DATA GEMS: How Do I Get Business Data for my Location?

DATA GEMS: How Do I Get Business Data for my Location?

[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Eric Coyle. And today I’d like to share a great feature
of the Census Business Builder for entrepreneurs and small business owners out there, that
want to very easily learn how to access information based on their location. So, here we are on Census Business Builder,
Small Business Edition 2.2. The first step is to select an industry. You can either choose from the icons you see
listed or go ahead and type in an industry title, a keyword, or NAICS code. Let’s go ahead and choose from construction;
once you click on that icon, you’ll get a listing of sub-sectors based on that main
industry. So, we can go ahead and select “Drywall,”
and once we make our selection, then we can simply click on “My Location,” or we can type
in a state, county, city, town, or zip code. By clicking on the “My Location” feature,
you will then be prompted to allow or deny access to your location. By allowing access, you will then get a listing
of geographies based on your current location. So, let’s go ahead and select the “Census
Tract,” this is the lowest level of geography that data is available in the Census Business
Builder. We can then, once we make a selection of our
geography, either go to a map or create a report. Let’s go to the map. Now that we’re on the map, you can instantly
see data available for that geographic location that we selected. The default is going to be the total population,
but you can easily change the variables by selecting other topics that you see listed
here. You can also change your geography, simply
by clicking on the geographic areas next to the one that we’ve selected. So, I hope you enjoyed that quick tutorial
on Census Business Builder. And for more Data Gems, subscribe to our YouTube
channel. [MUSIC]

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