[Day 1] Pathways to Profit in your business #STARTSTRONG2020

Well g’day and welcome to day one of
start strong 2020 why am I doing this because I want to play a small part in
helping you have a really big year in business so every morning starting now
for the next seven mornings from here I’m just gonna be sending you some
practical business training why because it’ll put business on your radar because
it’ll teach you something you know put something on your radar that you can
work on in the next little while so that you can come out of the blocks in 2020
with the most momentum and have the most crazy year so I’m just gonna be teaching
random things that I think will add value to your business life this morning
I want to talk to you about Pathways to Profits I guess if you want to put it
under a different category its customer service but it’s a lame term that I want
to do something better with alright so the way I would put it to you is this if
you’ve got a customer right now or more then you’ve got a customer journey so
they you know that they first have an interaction with you somehow they
receive a letter in the mail they see something on Facebook you call them they
call you they drop by your website whatever it is and then from that moment
there are a whole bunch of little steps and little interactions in your business
between them first finding out about you and at some point down the line you
doing some sort of after sale follow-up now that some of you have a sales cycle
that might be five minutes in a shop and some of you might have a sales cycle
that is 12 months with a high ticket item either way it’s fine it’s the same
process but obviously the short of the sales cycle they’re less steps in the
journey bigger the sales cycle the more steps in the journey so I just want to
kind of have a look at this path waste of profits and and basically what we’re
doing is we’re getting into the shoes of our prospect all right and understanding
from their point of view what matters most to them and and I’ll explain why
this is important as we go basically the first step to this is to think through
what are all of the little steps in the client journey okay so I’ll just
randomly pick one and mechanical workshop so let’s say that somebody
starts this client journey with a mechanical workshop from you know from
as simple as they saw an ad and they called up okay so the step so what we do
is we want to create a whole bunch of little boxes on a sheet
on a spreadsheet however you want to do it you can use Excel if you’re one of
those fancy people or you can just literally jot it down in a journal to
get started doesn’t matter you’ll probably have more steps than this but
basically right step number one is the customer called in ok what’s step number
two well it could still be on that phone call we don’t want to group the steps
together to be really big ok the phone call could be three interactions on the
one phone call there are three really small aspects of the relationship okay
if we make them too big we can’t do anything this is about looking at every
single small step in the client journey and breaking it down into the minnuta
that’s how we’re gonna get a better return okay and then we actually booked
the vehicle okay same call but a different part of the call okay then we
sent the SMS as soon as we hung up to let them know when they have booked for
and then they drop the car off okay so this could be a couple of days later
what happens then they sit in the reception area while they’re waiting
that’s an important part of the process for a mechanic’s what happens next
we give them the loan car what happens next
they leave what happens next in the client journey we call them to do the
upsell of additional things that are an issue what do we do next they come
back to collect their car what’s the next step is that they sit-in
the sit-in the reception again what’s the next step is we run
them through their invoice what’s the next step they they they pay as many
steps as you can get okay you’ve got to do the equivalent for your business so
basically when we think about that pathway and that client journey then we
take a step back and we say okay I want to now make each one of these
steps one percent better I want to look at the experience that a customer has at
this step this step this step this step all the way through and I want to tweak
it so they have a better experience the entire way through our client journey
all right so let’s go an example we send out the SMS rather
than that you know the plain old hey Mary your car’s booked in for Tuesday
two o’clock how about we tweak that and we go Mary we’re so looking forward to
looking after your vehicle and caring for it like it’s our own you’re booked
in for two o’clock on Tuesday right that’s a 1% difference what about when
they drop the car off how can we make them feel like they are really important
to us, you know I remember one day I went to drop my Nissan patrol off to a Nissan
dealer and they had like the red carpet with their with the kind of
ropes on gold stands to kind of uh sure you into the office and I thought you
know what it’s probably cost them 100 bucks but it makes you feel like a rock
star okay what about when they sit in the
reception what can you do to make that 1% better well you can get rid of
magazines from 2006 that’s a start you can definitely get rid of magazines
that have half-naked girls on them or boys for that matter yada yada yada how
do you make it better do you put a TV up do you paint the joint so it’s not
something smelly damps a little office whatever how do you make it
better okay then when we give them a loan car rather than say there’s the
keys it’s the Nissan why don’t we actually take them to the car and say
don’t take them through it okay what about when we call them how do we do
that so there’s one percent better when they come back to collect the car
yada yada yeah so we go through each one of these steps and we work out breaking
the business and the client journey down into small ones how do we make this one
just a little bit better there’s a couple of reasons to do this
first of all it’s honoring people all right you know the way that you should
treat people as they come through your business is to ask yourself this question
if Jesus was to come through my business as a customer would I treat him
differently and if the answer is yes then it would be a good idea to work out
how you would treat him differently and make that the standard for every single
customer okay second of all people have a better
experience which means they tend to come back more often and third of all they’ll
tell more friends this is a very commercial element of business because
people spend more money more often and tell more friends about your company and
therefore you make more money so why don’t you literally grab your notebook
right now spreadsheet however you want to do it draw out you quite journey you
may have more than one different products different services do it for as
many as you want work out how to do it better make that the new system, train
anybody in the business they you need to train to make that the new
system and it’ll become your new standard and you’ll be outperforming
everybody else in your industry by a mile every single day I’m going to leave
you with a scripture today’s is Proverbs 3:9 nothing to do with what we’re
talking about just a scripture of the day Proverbs 3:9 says this honor the
Lord with your possessions and with the firstfruits of all your increase goes on
to say and then your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will
overflow with new wineskin are you honoring the Lord with your wealth with
your possessions with your money just a simple question I’ll leave it with you
to go and meditate and I’ll be back tomorrow morning with something very
different but business-related have a super day

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