Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future Generations: Sorry

Dear Future generations. I think I speak for the rest of us when I say Sorry. Sorry, we left you with our mess of a planet. Sorry that we were too caught up in our own doings to do something Sorry, we listened to people who made excuses to do nothing I Hope you forgive us. We just didn’t realize how special the Earth was like a marriage gone wrong We didn’t know what we had until it was gone.. For example, I’m guessing you [probably] know it as the Amazon desert, right? Well believe it or not it was once called the Amazon rainforest and there were billions of trees there. All of them gorgeous and oh.. You don’t know much about trees. Do you? Well, let me tell you trees are amazing. I mean we literally breathe the air They are creating they clean up our pollution or carbon, they store and purify water give us Medicine that cures our diseases food that feeds us which is why I’m so sorry To tell you that we burn them down Cut them down with brutal machines horrific at a rate of [Forty] Football Fields every minute That’s 50% of all the trees in the world gone in the last hundred years why? For this. And that wouldn’t make me so sad if it weren’t so many pictures of leaves on it You know when I was a child I read how the native Americans had such Consideration for the planet that they felt responsible for how they left the land for the next seven generations Which brings me great sorrow because most of us today don’t even care about tomorrow? So I’m sorry I’m sorry that we put profit above people greet above need the rule of gold above the [Golden] [Rule] I’m sorry we use nature as a credit card with no spending limit over Drafting animals to extinction stealing your chance to ever see their uniqueness or become friends with them Sorry, we poison the ocean so much that you can’t even swim in them But most of all I’m sorry [about] our mindset cuz we had the nerve to cause this destruction progress Hey Fox news if you don’t think climate change is a threat. [I] dare you to interview the thousands of homeless people in Bangladesh [see] wow while you were in your pit house nestle their homes were literally washed away but need their feet due to rising sea levels and Sarah Palin, you said that you love the smell of fossil fuels Well, I urge you to talk to the kids of beijing who are forced to wear pollution. Masks just to go to school So you can ignore this but the thing about truth is it can be denied Not avoided I’m sorry future generations. I’m sorry that our footprint became a sinkhole and not a garden I’m sorry that we paid so much attention to isis and very little to how fast the [ice] is melting in the arctic I’m sorry, we doomed you and I’m sorry we couldn’t find another planet [and] time to move [to] [I] am You know what cut the beat? I’m not sorry This future I do not accept it because an error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it We can redirect this how let me suggest that if a farmer sees a tree that is unhealthy And they don’t look at the branches to diagnose it they look at the root so like that farmer We must look at the root and not to the branches of government and not to the politicians run by corporations we are the root that we are the Foundation this generation it is up to us to take care [of] this planet. [it] is our only home we must globally warm our hearts and change the climate of our souls and Realize that we are not apart from Nature We are a part of nature and to betray nature is to betray us the save nature is to save us Because whatever you’re fighting for racism or poverty feminism gay rights or any type of equality it won’t matter in the least Because if we don’t all work together to save the environment We will be equally extinct so Hey guys for the past several weeks I’ve been here in Africa the heart of Africa witnessing the horrific destruction of the rainforests which inspired me to write this piece Wire for is being destroyed that such an enormous rate for this Today, we live in a world where destroying trees? Makes you money, so what can we normal people do about it? One way to directly fight the destruction is to stand for trees by standing for trees Not only can you save the lives of trees help forest communities and protect the rights of animals to live in their homes? But you will also balance the amount of pollution that you yourself give off your everyday activities Making you a part of the solution and not the problem This is the option that I chose but whatever way that you choose to stand for trees do it because a wise man once said When the rivers are all dried up and the trees have been cut down Man will then realize that he will not be able to eat Money.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. is a search engine that plants trees. They just reached the planting of 74m trees a few days ago. There are still hope, there are still people who care. And they are donating 3 million trees additional to the 2.2m they had already planted in Brazil. They have tree planting projects over 15 countries on this Earth. It’s an app on your cell phone and a search extension you can download on your computer. We are wrecking the ecosystem and changes must be done, however it’s not impossible. I believe human race will not be that stupid. There are advances made every single day, there are research is going on every single day, and we can make changes. Your efforts matter. Because a great fire starts with a few sparks. With passion as fuel and logic leading the way, we can all set things ablaze.
    Join their mission on planting 1billion trees!!🌲

  2. How many people, are poisoned by human error that have exceeded our earth’s limits have made us take so many shortcuts and make things worse than better, we need to stop being lazy and now actually think ahead. Yes it’s a dumb line but now, the most everyday line, has become the most important, but now, it might be too late. But there still is hope, people are starting to take notice and do this useless bogus that barely help the world. But hey, that’s all we’ve got. So either we give up on our early world and do what? Move to mars? Ha, I didn’t think so. Stop thinking you can help the world, believe that we all could help. As an everyday quote “teamwork makes the dream work” that plan, might work. If we help tree companies and help the Earth’s needs, we won’t need to cut down these many trees. But the government, just doesn’t listen, they SAY that they will take action, but ARE they DOING it? No. Because they are too dang cheap and so corrupted by their need of greed and want money and power, not the Earth’s flowers. They don’t have the time to see the world, because they done choose to see it. We must take action, today. So that our tomorrow, is better than it was yesterday. But hey, remember, 1 person won’t fix this, we need hundreds upon thousands of others joining. So please, help our Earth live.

  3. "because most of us today don't care about tomorrow"
    It really hit me hard
    2k19 anyone ✋😔

    When he switched the beat it really made me smile….. Any gen-Z's here?

  4. "That's just one straw"
    -Said 8 billion people
    "One piece of trash wouldn't destroy nature"
    -Said 8 billion people
    All you people scrolling,looking for memes or tik toks.
    Looking for that instagram follow.
    Think about the next generation,your family,they'll all disapear if you keep this up.
    Look at your dog,and think that one day it's kind will be rare.
    Start to recycle,this thing you are staring at called "phone" or "tablet" or "lap top" or even "computer" is just melting your eyes,in 2050 plastic in the sea will be more than the fish in the sea.
    Only 5% of the world recycle.
    The ice is melting and all you're doing is watching videos on youtube.

    Wake up
    -random person.

  5. Just me who was like omg the amazon rainforest is gone in 2019 and he told us 4 years ago that it’s goijng to be a desert

  6. Now we have stupid debates on whether climate change is real or not. We're just a dumb species and our extinction is inevitable.

  7. We were just KIDS!
    We tried so hard!
    Most of us don't care!
    We fought those people who don't believe.
    They just won't change.

    Me: 2036

  8. We were number 1 in trees planted in the middle east
    But after all wars we had against alot of countries
    We lost more than 75%
    And its been years and we never grow them back
    My country is iraq btw

  9. Countries like India and China are producing tons of greenhouse gases so they can satisfy their people. Those two countries alone have over 1/3 of the world's population. It's up to us to come up with a new, effective and safe way of producing energy.

  10. Dude. The earth is going to be around WAY longer than us. Think about it dinosaurs, ice age etc. It should be like save the humans

  11. I think PRINCE Ea should be the next climate change president or the next president of USA 🇺🇸 because he is intelligent and an inspiration to everyone who wants to change the earth
    Prince Ea we ❤️ u
    We listen to u
    We need u

  12. The funny is I'm gonna be 16 soon … I heard people say that Iraq is … Well let us say it was leaded by a robbers who don't care only about money and nothing good happened all this 16 years ….. So I think that means I didn't see anything good ever only seeing the robbers and bad people are always the winner and who is good and try to help going to be killed …. But

    But for some reason…. I love my country ….I love it so much … I always have been interested of reading our history it's so amazing our grandparents the old Iraqis did a lot of amazing things …. I read that We were a people love education, art everything we were the first at everything…. Until the day that the day some people came and attack us and burned our books and kill every single soul try to stop them ….and from that point every one see what do we have to of education…'s Money, always about it …. But we didn't ever want or think to attack someone… We have been forced to do that ones … And we were not happy about it

    I for some reason… My dream wasn't a personal thing ….it's about make Iraq back to the old days and better than it ….I want to heal my country….I want to return back the hope to the Iraqi people …… I don't wanna die UNTIL Fix This mess…..I want to see at least one good thing before I die ……I want to make sure that everything will be okay again … when this become true … I can't even imagine how much my happiness will be like

  13. The fact that 4 years later this video still speaks about what is happening is sad
    We could’ve done so much in these years, but our governments aren’t ready to take major actions.

  14. I have a question….who thinks they have the right to give this a thumbs down? Because this guy knows what he’s talking about

  15. This video is a motivation for me when I don't want to do anything for the Environment… I just made a video about TOP 3 Climate Change & Global Warming Documentaries. If you check it out and find your new favorite documentary I'd be glad)))

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