DAN PEÑA – THE TRILLION DOLLAR MAN – How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality – Part 1/2 | London Real

DAN PEÑA – THE TRILLION DOLLAR MAN – How To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality – Part 1/2 | London Real

My generation talks about their memories I talk about my dreams And I’m gonna be the next American Prime Minister of Britain come on danping, yeah, you know, the first one was Churchill What do you say to people to say Dan you promote violence and we past that this is a kind of a gentle world There’s laws all that scale. I’ll say fine Stay poor When you can take a guy who has a me before a brain and he clocks up forty million You are God You turn 70 for this year and you’re in more demand than ever You work hard I’m high on life and my testosterone level is off the mother fuckin chart Men aren’t what they used to be We got pretty shitty role models You’re doing more here than creating wealth and I know you give so much back to this this Species to help get us to the next level and I do think it’s a matter of survival And maybe you’re gonna end up saving us as if Iraq as a human race and then Buddha Allah Christ and Pena and then we’ll just forget those three Why wouldn’t you drink ayahuasca with me I probably float They say that the human race is doomed That we have lost touch with our true nature That the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future. I Disagree I Believe that humanity is full of hope and that our salvation Lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose in my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week I seek out individuals that are changing the world people who are living and thinking in a different way their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of Love him or hate him Dan Pena is back. He’s the 50 billion dollar man with the castle in Scotland He’s been in my life for the past five years. We’ve made multiple episodes We made a movie about him and Dan is basically my mentor and on this show He talks about how he created 50 billion dollars of wealth for his mentees It’s really more like 1 trillion dollars and Dan. He’s on fire. He’s got William Morris representing him He’s got movies coming out. He’s got books coming out and we really bent deep about his legacy And also I spoke to Dan about my ayahuasca ceremonies in Costa Rica where I saw his big head come out of the sky what Dan is doing for us as a human species and at the very end, I Challenge Dan to do a ceremony with me and you’ll be shocked by his answer. So sit back and relax It’s his best episode ever on London real and I know you’re going to enjoy it And behind the scenes of the London real Academy will make in some money of our own we’re teaching people from all around the world How to take their passions and turn it into a business the same way I did with London real we’ve got students in over 87 countries. It’s eight weeks It’s intense I get you uncomfortable, but I show you how to create a revenue generating business out of any passion Here’s a bit more about what we do London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends. You see, that’s when we get started Because everything begins with a thought And then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own Podcasts or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person We have the online accountability course and personal mentoring program. That will make your dream a reality Join us and will take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose My guest today is Dan Pena the american-born businessman entrepreneur mentor and founder of qlae the quantum leap advantage methodology responsible for the creation of over 50 billion dollars of wealth since 1993 Born in the barrio of East LA you now live in a 15th century Castle in Scotland and for the past 25 years You’ve been teaching your mentees and devotees a style of achieving high performance and super success in business and all aspects of life You were featured in the London real documentary film the 50 billion dollar man which tells the story of our complicated relationship over the past five years our Conversations with London Rail have been watched over 20 million times. Mr. Pena, welcome back to littering. Thank you very much for having me It’s my pleasure I still remember like it was yesterday when you came Five years ago for that first interview almost to the day almost to the day five day. I checked in the calendar It was two weeks. It was April fourth of What was that? 2014 right? Yeah, and Well, like we said on the show in the very beginning I said They’re either gonna love you or hate you correct and at the ends we went out on the sidewalk We were holding a hail in you a cab and First you asked if I could see aura around you green glow and I thought you were crazy and then using them and then You said Brian I change people’s lives and I’m gonna change yours, correct and you shook my hand and you got in a cab Correct, and I went home and I didn’t know what happened to me What happened in? well Well, look at how you’re dressed now as compared to that first interview the People have commented to me that have been long-standing followers of you That your transition in life is sold more people on qlae than probably anything else I’ve ever done God help me. Yeah seen from that April 4th first interview to the other Four or five interviews and more importantly seeing your change not just from your dress your demeanor. How you talk? and that you went from a if I understood it correctly a non pay for free model more or less other than through advertising to the your various different subsets of models That are you know creating Millions of dollars or pounds without however you want to calculate it So that’s a big change, but that’s what I’ve done for, you know the better part of 50 years only the last 25 years as a coach the I seem to be able to get the the best out of them even if they don’t want it now even people that have You know adopted my methodology before the qlae was actually formed and more recently the last 25 years Even if they’ve only done it five or ten percent, you know, we’ve created Multi millionaires billionaires and more more recently. My poster child is a teenager Josh came who came to me was 17 years old He’s now 21, and he doesn’t like me calling him a fucking teenage phenom anymore He is a former teenage phenom who’s now 21 Who’s flying around a jet plane And you know is a multi-millionaire as a teenager and so all the way that up to the largest deal in recorded history neon Which was initiated by dr. Klaus Kleinfeld a long-term entity and that where they’ve got 500 billion that they the Saudi government is putting in and since The initiation of it the IMF and the World Bank and both committed 2.5 trillion dollars on top of The 500 billion so I could just as easily call myself Almost the three trillion dollar man, the excuse me – almost six trillion dollar, man Two and a half doing that but 50 billion is gonna and especially since I have a lot of suits now Let’s say say 50 billion. Your suit says 50 billion dollar battle cry. That’s right pinstripes, correct? No I still get a lot of people that say what’s the 50 billion about I checked he’s not worth 50 billion and then People try to explain to other people you’ve created that net net worth of equity, correct But why don’t you call yourself the six trillion dollar man now? Other than I have suits that say 50 billion and the suits are 10,000 pounds of clip not bragging but you know And I haven’t even worn them all yet It just it’s got a better ring but I’d like when we were currently at about without the IMF and the World Bank, we’re currently at about six hundred and seventy billion okay, and I’m gonna make it two trillion So I’m old my wife that I’m gonna work at least until I’m at a trillion not counting the IMF or the World Bank but the but I don’t consider it work and I Fifty billion has got a ring to it and it’s all by serendipity that we even started because 23 years ago at the Harvard club, they asked me I came back for a second time. They asked me How is your program working out and I had five or six of the Harvard club? Members had gone to the castle. Well I said well just with the the guys here in the room. We created a hundred billion I’m a hundred million And I was looking at with great disdain because they don’t want to talk about money Mostly because the ninety five percent that didn’t come We’re standing and you know like Groundhog Day. They hadn’t done anything. And so I didn’t talk about money again for sixteen years that you got the idea these guys made a hundred million dollars of my teaching so her I’d be interested rhetoric and And one of the other guys who’s a great marketing guru came up with her. He had generated 11 billion in revenue Not equity and one of my crack staff Brought to my attention. He says, you know, I’m sure that we’ve got triple or quadruple that in equity so 1012 days later they came back to me The first number they came up with was 34 billion we created and he says that’s his preliminary Then they put some feelers out Then we went to 56 billion and then we went to 64 billion and then we stuck on This is almost ten years ago. Now we stuck on the 50 billion and the It’s it it’s more than enough to show that the system works and what’s most important in the trouble I had 25 years ago when I first started teaching coaching mentoring qlae Is that even though I had taken 800 bucks turned it into four and fifty million That’s me. They look at my skill sets my you know gift the gab My presentation skills and then they turn themselves off by saying we’re not Dan pinion. We’re not gonna be able to do that So for four years I’ve been building up a cadre and now we’ve got this is not much of an exaggeration from Forrest Gump literally fucking Forrest Gump IQ types To 180 IQ and the lower the IQ the more money they make explain that to people if they don’t get okay Guys like yourself. Yeah, how come I could be successful in? Okay. Well you could be a lot more successful We had 30 points less IQ Explain that okay. Okay this government everybody knows that you’re a engineer MIT Arguably if not the best one of the two best engineering schools Scientific type schools on the planet. Okay and your graduate? We I’ve checked you actually graduated You have a diploma have checked but only then checks everybody I am with Provost Where’s a lot of the guys out there? They call themselves PhD that said have no PhD or they bought it on the internet but back to you So you’re an engineer by by definition engineers are analytical? Okay You get trained to be analytical? And and quite quite simply if you make a mistake nor if you’re building a bridge You’re building the rocket ship or whatever. A lot of people are gonna die. It’s not you So you’re you’re trying to be say train us to be risk-averse Correct and risk-averse and to get excited with all the details in the numbers. Yeah, it’s like porn for us Yeah and trained to spreadsheet things to death. Okay, what does that mean for people to do it? Okay overanalyze it Analysis paralysis by analysis, which means you don’t have to pull the trigger just analyze it all day Yeah, just because you hit the send button In or enter button on the computer Doing the numbers again. That’s not taking action the so you overanalyze you study things you think of all the possible permutations all the possibilities of what can go wrong and If you do that enough You’ll come up with enough reasons not to do it at all because taking action isn’t doing a spreadsheet taking action Is it listening to a podcast taking action is not reading a book? Okay taking action is actually taking action and that’s why when we came up with a phrase to describe qlae We borrowed Nikes they say just do it. So we say just fucking do it they had some emphasis to it and the but if you’re an engineer an accountant a lawyer a doctor a scientist a Computer a PhD etc You have learned To study and to take action in a certain fact pattern Okay, and that fact pattern is not a gunslinger like at the OK Corral pulling his gun in shooting Okay, that is well. How’s the wind coming? You know is the Sun at my back was the son of his back? You know how many of them are there on their side how many you go through all these permutations when a good entrepreneur? Makes decisions a lot based on his gut. Ok, you can decide on the deal in 60 seconds. Yeah Sometimes less and you only have two times to make a first impression once how you look to What comes out of your mouth Okay, a lot of guys and gals look the part but as soon as they open their mouth They you know, they are engaging in self sabotaging activity The and and it’s quite simple. So I’ll see a guy or a gal and you’ll walk up and we’ll shake hands and the I’ll know this isn’t it? I’ll look him in the eyes. I can see death in their eyes. I can smell fear now Let me back up to the handshake in 1986. The female hand pressure per handshake was 98 pounds per square inch Average average, okay 2016 it’s 180 Men 1986 114 men today 96 2016 not today That not that I need that validation that we’re turning more to snowflakes Not that I need that validation that what does that mean? Well, it means that men aren’t men Aren’t what they used to be men aren’t the guys Today are not the guys has settled the western United States in covered wagons And they went from the east coast to the west coast Man aren’t the guys from the 14 and 1500s? It sailed the oceans blue to find various parts of the of the world right that’s hurting us and I mean Deficit in a devastating manner because they’re not pulling the trigger and taking action and risks which is how we survived. Correct instead They are having self-esteem issues. Whereas they’re being told that you shouldn’t be aggressive. The patriarchy is bad You have privilege and you need to tone it down, correct? Not just toning it down not have it, right and it gets back to aesthetic our three children which are Millennials we had right at Outer edge as our oldest son, but they were in athletic programs in schools. Just when they know when You know you participate ribbons And I took him out of athletics When they were, you know 12 13 14 15 16 20 27 years ago. That’s when that started and that was the beginning of their deterioration of My judgment Manly education now. I’m fighting back against that correct. And so this is a social experiment as much as a business You’re making it sound better than it is. That’s not how I thought of it and that’s not how I think about it, but Anthropologists sociologists would say exactly what you just said In fact some very bright guys at some of the universities that I had the privilege of talking at To the students have said the same thing, right? And if you look at the evolution of the castle seminar, which I want to get to it now features boxing Correct. And even some of my team here at London real said, all right. Are you serious? And they know you and I’m like, yeah from the last six months or nine months everybody They box it out in the middle of a seven day seminar Oh, you’re wearing suits and ties being waited on by Butler’s who used to work for the Queen and Brighton Palace finest foods I’ve been there. It’s all real and then they punch each other in the face in the middle of it, correct? Okay, so this is the first time I’ve ever really seen it from this lens So you’re teaching and just stopping yeah of the 24 people normally 18 will go in the boxing and it’s voluntary its voluntary and but the The ones that aren’t going in normally have some physical deformity or something, you know something’s wrong with them and we don’t advertise that but but but 95% or 98% of the able do it A third of the ones that go in the ring Have never been in a fight in their whole entire life. Even on a schoolyard as a kid Okay, the the one that I have on social media where that guy is throwing a right? Overhand, right and on a guy that he was hitting a Canadian guy. That’s a PhD In mechanical engineering from whatever the Max Planck Institute in Germany And he had never thrown a punch He was scared Trembling when he was before I got in the ring. Okay, and the He had never been disciplined as a kid. He never been screamed at as a kid He’d never you know, he was a goody little two-shoes PhD And he was in his suit when he threw the punch, right? No, no, no No He wasn’t the early did some of the guys know about what? Some of the guys because they just they weren’t gonna fight and then they got involved in the moment They hadn’t brought the right shit so then they got involved in moment because the guys enjoy it but one of the reasons we came up with the boxing is because Before we started the boxing. We had four fights and three seminars of the guys duking it out I go to sleep They never fight when I’m awake. I go to sleep. We say salad. I say good night And then in the morning we bind up, you know Ramona had a couple of pieces of furniture broken and the guys bellied up they paid for it in the castle They’re fighting throwing punches at her head. Okay that crack About a year ago. We had a little arab guy the who had a little teeny Mouse Could have been pushed around by a bigger guy and graduation night He cold-cocked him as he was walking through the main hall. Okay, but that’s all your fault. Right cuz your alpha ever Oh, yeah, dren Allah is pumping. I mean some of the guys didn’t even know what a dren illan rush was Okay, so this is a positive thing. Yeah, so you’re I mean look, I remember when I was up at the castle I said they don’t make him like damping you anymore and we should cherish for what he tells us You’re kind of giving us a glimpse into what we were in the past and you’re trying to remind us that there were good things There. Yeah, and what do you say against all the people that say well what violence isn’t the solution and We should embrace the feminine side and all of that stuff. Okay, I’ll say if love worked There wouldn’t he be there would be no personal development Love doesn’t get the job done. Okay, love doesn’t work Religion doesn’t work Nothing works other than if you have self esteem as a human being you’re a better person You’re a better father. You’re a better husband better Y whatever the hell, you know, you’re a better you’re a better citizen You take life more serious. It has self-esteem if he had self-worth I said it done the other night Gallup poll did in 2016-17 a study eighty six point six percent of the people on the planet of The fight or seven point six or seven billion are unhappy? They’ve they’ve locked out there. They’re not looking for anything in life. And I say I’d like to find a 13% Because most people are living hand-to-mouth Most people are living paycheck to paycheck Okay, that’s why your programs are successful because you give them alternatives Okay, that’s why Dan Lopes programs was successful because he gives him alternatives And the alternatives aren’t aren’t being taught when I was at these various universities I had the privilege of speaking at one of the first questions I ask is how many classes have you had in buying a business? How many classes have you been? I hadn’t selling business. No hands go up How many classes ever had this is the business schools, right? How many classes have you had and in leadership? None, except for Naval Academy more recently none. Well then how in the fuck? What is it? What are they teaching you here? You know, if you don’t know how to buy business sell a business and you can’t lead the people And but they’re not being taught The very there’s there’s not hard to change all that, correct? Okay And what about the women that come are you’re not teaching them try to be men because you know, no no no But we had the last seminar we had two women getting the ring and one of the women wanted to get in the ring with a guy and I I wouldn’t allow that I didn’t know what the outcome was. So but the women I mean they were strong punches Not like, you know, you used to see you like, you know scratch. Yeah, I thought there would you get it out Yeah, they were pretty good So this isn’t this isn’t a social experiment but looked at it from a social lens. You’re trying to get people to kind of Man up. Correct. Get the self-esteem back by any means necessary And start pulling the trigger as long as legal moral and ethical Okay, and what the kids have said, you know, I tell them all go over. There’s a rule of law If there’s no rule of law purely can’t work or not can’t much more difficult. There’s no rule Lots but morality and ethics swing in the wind because everybody’s morals and ethics are different and the ethics and morality in Russia is different than in Connecticut Okay, and so that that they have to you know kind of feel the way through but what was socially acceptable and The early 80s when I got started late seventies when I got started isn’t socially acceptable now And you know, they have bad names for people that go around and do some of the stuff that they used to do so you have to be aware and so what you do and that’s what the dream team does the dream team because it’s experience you’ve Got a hundred 150 years of experience. The dream team is there to tell you What you can do and they can also tell you how to you’re still gonna make mistakes But not to make the most obvious mistakes. Okay and look today I want to get into a few more details of qlae I want to talk about the dream team and I want to do a couple mini case studies with Josh Jim Josh Kim Klaus Kleinfeld and maybe even go into Rick Scott former senator summer governor now senator correct potential President president of the United States in 2024. We’ll get into that as well Okay, um back just to finish out our loop on IQs You’re talking about me as an engineer Saying the smarter you are the less risk the more risk of error might give you a case study Yeah, give me a kiss then Okay, the guy we’re the closer to 80 IQ was responsible for 400 million pound deal health care in this country Okay, he was a joiner Carpenter, right? Okay. He had one Oh level for those of you in Britain. You know what that means? He had a D in joinery Okay 180 IQ. Let’s go up about you know 80 100 points the guy is on the hall of fame and He’s doing with his hundred eighty IQ. He went to university Four days to take for finals each year. He never went to class Graduated top of his class and also Computer science engineering. Okay, and he’s doing 1020 million euro deals And he’s never even come close to a four hundred million pound deal Because the computer scientists you talk about fucking analyzing it. I mean, you know the He’s waiting for on the 29th of February. They’re all the moon and everything to be juxtaposed and So he doesn’t pull the trigger. Whereas the the Carpenter he just jumped on it like a you know Like stink on shit and just you know with perseverance just kept driving driving driving and until the deal got done Okay, so qlae works better with people that don’t overthink it correct And you said I remember you said this to me? you said it takes the longest time for engineers to get it but once they get it they Implement it more effectively than other people Correct. And what was that because there are advantages to the skill sets of the engineer There’s no it’s no accident that 40% of all the billionaires are engineers. That’s not an accident. Okay? and they and once they get it I mean And once that penny drops or the shoe drops, whatever the saying you want to use then they they they just you know It’s you know, the the world is their oyster. Yeah, what you taught me to do is to engineer risk into my life, correct? So now every time I’m faced with the decision or sometimes even when I not faced with the decision I just think how can I engineer more risk in this situation? Whereas before I would try my hardest to engineer less risk graduation Which meant growth was slow and I played it safe and at the end of the day it didn’t matter Anyways, what so a couple people thought I nailed there. Yes so you played Santa playing to win you play not to lose and one of the Not new concept we talked about it when you were there a few years ago but we because I do change the seminar every seminar and So we start playing with slides and we move some of the blocks around and I I don’t not sure how I explained When you start a business with from zero your first 50,000 and revenue is geometric Your next five hundred thousand million that to people so when you start a business most any business those any business those first 50,000 revenue is geometric because it comes from zero nothing that goes from zero to fifty years just obviously, okay and then From zero the 500 is geometric Okay, Microsoft started that way Facebook started that way Google but then what people start doing is they start playing said of the win display? Not to lose and they start not doing the same things that got him the first gym after growth But the other more important thing in my judgment and it’s really proven really beneficial to the kids in the last year or two that that first million in revenue because we buy revenue It’s easier to buy revenue than then created that revenue that as a million now We don’t know how much he’s spent or they spent to create that minion. So when banks see that your de-risking The commercial debt your de-risking because you are having cash flow free cash flow That covers debt service based on somebody else it may have taken them twenty five years to get a million in revenue and You’re buying it in a week a month right six months and when you say buying it, that’s through acquisition, correct? Which we’re gonna cover later. Okay, well a but it’s a really interesting point You were out in, California When an Elon Musk companies Hyperloop talked about those guys and you made this point they had the MIT engineers and everybody out there They knew my story but they got it right away when you say hey when you buy that revenue as an acquisition you basically You know take him you’ve seen them on this whole journey where normally they would have to take a lot of risk to get that Correct. You can buy that correct in a heartbeat and then a big guy stood up And I don’t know if he was an engineer not but I know he was he could block out the sign he was so big and he said that I’ve seen the transition and For those of you in the audience that haven’t seen the transition of you Yeah Yeah I don’t know. I don’t know. All I know is the of course then the other guys, you know, they They’re skeptics engineers are skeptics, you know, they want to put a goddamn rocket ship underground Am anything can go wrong with that thing, right? Yeah, but all of a sudden they’re optimistic They’re optimistic, but about me trying to explain buying revenue, well, I don’t know But when the engineers get it Okay, they get it and how does that how does that roomful of you know some pretty high performance be correct at a hard guys? Company working for probably the highest performance CEO in the world mr. Musk. How do they handle it when they now musk has not disassociated himself He he’s turned over the loop. Yeah. Okay, this is that underground yeah, there’s an Italian guy and his name escapes me who’s now the CEO of the and the But I mean they understood in fact, they want me to speak they’re going to do every third or fifth Saturday they get together they ran a Movie Theater and you know five six seven eight hundred of them come together And so I’m gonna get my schedule in the next few minutes so I can go speak to him Okay on a Saturday, but they understood the deleveraging immediately. They understood that it took took the risk away, right? Okay, and we’ll try to get more into that later as far as that concept of buying revenue I want to talk about how busy you are because you’ve been going around speaking with You’ve been talking directly to the Navy SEALs the Naval Academy places like Hyperloop big universities You also have 12 events at the castle this year right including hardcore one or two. Hardcore. Hardcore 11 regular I mean, that’s the most you’ve ever done in a single year you turn 70 for this year, correct? And you’re in more demand from than ever correct from a younger audience than ever, correct? And you’re making more money than ever No, no. No, I probably more that what that works. Oh, absolutely. In fact, I looked at it before I drove over here 51% of my demographics comes from fifteen to thirty four Okay, I hold at fifty percent. Okay. Okay fifteen to thirty four and Even though the 15 to 25 is only twenty percent They exist when ten years ago, they didn’t and the forty percent is from 25 to 34 so the so as I said at dinner, my demographics have gone upside down and it’s because the young kids you know wanna don’t want to make the same mistakes as their parents and don’t and and and as I told you when I asked the audiences and I asked the Hyperloop guys how many of you would want your kids to be like you One guys put raising. Well parts of me. I don’t mean parts of you Okay, next how many of you would want your kids to be like your grandparents the same guy? Parts of my granddad my dad parts of meaning no Nobody I mean and so and yeah What does that mean? Well, that means that for the most part Subsequent to the Second World War my dad’s generation. We got pretty shitty role models Pretty shitty Roma. We’re not proud of what we’ve done. Oh, why not? I mean, you know, I wanted to go I’m beat just like my dad, you know and The and I know my kid, brother Same thing, you know, he wouldn’t you know, I I thought all fathers were alpha males because my dad not that he hung but the guys that he was associated with were either World War two and Korean veterans like he was These guys were you know, I didn’t think of it that way. I mean, but they were fuckin hard-ass, right? and for people that don’t know much about Manning your dad brief synopsis on what he was like and who he invent I Invented tough love. He was hard as nails his dad Passed away before he was born a couple months before I was born. So he he Said well the Navy And the military made a man on me So he raised me as if we were in the military even way before I’m in the military. So he volunteered for two wars. I volunteered for one war my dad when he retired his first career as a 28 year old veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department had 702 days Statutory leave he hadn’t taken in 28 years now If you do the maths as you see in this country, that means he never took a fucking day off in 28 years Ie there were a 26 year period in my life. I knew I worked every single day including the day I got married 26 years the day you got married now we have no I worked some the day. I got married okay, and the I you know and I But it’s not worked for me. My dad loved what he did and I loved I loved the results of Bringing people across the goal-line and allowing me to call myself the the greatest of all time used to be Creating wealth through equity, but but we’re not teaching that anymore. No, we’re not We’re not people about holidays and correct time often for 4-day workweeks and they’ve got another thing it’s not some kind of quick time or something where they they don’t even keep track of your Your hours. Oh, they only keep track of you getting the job done But the the bars are so low You know, I I could get the job done in a weekend I told you the story our youngest son when he was in graduate school. He sent me over four case studies And on a Thursday, he said dad. What do you think of these and I said, when do you need the information by he says Sunday I Spent eight hours for case studies. I sent it back to him. He thought that I had my students my mentees do the work and When he turned it in This is one Quarters work for a team of four graduate students one team. I did it in eight hours the work What the fuck you do all year. I asked him. He says well, he said we can we study though There’s nothing to study. These are the facts. I mean Jesus Christ you write a couple of numbers and but the The kids today have a low benchmark I think the reason the big schools keep it a two year MBA because they can charge fees for two years That’s my own personal opinion because you can’t possibly during the hardcore. We we cover it between 32 and 38 Cases just like Harvard just like Columbia just like NYU. We do it in eight and a half days Eight and a half days, so no need for these business scouts And again, you think they don’t teach you how to buy a business or solid no, no back to your father Do you think the greatest you gift you can give your children is to be an alpha male? No, the greatest gift you can be give to them is Make them accountable for their life in all aspects If you’re an alpha male fine 98% of the high performance people on the planet are not alpha males explain them. Okay, they’re a beta males. Okay Elon Musk Warren Buffett Bill Gates Zuckerberg all have one thing in common. They’re introverts. They’re not alpha males 98% of the engineers in there. Yep Okay, but you don’t have to be alright, but what you what if you want to be a role model kids Don’t do what you tell them to do. They do what they see you do and oh my god, my grandson my first grandson that we went to visit here a couple weeks ago in Columbus, Ohio with our youngest son Derek When he got out of the hospital and I posted it on social media. He’s wearing t-shirts future legend Every single thing that Is being done for him is? Laying the groundwork for him have high expectations of himself Be a high performer The I know why the Kennedys and the Rockefellers and those people sent their kids to those schools because there’s a higher probability That if they were raised in a wealth creation high performance environment That it’s going to rub off So you show me your friends and I’ll show you a future right and it’s just expected correctly the Kennedy family I mean if you’re a Kennedy, you’ve got to step up and do something incorrectly. You got to run for office You got to take risks and you got to be a part So the same thing happens when your kids so expect high performance out of that wreck demonstrate it yourself. Hold them accountable, correct? And that’s what your dad did to you. Absolutely Absolutely, and the and I was a Hellion. I did a lot of Unsavory shit, you know and the and I’ve told you this before and I tell the audience is my parents Especially my dad only had one goal in life for me. And that was to keep me alive to the age of reason he Didn’t know if that was going to be 20 30 or 40 And the last time I got arrested I was 31 and a half years old and I was already successful Matching Mercedes roles lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright type house not frankly, right but a house like that, you know, and I was you know, I was a fucking psycho and would you get arrested for drunk? Well allegedly I assaulted a policeman, but I remember that part I remember getting stopped drunk and I remember him poking me with his billy club and which in California fuck there’s no big deal, you know, and I might have taken billy club away from them, but I Don’t call it that really that was the last time you last time. That’s all so I stopped driving Okay, i’ve had drivers ever since because because I still like to drink especially then and i’m not gonna drive and drink So Andy, you forget No, did I know I was drunk. Yeah The officers up I was driving my 450 SL Mercedes brand new okay with my right tire You know how there’s a kind of like a little like a ditch on the side of the freeway My right tires were in that and I’m driving four or five miles an hour okay with the top down and Yeah, I would pull you over yeah we pulled me over and the In court because it got went to court the cops say we couldn’t we didn’t want to jump in the car because he wasn’t listening to us because I wasn’t just drunk and we didn’t want to step in front of the car because we could Run it over because it was just driving along. But yeah, so I don’t need to join or drink and drive Okay, I want to talk about so this year twelve seminars of the castle and I mean these things are no joke I mean, it’s eight days right you’re going I mean you work hard Yeah, you’re you’re going all day eight hours of instruction Then you got meetings at night for another three hours of three hours. You’re hosting dinner, correct? I mean, it’s a lot of work for you. Correct you go dark So, you know, I mean, I I got before them and I go to bed not go to bed more than later than everybody but most of the people but They the first day I say by the the sixth or seventh day. You’re gonna be tired And I won’t be I get more alive and more alive and more alive And I do I get more alive and more alive by the six or seven day I mean, I’m more energetic or more psycho than I was the first day Because the qlae seminar is like sex it all comes at the end. Okay? You know all all the points come together all the dots are right in the last five or six or seven hours and The and so I’m more wound up about that because I know the better I present that the higher the impact the more it’ll resonate and you know occasionally, you know, I don’t feel like that but alistair cooke the great BBC they’re told me 30 years ago when I first came here being being a high-performance professional is Doing the greatest job when you don’t feel like it and so I Drive myself 12 seminars this year All the kids are coming to your castle because they want to know how to get the fucking money right then Why don’t you tell us? Okay. Well I have I have a link on my side free How do you get the fucking money? It lists the 14 sources will money solve my problems. Don’t solve everyone No, no. Okay. What what the only thing money will do it allow you either to dig a deeper hole that you’re already in or somehow Catapult you out of the hole. Okay out of the hole and The most of the kids that do it are able to get out of the hole Well part of the reason that they’re in the hole is show me your friends I’ll show your future your family when you’re raised the first seven or eight years of life is when self-esteem is built who you around for seven or eight years mom, maybe a dad if he’s not working or not traveling older sibling a Grandparent, right. Yeah, they know nothing about train and high performance people. Okay, very low probabilities. They’re hyper, correct yeah, a little probable now if you’re Steffi Graf and Andrew Agassi and they’re your parents and There’s a high probability. You can be a world-class athlete but other than some examples like that And then after you built that nobody wants to hear that No I know that you told the whole premiere of the fifty billion dollar man that your parents fucked you up and that’s the reason why your Although performance you should have you know Drained down your mama’s leg instead, but nobody wants to hear that. No. No, they don’t doesn’t make it not true that Amina okay, okay so you accept that then they can move to the next step which is how can I correct in and then so now your your Adolescent teenager show me your friends. I saw your future most of us when I say yes collectively not me. Most of us are attracted to people that are like us because we fit in We don’t want to be a sore thumb either on the upside or the downside I’ve seen kids Looking back in hindsight that were high performance But wanted to hang out like what with the hoods or the greasers needs to call them I think you they and this guy’s got 170 IQ Ultimately went to Stanford or MIT and And he’s hanging around he’s aged to come to herand duck tales back in my day. I don’t even know exactly what that means But the hair comes down anyway, and and then he winds up being a medical doctor from Stanford, you know But he went through that phase because he wanted to fit in so that were attracted to people that are we were more in there and our comfort zone together where qlae teaches is to teach you how to be Get comfortable being uncomfortable and You know, most people don’t want that. So simple to say so difficult Oh, amen because subconsciously your brain is always trying to get you comfortable and it will tell you any story as to why you Shouldn’t go do that. I don’t have the money. I just got married. I just got divorced I just got kids a brexit bla bla bla bla. It’s constantly trying to convince you not to take the correct, correct? and the the irony is that You can always come up with a reason and then once you’re successful Whoever said it’s hard to get successful But it’s harder to stay successful with some sort of genius because it is because now are you going to be a one-trick fuck? Did you do it one time? You know, was it just that by accident? so I’ll sit on my assets and I’ll cover it my assets and I’ll Do everything humanly possible to a play not to lose instead of playing to win and you see that all the time Oh, hey, I’m having your seminar. I want to be Billionaire being him and then they make they make 1020 million bucks. I never hear from him again Well, I hear from him again because they’d rather just sit back I mean and and you know I don’t know how 20 million dollars 20 million pounds can change anybody’s life, but It does The I had a guy make four or five million Pounds I didn’t hear from him from 2004 five he wrote me a letter on HSBC Letterhead signed by the vice chairman the company saying he had proof of funds in his bank account eight hundred and forty million dollars So he kept going yeah, but I mean the, you know, we’ve got a number of people that are made you know a lot of money but Part of the deal is if you don’t want me to share it I won’t but when they’re dead That’s obligation. I don’t have I’m not suffering into that obligation anymore. You know, I’m gonna be screaming from the high heavens So you’re from your network? Yeah, we’ve got a common we’ve got a couple of German industrialists that are you know, I wish him a long life, but If they don’t have a long life, you know, my numbers are going to go up dramatically And so just to be clear the money isn’t gonna solve your problems No but and I think this is a good point to make the Pursuit of getting that money or the actual getting that money itself is gonna change your life so much you’ll be going into the risk Changing your peer group getting uncomfortable working hard in something. That in itself is hopeful is potentially gonna make you a better person. Yeah Increase your self-esteem, right? You say guys walk into the room. They look six inches taller after they’ve done their first deal I told you about the Roberto he asked me from New York no education, and he’s in retail software business and He said his benchmark was going to be it’s gonna cost me 20 grand $20,000 what kind of return of investment can I expect or as the average I said there is no average ten months After you left the seminar he closed the deal where he made thirty million dollars On the twenty thousand dollar investment. He kept twenty million and he gave ten million to his team. That’s highly unusual to give ten million bucks steered staff But he did, okay And but so but based on the twenty million he kept he made a thousand times on his money in ten months And I mean, he’s not the best deal We’ve had we got a guy who who about five hotels hotels. I keep saying hotels hospitals last year And he used to make thirty five thousand euros a year and and he’s coming back to the seminar next month and He’s worth today. He’s worth depending on the multiples between 40 and 60 million euros and The and he’s a nice guy. And in fact I mention to you last night Dan Lok is coming to the seminar in August bringing some of his ninjas with him and Because defaults a bitch Because let’s just stick you these guys all think you’re Jesus Christ Superstar. I don’t know why uh, I don’t either Believe me, okay but they do and you have a tremendous following you got a lot a lot of kids and I call you all kids as you Know we’ve got a lot of people and it’s easy to slip back into you know, well, you know, I’m not gonna push myself Because when people blow smoke up your ass constantly 24/7 365 It’s a good feeling, you know, yeah, you know not a most vigilant high performance person will be subscribed So literally you’ve seen that that’s why guys like gates The late Steve Jobs Elon they don’t hang eCos fly alone you know when it’s hard for the birds that are flying at 10,000 feet to blow smoke up your ass when you’re at 25,000 feet and the its But it’s not easy. It just isn’t so they’re disciplined to go back. Correct fresh. They they’re going back to refresh Plus I mean from you know Even the seminar a year ago is different than the seminar today Because we continue we take what works today last week Will be in the new seminar the in a couple weeks Now the easiest example the show is from back when the seminar was in the late 90s early 2000. We’re writing letters None of this was digitized okay, so all our Templates were a letter, okay And the and we were face to face now. We have kids putting teams together via skype and zoom and Not meeting their whole team Those are mostly young guys. Okay, that their internet skills or social media skills are better But the older guys or the guy that our old school still wanna see eyeball to eyeball so they traveled do they travel and I’m a proponent of that method but I mean Josh Kim didn’t meet everybody up front. I mean he met a couple of them Okay, let’s talk about some of this process as far as what happens at the castle First of all, how much is the castle experience castle experience is 15,000 pounds? Okay about twenty to forty thousand bucks Yeah That’s all and you got to get there and you got to leave But we feed you and we do all the almost at it seven days or eight days now. It’s seven days seven days Okay, you can come early. You know what? Okay. No, you can’t come early We have people at the gate two three days early just camp it out. No No, they want to know if you know, can we just you know, get the you know? I I don’t wanna make a fool of myself the first night at dinner and not everybody knows how to use forks and knives I’ll just leave it at that You know, we have some people like from this is a slight exaggeration Texas they put their knife in the fork of their hands like this you Know where’s the food and the point is is they come to the castle so you can teach him a lot of things and first of all You’re isolating them from there at the West. I remember when when you got me up there four years ago I was like, alright, what’s happening to me there you’re isolating me from everybody else You’re gonna indoctrinate me with a certain way I had to dig out my suits from the city that I hadn’t worn in four or five years I didn’t even wear suits at the end of my city career. I was over it and I got all that up. We’re obviously fed by you You know Butler’s and waiting on you hand and foot and you get eight nine ten hours Plus actually because you homework at night and movies at night of qlae seven days in a row, correct? That’s what happens, correct? Why do that that way because no one in the world that I know of does that well one because it works Too I want to get you is uncomfortable as humanly possible From these avi your old lifestyle and that does it starts with the suits? The form of formal meals Certainly, nobody we’ve only had one guy 25 years that ate like that every day and he was a bastard great-great grandson of a pope Who lived in a big 300 bedroom palace outside Rome? He’s the only guy that’s ever come through the seminar that was that was not uncomfortable for The we drive you 1012 hours a day as you alluded to we have homework most of the guys the fact I don’t know anybody that has that has a two three four five day seminar that has homework at night Everyone’s out getting fucked up drunk, you know whoring around in the city wherever it is you know the And I read the homework and based on at lunchtime the day after the homework you turn in your homework turn in you know And now I read it during lunch time of the following day. And if I don’t like the answers The I can either throw you out If you takin it, you know for granted The the gym privileges the there’s rarely any time for the gym but if I don’t like one guys homework of the 24 no gym privileges tomorrow if Somebody’s late to class No gym privileges if you’re late to a meal no gym privileges. Okay, and we hold you accountable and And you’re accountable when you fuck up you’re fuckin up the other 23 guys lives guys and gals and the And peer pressure is good Peer pressure is good peer pressure works and what kind of businesses are we talking about and the businesses that you’re personally involved in are always Only the ones that involve your men teens. Yeah, I Don’t do anything and have them for many many years. That doesn’t come through a mentee Well, I personally trained most people don’t understand that. Why is that well because then I don’t have to program you You know, I know what works and I know it doesn’t work. I know equity private equity Doesn’t work for you. It works for the private equity guys. I I know commercial debt Where there’s you’re not being diluted in the in the ownership? Works. I know you can fund things with commercial debt. I know interest rates are the lowest and 5,000 years, okay So I know all that and I don’t want to have to reprogram some, you know cowboy from Belarus or from West Covina to explain to him and and and because you’ve seen Because during the class we have Normally two to three webinars per Seminar day that are from guys that just left that are in the trenches Michonne you how to do it and we’ve got we have like one alpha male guy and they’re not too many of those and then we’ve got some little nerd who wouldn’t say shit if it was in his mouth and then you know And we and we give all the whole spread of personality and you get them on a video and they’re in their office There are four or five months in there. Like look, this is what I’m doing This is my dream team. Correct rolling up these companies. This is what I’m struggling with This is what I and almost always they say, you know, I know Dan doesn’t need any validation but it was like deja vu from the webinar that we saw five months ago when I walked into the PricewaterhouseCoopers office I Mean there were five partners in there the more partners in a meeting the better they liked it you know, I had my script and I The our board has taken the decision to review all our professional Relationships including accounting law and banking and How can PwC how can KPMG how can video? Assist us in our growth you sent them an executive summary You’re going to dominate whatever it is the industry you’re in. You’ve got a board dream team of 150 to 200 years of experience 25 billion dollars of XD ‘ls 100 150 deals, whatever and malo in the script, you’re following the script you li script. Yeah, and then there’s only four or five questions It’s like a politician politician has three talking points. Normally maybe five every smart No matter what question you ask the politician. It’s one of those five answers We’re no different Five we got five answers to a million questions Okay, the board has taken the decision and the words are a little different in this country The board has taken the decision in America You don’t say the board has taken the decision because they don’t know what you’re talking about. Take what decision, you know, we’ve decided to in an American Okay So you give them that? recipe on how to do it around eight you they see in real time that people executing parabola and if we give them three to five of those a day Then more recently since Josh just got there in August weary taped Interviewing process Heidi interview a chairman. How do you interview a potential seller and how do you interview a financial institution and We’ve got Josh and I play the bank or I play the seller or I play the potential chairman and he sits there. It’s on in film and he shows how easy it is and Most of the kids because the scripts are only six seven minutes long. That’s it. That’s with questions And as josh says and and this is online on the on social media After three and a half years ninety five percent of the things I worried about Still have not happened to me and I made for acquisitions What was he worried about happening? Well, he looked young. He looked he was seventeen. He looks ten His youth his age is only kind of up once and it was about six seven months ago In my opinion, it was a jealous twenty nine-year-old banker that saw a kid with no college education homeschooled You know i’ve got ten million dollars in revenue you know and the and he said how old you And I and josh answered him appropriately. I don’t think you know age has anything to do with it We have you know, 120 years of track record and you know We’ve got nine point six million dollars in revenue. I mean what what’s my age got to do with anything and That’s the right way to answer it. Okay, but uh, but he’s not the you know, we have other kids the That are in their 20s that are buying business. We had a kid named Chris who closed the deal? last day of last year and People make fun he bought them. He bought a 1.3 million dollar business for a dollar Motivated seller, he structured the sellers finance just like the guy wanted it for his retirement They didn’t want to go through banking due diligence. They didn’t want to go through quality earnings and all that crap the business was simple enough that Chris could figure it out and the and he says all because you have to have Money has to change hands. Otherwise, it’s not a deal. Here’s a dollar We had we’ve had probably 40% of our deals two thousand seventeen and eighteen are a hundred percent Or excuse me owner finance at least fifty percent to 100 percent we had a deal close a few months ago ninety nine percent owner financed I Said well why 99 because it was a secretary that had one percent. You need to buy her out Yeah, and she didn’t want and she didn’t want to buy out. What histories are we talking here? What is the big thing that you push health care? It’s hot. Okay. Josh is in health care. Correct? Crowd a low end Yeah, no one. Yes low price telehealth is Super hot Where you video call he’ll correct quite quickly. Okay cybersecurity gonna stay hot. Tell ya Okay cybersecurity is the hottest of all still still but now the instead of buying them at four five six times Cash flow you’re having to buy them for 8, 10 11 times cash flow, but then you’re using more owner finance now Virtually everybody that’s listening to this has heard in America or here in Britain No money down houses house by no money down. Everybody knows that this is the same principle except. It’s no money down Company buying they explain that to someone or were they? Okay. You’ve got a hundred thousand dollar house. Okay Yeah, you’re not your old you want to move to Miami is too cold here. Whatever. Okay, I say fine the Will but let’s say that a house is a hundred thousand. I’ll give you hundred twenty-five thousand dollars of the house. I Went ten years to pay first year no interest Second and third year interest fourth through the tenth year interest in principal amortized in the principal Evenly over the fourth to the tenth year And the you don’t involve a bank Just The seller and you sell our finances you basically read is interested in you making it a success or he loses, correct? And The oniy downside in their mind, what if he what if I default? Any good sentences back get it back right which he already had anyway, correct? Because nobody wants to buy it, correct? Okay And that’s right. It’s working like a charm and they’re buying revenue correct that and if it works out great And if it doesn’t they get it back, I mean we last year actually last two years We have not turned back any businesses. Okay, what else I hear you’re in the weed business. Yeah I’m a chairman of a cannabis Company in Canada. What’s that business? Like well worth doing it from the growing Distribution but not distribution mainly in Canada but worldwide distribution because there’s thirty four thirty five countries that it’s already legal hundred percent across the board and the margins in Guys that were buying up cannabis assets two three years ago when it was at five thousand dollars a Pound must be a pound five thousand dollars a pound it’s now down to fourteen fifteen hundred dollars a pound because there’s been a plethora of overdevelopment right and so But we put together a distinguished board in Canada I’m the chairman and we’ve got some guys have been in the business. We’ve got a couple of politicians and The well-known respected politicians because on October the 18th of last year Canada across the country have made it legitimate, right? Okay, one of the businesses else well, I mean Internet telco Is still hot the dental practices roll up veterinary practices chiropractic practices Pharmacies are good gross margin businesses Josh’s in the bedpan business, correct? Oh, no, he’s actually a step away from the bedpan. He provides The the people that do the therapy on bedpans, okay and they outsource it and that’s what and what is bed 10 business bedpan means when your mother who’s I think just turned 75 When you get ready again, we do you know where we went for her birthday. Well, no. Okay liar. Okay. Okay watching me yeah, okay, and when you get ready to kick her to the road the curb and You don’t want her to come and live with you. You’ve already got too many women in your house Okay, you go find hey, he’s not watching this. Okay. Mom. I’m not gonna do this. Yeah, okay Yeah their homes from thirty thirty five thousand dollars a month where they have Country Club Olympic pools tennis courts golf courses okay down to fifteen hundred pounds a month Okay, where they’ve got four old people, you know with false teeth in one room and one TV Yeah, one TV and a doctor a doctor comes around once a week, okay? Okay, and even though they don’t have a bedpan, but I you realize who’s ever is watching this we go from diapers to diapers Oh people normally wear diapers and so your bedpan and that’s What they use at night because they they’re not strong enough to make it to the toilet down the hall Okay, and that’s a business and you can roll them up. Oh shit. Okay unintended It’s a great business right and you’ve always been talking about healthcare, correct and speaking of it So Josh Caen is in that business He came to you at 17 and he started rolling up these businesses, which are people don’t understand it means buying a bunch of independent ones and bringing them together under kind of one brain and scaling them potentially selling them to someone else right and getting What do they call it? Okay, but we’re buying them at let’s say five times cash flow and we’re selling them to strategic Strategics for between 10 and 15 times cash flow. So we’re making 5 to 10 times a cash flow just on a turn Right on the turn and if you’re fortunate enough to take it public and there’s downsides to go in public I mean you could even get 18 or 20 times. Okay. What do you think about the rehab business that’s getting big in this? Oh, yeah. Oh substance abuse. Yeah rehab is hot top right and it will be for a while. Yeah yeah, and the all the guys from Wall Street or Are retiring to these rehab places not all that’s exactly

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