Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Office Worker in Tokyo

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    As a Typical Japanese Worker in the video, you'll see that Emi:
    – still lives with her parents (very common)
    – still works for the same company she started with after graduating university
    – takes baths at night
    – doesn't have a lot of time for breakfast before work
    – commutes to work 1 hour one-way everyday by train
    – arrives to work early before company hours
    – sits in an open seating environment with co-workers and mangers all sitting together
    – attends the traditional company morning meeting, called Chorei (very Japanese)
    – receives Omiyage from co-workers who came back from trips
    – performs regular desk and PC work throughout the day (as you would expect)
    – attends planing meetings as required for her job throughout the day
    – takes a 1-hour lunch break with co-workers
    – respects company seniority and uses the appropriate language to address her superiors
    – leaves the office when she finishes her work. On this day, she finished her work on time when on other days she may have to stay behind…as you can see other people in the office still remained since they didn't finish their work yet.
    – meets up with the girls after work to have a dinner / drinks
    – All of the above is what you could expect to see in a day of a "Typical Japanese Office Worker" or "Salarywomen in Japan"
    Let me know in the COMMENTS if you DISAGREE.
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  2. Japan: One of the few countries who are super modern but never tosses their firm culture and traditions out of the window

  3. Very inspiring video. Typical Japanese workers, working hard all the time. Thank you for sharing. New friend here.

  4. I just watched the whole clip.
    You know for like 0:01 to 13:44 ….. Without skipping.
    OMG i just loved your whole clip😍😍❤️❤️

  5. The adult women stay with their family, make noise in toilet when women fart. Wow Japan has big problems about women’s independence.

  6. The stand up thing in the morning isn't something new nor specific to japanese company, theres a similar one which is called scrum or stand up meetings in game companies too regardless of regions.

  7. I haven't thought that in Japan if someone wakes up at 11:30 and leaves for work at 7:30( so it takes her eight hours to get ready) it's still considered average…

  8. The white girl working in the office is very pretty. I wonder if she is taken, and whether her boyfriend is white or Japanese.
    It would also be interesting to know if she is shaved and what kind of panties she wears to the office.

  9. A dream job company Emi is working at. I like the vibe, and the respect is so nice. They should make this more custom purpose to do this especially in Europe. People are often rude mannerd on the street and at work, or bully people at their work. Realy grown up adult who still haven't learn to respect eachother. But, this is so cool, a bakery, gym and have time to relax with animals. Her Boss was very friendly and her co- workers too. TY for sharing this, Harigato mas ❤️🍀🙏

  10. The best job is truck driver: You get out of bed, sit in front of your bed behind the window and you can see the whole world. And get money for it too.😎

  11. My family moved from Manhattan to its suburbs even though my parents continued working in New York City. Their commute was over an hour each way, and many times traffic turned it into a 2 hour commute. It’s amazing what people can get used to!

  12. Was never allowed to have a humidifier in my office which killed me because I swear by them!! BUT I love these videos. LOVE IT

  13. I think everything in this video screams success! Amazing, the rest of the world should observe and learn 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. I always put my trash and tray away when I’m at a Burger King or something. But I really don’t eat inside I just go through the drive-thru.

    One time I accidentally put the tray and trash into the garbage can. It slipped out of my grasp.

  15. I just finished making some beats, then hopped onto this video.

    Aw damn she is definitely the office worker under the sheets

  16. Japan is incredible and so is her company! Wish more corporations in the states would follow this paradigm and practices! Some more progressive companies do, but it's not the norm here. Americans are lucky they have 15 minutes for lunch and only get a week or two vacation and a working vacation at that! European companies give six week paid vacations. No wonder Americans are so stressed out in the corporate world and have sleep deprivation! Thanks for sharing her awesome day, a working day one can look forward to, with a free meal at the end as well! Kudos!

  17. That alarm…I know that alarm from my school days when U used to get up with that alarm..I REALLY dread that alarm =(

  18. Hello Im also working in a japanese company but were located here in Philippines.Yes All japanese are too serious in working.And we also have a monday Assembly.Our company is MAYEKAWA PHILIPPINES CORPORATION But our Head office is located at TOKYO JAPAN.


  20. Worker's routine starts early in the morning
    The company is neat and pretty~
    It's also remarkable that we have an exercise facility.
    It looks like a very good company

  21. I'm quite shock to see cleaning up after your self in a restaurants, dam japanese people sure are polite and organized!

  22. 2019 and still using newspapers in public relations… so even the top Japanese companies are dangerously outdated and out of touch. Worse of all she gets there and starts working around 8am and leaves around…6pm? This is sad and her life would be broken without her family making her breakfast in the morning.

  23. This is a realllyyyyy smart idea I think. As Japans government is trying to encourage foreigners into working in japan with policy and incentives to drive workers there due to the labor shortage so I think teaching people on youtube local customs and Japanese business culture is really important for people to know.

  24. Petition urging Japan to take responsibility for wartime crime started by Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International (CATW)

  25. Paolo, What happens if there late to work. Do they have a point scale attendants before they get fired or is there a something more than that.

  26. To have a workout at the middle of the day is a good thing for employee , as the company want to make sure the worker posessed good health and capacity to overcome any obstacle throughout the work.

  27. Good and great Japanese in the world really great work. Excellent I really feel very well
    Sajid Headmaster in government High High School Pindi Bowery Hafizabad District Punjab pakistan.

  28. wow no wonder we never hear an employee going off shooting off their work place these office worker have a busy but stress free job unlike us in America

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