Dangerous Fellows(위험한 그놈들) Official Trailer No.2 (thriller Otome game) [JP SUB]

Dangerous Fellows(위험한 그놈들) Official Trailer No.2 (thriller Otome game) [JP SUB]

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  1. 저 이거 앱의 오류때문에 계속 안들어가져요ㅠㅠ 저 루비 모으려고 마니 애썼는데!!

  2. I found this on the app store and in 1 day I finished the game and it is AMAZING! It got me hooked! Usually, I don't play many Otome games but this one by far is the best one I've ever played.

  3. Hello, j'ai commencé ce jeu il n'y a pas très longtemps, j'aime beaucoup, bravo pour le travail fourni ! ( bon je n'ai pas saisis toutes les subtilités vu que je ne parle extremement bien anglais mais bon )


  5. Umm…i cant open the game i mean like its never~starting. The hearts came then disappeared and it it is never~ coming why is that?

  6. How I can get Zion's ending?
    My ending/Ethan:Harry dies and Zion goes outside and Eugene follows him but they are not turning back and Im always getting this ending.How can I get other boys endings?

  7. I Just Started Playing The Game a Week Ago and I'm Already Addicted what really. Bothers me is when I Run Out Of Rubies but other than That I Totally Love This App😊😁

  8. I've already finish Dangerous Fellows , and it was one of the best Otome/Light Novel Game I've ever played ! It was very realistic, and well written. And the graphismes are awesome! ~~ ✨
    I hope Lucydream will get the attention it deserve! 🌸

    (Further, you should translate your other game in English.. It looks awesome, dispite being completely different from this one! ~)

  9. I love this game!!! You know what's funny though? Whenever I try to do Eugene's route, I end up having a more full gauge for Ethan rather than Eugene… sad😭. But overall, the game has a great storyline and it keeps you on your toes.

  10. Idk but the female voice in the background just reminds me of Danganronpa,My fav has gotta be Eugene and Lawrence (i was bamboozled by Lawrence T_T)i was attracted to Lawrence bcuz of his glasses tbh

  11. guys help how do i get Lawrence's ending? i've seriously played 3 times in a row but still can't get his ending?

  12. This game is amazing out of many otome games out there. I love it's not just full of romance and love like others but also plots and friendship. Love it!

  13. I love this game! At first, I wanted to chose Zion but then I changed my mind for Ethan. It's amazing how you changed your mind easily once you tried it yourself.

  14. I've seen 0 comments about the title. Can we just- enjoy the fact that this game is titled "Dangerous Fellows"?

  15. Gostei pra caramba, pena que eu não entendi muito porque só sei o básico do básico de inglês e.e) kkkk mas de resto, está ótimo. Não a gastos em 5 em 5 frases que nem alguns apps aí '-')

  16. Hi LucyDream,it's me again thank you for considering my offer to make. a "Dangerous Fellows 2" I truly hope you agree. This game was very exiting for me and it's a way that you turned my Dreams into reality. At first when I found this game I thought it would be just "okay" but when I played "Dangerous Fellows" it made me happy. I was at my grandmother's house that evening/4:00 a.m. that's when I came across it. I was scrolling through "love stories" and eventually I wanted to play a zombie game. I played each walking dead game about ten or twelve times so I wanted something different. That's when I saw it. Your wonderful creation made me jump with joy after the first two episodes. The next day 2:00 p.m. on Saturday I finished the game. I cried tears of joy because the ending was so beautiful. But over all this amazing game you made helped me get over my very first and painful heartbreak that happened that Friday. Each character you amazing mind made represented me in a way. Eugene the most. He's like me a lot of ways. I really did enjoy seeing each ending. I love the game you made!! I'm your biggest fan. This in my seventh time playing it. And each character makes me smile every time. I wanted you to know this is from my heart not my mind. So please,consider my offer. -Love Jennah And Kittens

  17. Ok but Eugene has my whole heart, his pic in the thumbnail of the game drew me in and I just wish he had his own spin off game bc I love him

  18. Damn, i cannot lie. This is one of the best otome game i've ever played. Ugh i love Lawrence, our yandere boi so fucking much :'D

  19. Does anyone know how to get Eugene's ending. I've bought everything that includes him!! But I still haven't gotten his ending. If you have any tips please tell meee

  20. Mine is stuck on a little piece of paper with a little heart beating. It's stopping me from playing, can I get some help please!!

  21. REEEEEE AMAZING! (I also played it, I had to restart to the beginning though, but Eugene, man. DAT BOI IS AMAZING.) Also please help meh to get the Eugene ending, maybe without using as much rubies?

    But the problem is… I can't get pass the nightwatch.. because I don't have the tickets or gems all that I don't have it.. and it all need to be purchase, so for now I can't play it until I found another way to pass

  23. As much as I love the arts, characters and stories but the thing I don’t like about this game is the lack of offerings for rubies, everything is too expensive, and way too long ads.

    Clothes that is important to the stories costs like 450 rubies as well as certain choices costs around 100 or 120 rubies.

    And you need to spend almost 200 rubies just to buy tickets to get certain special scenes with the boy in the NightWatch and Patrol event.

    The only efficient way to get rubies without spending too much money is playing certain games and watching ads. It wouldn’t be so bad if the games that offer a lot of rubies aren’t always be quiz games that take you at least 20-30 minutes to because you have to get 100% corrects in order to earn the rubies. Every quiz has like 40 fucking questions and it’s so damn annoying especially the website has this stupid trivia every time you try to move forward. And the ads on this game is hell, takes 25 or 30 seconds for every ads. And some ads just pop up randomly whenever you finish an episode and it never offer any rubies.

    Do I recommend this game? Well, this game artwork is really gorgeous, the setting for the story is interesting, and the characters are so lovable. But you need to spend lots of money if you want to get certain endings with the guy you pick, or else you will always just end up with the normal ending. So if you don’t mind spending money, this game is for you. If not, you better watch it on YouTube cuz the ways to earn rubies is so fucking annoying and time consuming.

  24. It's been months since I finished this game but I'm still not over how good it is! I'm glad this was my first otome game I ever played

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