Data Impact Fellows 2016 – Rachel Oldroyd

Data Impact Fellows 2016 – Rachel Oldroyd

I’m Rachel Oldroyd from the University of Leeds. I’m a part time teaching fellow in the school of geography and I’m also a part-time PhD researcher in the Consumer Data Research Centre I’ve been working at the University of Leeds for about three and a half years now so we’ve been using the UK Data Service It’s open access to researchers. You can get geographic boundary data You can get census variables so it’s great that all of that data is open access. For me it’s how you can disseminate your research to non-academic audiences and how you have an impact on policy and the professional industries. So you can disseminate your research through professional publications, Through International and nation conferences I’m hoping to work with the Food Standards Agency and I’m hoping that my research will have a strong policy impact on improving informing the current food establishment inspection processes.

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