DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2×15 Inside “Fellowship of the Spear” (HD) Season 2 Episode 15 Inside

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 2×15 Inside “Fellowship of the Spear” (HD) Season 2 Episode 15 Inside

– Now that the spirit
has been reconstituted, the stakes have never been greater. – Yup, that just happened. – Look, we finally have the spear. We just need to figure
out what to do with it. – You destroy it. – We basically wanted
to do our own retelling of Lord of the Rings trilogy. – Now that the spear is whole, it will try and lure each of us to use it. – It’s like the ring of power, it’s a sort of weapon that’s too powerful for any mortal human to wield. – It will promise each of us
that we can remake the world. Just as we want it. – Well what’s wrong with that? What? Oh, come on. You’re all thinkin’ it. – We need to succeed where the JSA failed and therefore we need to
find someone who’s an expert on this mystical object. – John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. – You’re kidding? – Guy who wrote The Hobbit
and The Lord of the Rings. – You know, the true history
of the author is that he had this horrible experience in World War I. – Come on, you trench rats! The Boche have a date
with your British steel. (explosion booms) – The fantasy of Mordor
and can the race of men be depended upon, you know,
it was all based the horrors of him having seen battle at the Somme and having been in the trenches. – My fellow travelers and I– – Fellowship, if you will. – We are on a journey
to destroy an object. One which would bring the
bearer unimaginable power. – So we’re on this Lord of the Rings quest to find this reliquary from the crusades. – My, my, my. How the mighty have fallen. – You said that the
last time you appeared. – Rory starts to have you know, a familiar problem at this point. What seem to be hallucinations
of his dead partner, Snart. – You’re in my head,
you’re an illumination. – A hallucination?
– That’s it. (groans) – Now did that feel like a hallucination?

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  1. I love this show, but you're coming into dangerous waters here. The lord of the rings is so sacred for lots of us, if you do something wrong with our god tolkien we will retaliate. With force.

  2. If they have to destroy it the same way as 'the ring' was destroyed, by taking it back to the time it was destroyed does that mean they have to take it back to Roman times? As they said it was the Spear used to pierce the side of Christ on the Cross earlier in the series.

  3. And don't get me wrong I think Snart is a pretty cool villain (LOL 'cool'😂😏) but I like him better as a hero. Or in this case… A LEGEND ⚡️✊🏼💪🏼😆😁

  4. Omg. Went worth is going grey. This can't be happening, I can't see Michael and snart get old at the same time

  5. I just miss Wentworth Miller on this show. Guess I will have to wait for the short reboot of Prison Break to get them weekly again (with Dominic Purcell).

  6. Interview guy: "…we need a guy who's an expert on this mystical object"
    My mind: "Constantine"
    Nate: "John"
    Nate: "Tolkien"
    My mind: "FUCK"

  7. just rewrite Oliver Queen as playful, the Rogues as an actual villains team and Wally West as a ginger badass!

  8. Well I wasn't really surprised about the ending to this episode to be honest. Everyone was being such freaken assholes on the legends team. Well they blame Barry for screwing up the timeline by creating Flashpoint guess what they screwed it up big time. 😛 Flash -10 Legends -infinite. 😛

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