Day in the Life of a Japanese Manga Creator

Day in the Life of a Japanese Manga Creator

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  1. – More Japan Day in the Life vids coming soon. What else do you want to see? If you missed any Day in the Life vids, here's the entire series playlist. Also, if you have questions about Japan, your travels, food, want to connect with people who love Japan, or even discuss this Mangaka video in realtime, check out my Paolo from Tokyo community on discord!

  2. this is so informational! Honestly I'm surprised that they're use very advanced way to create manga, and they have manyy high end tools, which interests me knowing that their pay are not much.

  3. 4:20 – manga created
    11:57 – Female Cloth reference
    14:18 – Dinner with assistant every week to celebrate weekly manga release

  4. Love these Day in the life of videos, they are not only very unique but gives all of us a rare look into the private / professional lives of people whom we very rarely get to see and experience. I also think there is a huge trust factor involved as I doubt many of these people that allow you to showcase their lives would have granted access to larger media companies and or outsiders.

  5. WTF, $4k for his first manga? How long did it take him to complete the final draft? That's way higher than what I had expected!! Man, this is making me want to become a manga artist all over again. Screw working for Blizzard, I've always want to make my own story anyway so this video is such a great motivator!

  6. I don't like you but I love 彼女お借りします
    These doc styles work a lot better with voiceover on video, I never need to see selfiecam.

  7. I guess I'll give up on my dream to become a famous mangaka. Such a shame😔. Seems like a fun job not gonna lie.

  8. Please make this Day in the Life videos longer like at least 24 minutes. Try including day in the life of an animator, game creator

  9. So much love for the person who is really dedicated to making manga. Never really knew it needs so much of time and dedication like wow I’m surprised and stunned. A big respect for them all. And I would love to visit manga studio one day 😭🦋♥️

  10. Wow 1 day
    Good content broh
    Love from India 🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵💓💓🇮🇳🇮🇳

  11. Thanks for the hard work.
    I enjoyed Miyajima-sensei works, especially Kanojo Okarimasu.

    Will looking forward for your next video.

  12. I just read the manga kanojo okarishimasu a few hour ago and this show up in my recommendation okay YouTube you're scaring me right now

  13. I do enjoy day i the life series quit a lot , would please consider making an episode about Software engineers or developers life in Japan?.

  14. this guys manga kanojo, okarishimasu is genuinely brilliant. if you are into romance you should check it out – ruka sarashina is best girl btw^^

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