DEADLY FAST Turkish Military T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter

DEADLY FAST Turkish Military T129 ATAK Attack Helicopter

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  1. This not same A129 Turkish T129 better than A129 because T129 is modificied new technologies and weapons and we bought liciense of Atak helicopters from italy

  2. Please give us some of these!! Bosnia needs them and you make them!!! Russia just gave Mig 29 to Serbia but if we dont have jets at least attack helicopters would do something! You know across the border they keep saying how they will kill off the Turks meaning(Bosniaks) Because we are Turks for them they want to cut off our heads!

  3. If we want balance of power right! We have no jets and Russia just gave 5 mig 29+ to Serbia Why cant turkey give us attack helicopters that Turkey makes!!

  4. Turkish people are more advanced than middle eastern arab/persian country. The reason I agree even as a part arab myself we arab/persians are genetically morons , stupid and psychos with the wisdom of a drunken house rat, that iss the very reason why the west/israel can easily disrupt our countries and ruin it from the inside

  5. Eurocopter sirketi Fransız mühendislerinin görev aldığı bir proje diye biliyorum ! Fransizlarin TIGRE Helikopterinin bir alt versiyonu gibi…

  6. Kurds(PKK) have fucked your army. This is Italian and US technology, not turkish! Turks can not do much more than kebab!

  7. This is the type of attack helicopter where choose of Philippine Air force for they acquisitions of attack helicopter and I'm proud that my country will have this soon. I hope Turkey will sale and donate more advance military equipments too.
    respect from The Philippines

  8. I´m from Brazil and I loved this helicopter! I´ve heard that some military authorities from my country are traveling to Turkey to see it. I hope things go well and the brazilian army purchase some.

  9. Pakistan has already got these helicopters from turkey. Salam alaikum to my beloved Turkish brothers from Pakistan

  10. Nutuk cekmeden,siir okumadan normal konusupta ciddi bir sekilde bu helikopterin ozelliklerini anlatsaniz bence daha guzel,bu videoyu seyredenler cocuk degil,emekleriniz icin cok tesekkurler,milletimize hayirli ugurlu olsun.

  11. If I get my IGLA out this help will be running for cover 🤣🤣 Gunships are thing of the past good armoured formation will excellent SAM with some Manpads will provide enough cover that there helps will he useless

  12. Respect from Pakistan Thank you Turkey brothets for making this it has increased our Capability in proud we have it in our aviation

  13. Его из печенега в решето превратить можно, копию и то сделать не смогли

  14. I am Greek but I find this helicopter very good. I also like that there is a try to overpass the American weapons. Unfortunately the soldiers that use this weapon are just humans. So they don't have no chance vs Greece. You can go back to your mother Mongolia before it will be too late

  15. Salam to Turkey for producing such a powerful versatile machine, lots of congrats and love from pakistan !!!!!

  16. When turkish still fapping upon a modified Italian attack heli of the 70's, but Italians have almost finished their new attack heli the AW249 that will be better than the ATAK, Tiger, AH64-E, Viper etc etc etc.
    Turks, always a great sense of business

  17. Alhamdulillah, this helicopter is a collaboration between TAI and AgustaWestland, but Turkey has proven that it is capable of making combat helicopters. not like Iran which can only make stealth fighter planes from plywood and F5 tiger facelift.

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