900's, they sure do purr like passive little kittens like only British engineering can do it.

  31. Nice to see Domestic routes finally have proper Business Class. Flying in the USA has always been a huge disappointment, paying for First Class while receiving Economy Plus is quite maddening!

  32. YOur report was awesome! Really enjoyed it. I'm not a Delta fan, but flew on them years ago when the L 1011 was around. I went from LAX to ATL on a L10 first class… it was awesome.

  33. The only 2 things I didnt like about this: u drink water why, the water isnt clean. The whole 3 minutes 21 seconds of ground and clouds. I already know what they look like, and wish u wouldve instead shown us more about the inside of the plane..other than that i loved everything else ❤

  34. So who is actually correct about the engine blades spinning,and never mind the terminology ,just answer the question. Is it from the frames a second clashing with the rotation of not?sounds similar using a strobe light on a spinning fan .

  35. I like how you took a shower after you were fully dressed. 🙂 The 767 is aging well, despite the introduction of the 787. Cool video.

  36. My friend and I are flying business class this summer . can you keep any of the free amenities like the pillow or kit or headphones or do you have to leave them/ . and how hard is it to get through security and navigate through the airport if we are also flying with a five and two year old?

  37. I didn't like the bed on their 767, I felt like I was in a coffin, boxed in – in addition I am 6"3 and the bed is only 6 ft

  38. The view of the engine looking as if it stopped is most likely a consequence of your camera's frame rate. You can notice the engine looks to turn backwards after it stops. That most likely indicates it's just a visual effect consequence of the frequency at which the engine rotates lining up with the frequency at which your camera records (frames per second).

  39. Direct meals or something like that means they can fly directly to meals which is a navigation point on the arrival. Direct to means you're getting a shortcut.

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