Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley on the Leavey School of Business

Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley on the Leavey School of Business

I’m the least likely person to have ever
been a business dean I was a political science undergrad I went to law school
there was an ad in the paper for a temporary business law professor and so
literally with three weeks notice I taught a class of 250 and loved it and I
loved higher ed ever since hi I’m Caryn Beck-Dudley, I’m the Dean of the
Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University. What I like to tell students
is that everybody eventually is going to end up in business even if you’re in
education we’re still in business even if you go would work for nonprofits
you’re still in business if you’re in the arts you’re going to be in a
business. Explorer business and you’ll find out that it is really really
exciting. I have a cadre of faculty members who are our practitioners and
who are CEOs of some of the best companies in the valley and so the
students get a good blend of the academically trained faculty members and
the practical faculty members so things like FinTech people do here, we don’t
teach about it, artificial intelligence people do here we don’t just teach about
it. We are very good at placing students in Silicon Valley we have CEO’s of all
the major companies we have alumni at Airbnb we have alumni at Google we have
alumni at Facebook we have alumni at Cisco so our network is fast and very
very deep. They come back they mentor the students they’re always excited about
talking to the students they’re always in our classrooms and so if a student
really wants to plug into that kind of alumni base they’ll want to come here
and you just do not get that type of vibrancy in any other place of the
country or the world frankly and so that is very very exciting and always
invigorating. One of the best things about this school is that we can talk
about values, we have some really interesting programs and conscientious
capitalism doing business the right way. We have interesting programs of business
ethics that’s part of self reflection how are you going to be a
good person and a good business person outside of the business school. We have
the Ignatian center that does immersion trips. We do a lot of social justice work.
A lot of our students go to work for profit organizations, and so we partner
with everybody across campus to give the students really that type of perspective.
What inspires me and motivates me is watching students when they come in as
first years and then shaking their hand at graduation is fourth years and then
as a Dean you get the opportunity to meet them again when they’re alumni and
they’re successful and they come back and they share with the students what
their Leavey experience look like and then how that took them into the world.
That motivates me every day.

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  1. Thanks Dean Beck-Dudley, for your inspiring statement about Leavy and your motivation – give the best preparation to your students for a life-long career in service to society and be a successful business person with values and purpose! Anne Tsui

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