DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2

DAN BILZERIAN – PLEASURE IS NOT HAPPINESS: Thoughts on Women, Cannabis & Becoming President-Part 1/2

Money and girls like a black hole. I feel like there’s never enough Bilzerian phenomenon 44 million people watching you. It’s kind of a crazy thing man. Just kind of happened on network It was just to get laid social media was like kind of a tool for that In 30 years, you could give to vit Instagram and lock No, man, if I want Instagram in two years, you know, I’m just so over social media I think it’s like the worst thing to happen in society Honestly, it just takes out like a lot of interpersonal connection Like I feel like people don’t live in the moment as much people are so worried about capturing it on Instagram that addiction to likes commenting engaging Attention future generation, they’re like really overstimulated They definitely got some negatives that I feel like people don’t consider Like the lack of privacy some money doesn’t buy happiness Oh fuck no chasing money and girls is not what makes you happy. I think happiness comes more from Having good friendships and doing things with your friends. I Did mushrooms on a beach cuz it’s like five my buddies hanging out talking shit It didn’t cost me anything and I had like a fucking great time your hippie in a van good had the same day It was pretty eye-opening. You don’t need a lot of money to like have some really good times The world is changing inspiration is everywhere It has never been so easy to connect share and bring people together We’re learning from others and finding the best in ourselves Challenging our beliefs Sharing our vulnerability overcoming our fears Transforming ourselves so we can transform the world How far can we go this is London real I am Brian Rose my guest today’s I Know I know what you’re thinking Brian why have dan Bilzerian on London real? this is a guy who throws porn stars into pools who shoots guns who has 20 women living in his bel-air penthouse massive apartment But I knew there was something more behind the man and so when I sat down with Dan we went straight in and talked about psychedelics we talked about the relationship between pleasure and happiness and I went in deep about how he really feels about social media and The dynamics between men and women and how he sees that play out in his life and it was pretty fascinating talking to Dan and hearing about his new company ignite where he sells CBD and Cannabis as well and he’s building an entire business around this whole concept and I know you’re going to enjoy this This is a very surprising and unexpected Episode on London real so sit back and prepare to be completely surprised This is London real I am Brian Rose My guest today is Dan Bilzerian the poker player Instagram influencer and founder of the cannabis and CBD company ignite international After being honorably discharged from the military following a four-year service and to Navy SEAL hell weeks you attended the University of Florida Where you spent time learning to gamble this led you to become a professional poker player winning over 50 million dollars in a single year Your popularity then Skyrocketed as you documented your lavish lifestyle of opulence sex and partying with over 44 million people following you on social media today You’re the founder of the cannabis and CBD company ignite and focused on building the most trusted brand in the industry, dan Welcome to London real man. That was quite a high Girl the bar now, you can just introduce I Don’t know if you need any help there How how’s London treating and what do you what do you make of this town? Would you ever have a house here? I don’t know. It’s uh, it’s Expensive it’s hard to live here. I mean you gonna be really rich to live get here. It’s kind of like compared to bel-air Yo, yeah way more expensive I think I think it’s more expensive than New York now could be Yeah, I think yeah, I mean you spent a lot of money for a little bit here, but it’s a you know I like the people here The weather not so much but It’s uh, I like it better in New York But I’m not like a huge city guy. So wouldn’t be my what do you like other people here? What do you notice? I don’t know. I just feel like they’re pretty authentic LA people are pretty fake. So that’s kind of nice But oh I mean always been nice to me always been cool. I Really have nothing bad to say, you know about one. It’s a good spot. Yeah, like Spain not so much It’s a little dirty food. Wasn’t that great? And you know and what about you can get you in a three-piece suit while you’re here I wear I’m occasionally try not to but yeah, no never no I didn’t bring any on this trip So it’s not gonna have this traffic. That’s it’d be get in a three-piece suit period is very unlikely you know well I told a lot of people I was going to sit down with you and It’s it’s pretty interesting the reactions I got you know I think you divide people know and you talk When they talk about you and what I found interesting was I told the girls, but it was the guys That actually I found some love you and some hated, you know, and that actually surprised me I was just like why and what’s going on but you know, you definitely are divisive and you know No, very polarizing for sure I was one of we could talk about that and maybe just start off with getting your read on the Dan Bilzerian phenomenon. And why? People watch you And just because you probably had time to think about that And before we get into that I’d love to get your thoughts on two quotes from one of your favorite authors Henry David Thoreau And I’m gonna hit you with these now and then I’d love to get your opinion The first one is you know, this one the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation, you know The second one is rather than love than money than fame. Give me truth You know, what are those quotes mean to you because in weird way it kind of defines who you are, I think Yeah It’s kind of uh, nepali and Unapologetically myself, you know, I just I never really confined to the norms, you know, the the PC You know culture of you know, you’re supposed to say this you’re supposed to do this I just always kind of you know, did my own thing and so I think people are starting to Respond really well to that, you know like cardi B for instance I mean, here’s a you know stripper that you know, she just speaks her mind and people like that I think there’s a lot of you know celebrities coming out now that are Very unorthodox, you know, and before was basically, you know, you couldn’t say anything you know that was controversial and I think now the controversies, you know, one of the more positives I think it’s weird like some of the you know, Negative press that I got got me, you know more popularity than you know, some of the positive stuff. So like why the bear oh, You know throwing the, you know, dan Bilzerian throws porn star off the roof Vandals are interested and you know LAX on federal bomb-making charges right now stuff like that Yeah, and it’s funny because like those, you know, the the bomb-making one. That was like pretty Pretty low-key. I just I blew up a semi truck that I owned and it Made it sound like I was kind of a terrorist the airport with a bomb You know when you blowing it up at the airport? no, I mean I flew in there on my plane like I’m not gonna blow up my own plane and you know there’s a thing but you know the headlines now, it’s not necessarily about you know, what’s what’s true or you know, what’s accurate it’s more about like you know, what’s gonna get somebody to click on this article we’ve become, you know, like a society of you know more quick bait, so Yeah, it seems like, you know, it’s about just getting web clicks and not about, you know reporting the news anymore And if you always been kind of unapologetic and just been you Yeah, I never really I don’t know. I never really like wanted to have like a nine-to-five or do conventional job Just never appealed to me no your car to be at one of your parties you guys get along well, because you guys Speak the truth. I didn’t you know, I didn’t talk to her a ton. Um, but you know, she seemed nice to me Yeah, I do like the fact that she’s just kind of you know who she is and she doesn’t really give a shit you think Donald Trump kinda heard some of this stuff in as well. Just being him saying the guy became president based on that, right? I mean kind of Yeah, it’s crazy Name-calling and you know doing all this wild shit and you know getting people to pay attention to him, right? And what do you make of the phenomenon? That is Dan Bilzerian? You know 44 million people watching you and crazy thing. Yeah. What? Why do you think it’s there? Is it because most people are living those lives of quiet desperation And yeah, I merely a reflection of what they could be Yeah, I think people are just you know they’re you know just doing what they’re supposed to do where people tell them to do and You know, it’s kind of unfortunate, you know It’s afraid to you know kind of step outside the box and I’ve lived, you know outside the box my whole life So right it’s just started showing it in the last five years on social. Yeah, I think more than I think like Seven years. Can I put this on my shirt? Yeah So back to the temples Aryan phenomenon 44 million people watching you. It’s kind of a crazy thing man it just kind of happened out of nowhere – yeah, it’s like You know a couple little things like the, you know porn star off the roof and then you know just starts, you know the momentum, you know, it just picks up and I think It’s like once you get to a hundred thousand, then it’s easier to get to five hundred once you to five hundred, you know It’s easier to you to a million and then you know because the thing is like the more so as soon as like one person likes it, then every do they see That follows them see that they like, you know, I mean, so it’s like that, you know, true branch effect, right? So and was this always a is there a master plan behind it or not? Because some people say oh there’s social media genius. It was just to get laid I mean now is really like the whole like started this thing was just to kind of you know subtly brag online and get laid easier with less effort and social media was like kind of a tool for that and That’s something that didn’t happen much when you were a kid like not a ton in high school and then you know the military was you know, I mean I was in SEAL training most the time so Yeah college. It was good, but No, and you said before that, you know, you didn’t get much attention as a kid Which is why now, you you like to, you know be a flashy lunatic as we said before Is that a generalization or is that a fair assessment of you? I mean that was probably like Yeah, that was probably contributing factor. I think I think I think when I look back a Lot of the things that I did was, you know, like when I was a kid, my dad had the big house But he didn’t have the Ferraris He didn’t have the you know the the fast boats or the nice watches and all the stuff that my neighbor did so I Think I think a lot of stuff from your childhood influences you so when I, you know made a ton of money I just went out and you know Got all that stuff. I got the you know the cars and the watches and the plane and the you know all the stuff Do you think you’re an extroverted person cuz you seem kind of like an introvert sometimes I just I’m so overexposed that To me. I just you know, I think Fame is isolating, you know, fame and money, too So I would say yeah, I’d say the more More the spotlight Santi the more you kind of don’t want it You know, you’re like you ever go out and you feel like like people are looking at you well like imagine going out and feeling like that and they just always are it’s like after a while you lose your privacy, and then you’re just like Fuck. I don’t know like going out such a production. You need security you need this you need that and then you know You’re gonna have to take a bunch of pictures and talk to people and have conversations and I don’t know I mean if you go out and you’re fucking high, you don’t really want to talk to a bunch of strangers, you know Remember as I’m mushrooms one time and I got fucking cornered. I like walked out to this peninsulas and Mykonos and I came back and there was like all these people waiting to talk to me I was like fuck, you know, like that’s the last thing I wanted to do, but you know I never choice. I could’ve like swam around then. Maybe I like contemplated that but Yeah, it’s just it’s like your your life just changes not you know Not the same like you can go out to a bar you go to a ball game, and it’s not a production like if I went to like a sporting event like I’d have a million people come up and wanted a but you know conversation with me, so He posted something on your Instagram a few months ago about an Alan Watts video And as you said, this is what I think about when I’m on the mushrooms And it was I think it was talking about what happens when you only pursue pleasure No, it was pretty interesting to see you post that and you like this is what I think about sometimes Well, I think I said that’s like pretty much like a summary of like a lot of what I learned When I did some mushrooms, yeah Yeah, pleasure-seeking, it’s not the same as going after happiness. It’s more fleeting The video summed it up probably better than I could do in this it got deep really at the end It was like you’re one with a divine it’s better to risk to give than receive. It was stuff You don’t see on bilzerian’s Instagram account necessarily spider though, man Like and it’s funny because my dad told me that when I was younger, he’s like, yeah It’s better to give them receive I was like well That’s perfect. Cause I love to receive and you like to give I was like you can just give me a bunch of shit I was like a little puppy happy But it’s funny cuz yeah later on you you start to realize it yet doing doing stuff for other people You know makes you more stoked than just buying shit for yourself. So yeah, I think he was dead on that deal and you think about like connecting with the divine and all that stuff and humility and Those kinds of things, um humility. Yeah connecting on the divine. I mean, I think Alan Watts is view on, you know Like the whole god thing was more He thinks that you know, everybody’s kind of a part of God that you know, everybody’s kind of connected in that I Don’t know. It’s it’s I think he believes more that this is a bit of a simulation that people are playing that they’re not God Because I Don’t know like I think I’ve focused on control a lot and I think when you focus on control You kind of lose the Element of surprise and I think that’s like, you know the unexpected I think that’s a good part of life and so being a control freak and you know trying to control everything I think is Probably not the answer which you used to be. I mean, I still am right but you try a lot of these things I recognize but I still keep fucking doing like I realize that like chasing money and girls is not what makes you happy but I still do it like I you know, and I it’s funny because when I was younger I thought like when I got to a million bucks that I’d be happy and It would be enough and then like five million and ten million, you know it’s like every time you hit a milestone like you’re I was so sure that The million would be enough and then you know you get to the next point And so and then you just realize that it’s not the money that’s gonna make you happy, but then I still chase it I don’t know You know I’m the kid that just fucking sticks his finger in the light socket gets shocked and then keeps going back to check of ass is What does make you happy You know adventure doing doing different things building things helping people out Yeah, I would say I mean sex does – Yeah Connecting with people hanging out friends Surf and being out in the Sun working out More simple shit. Yeah. Yeah a lot of stuff that like doesn’t require our money But in that video he said if you know the few then it’s the same as the past. So the video is all about introducing unknowns into your life Yeah, yeah I’m just kind of like, you know taking it as it comes Except me. Yeah, if you knew your whole life like it was all mapped out for you. Would it be interesting? You know, yeah but I’m not so I mean that’s kind of like I feel like a lot of people they map out their life and they You know do these things and they go to their job and every day it’s the same Fucking thing and they know it’s gonna be the same thing and there’s not like a whole lot of intrigue in that fuck I don’t know what I’ll be doing next year like if you were to ask me if I was doing this five years ago how to you know said, no you don’t need so it’s like I Definitely have that Unknown element in my life. And I think that’s probably, you know part of the reason why it’s intriguing to people Because they never know where it’s gonna go What was the best day in your life Yeah, I would say Um I did mushrooms on a beach with my girlfriend my buddy and his girl all another buddy and his girlfriend and another buddy and his girlfriend and It didn’t cost me anything and I remember smoking and joining the way back and just thinking like a hippie and a van coulda had the same day as me on this beach, and I wouldn’t cost him anything and it was just It was pretty eye-opening And I didn’t do much like we just a fuckin swam in the ocean I all my friends did some breath-holding stuff went for a swim laid out on the beach It was just like it was a great day, but it didn’t Didn’t require much, you know Surfing stuff like that the life’s Simple like the great things in life can be simple. Honestly, man. Yeah some workouts and outdoor stuff hanging out with my buddies like Shit that doesn’t you don’t need a lot of money to like have some really good time So when I was in the military, I didn’t really have much money and I had a fucking great time I think money does it gives you access it gives you the ability to Not put up with shit from people Nice, I don’t like putting up with shit from people. I don’t like taking orders that only people tell me what to do so we could say the positives of money is the freedom is the power Flexibility and stuff like that, but it definitely comes with a lot of headaches, too So same thing Yeah, fame more headaches then positives. But as far as like the stuff that I You know focused on like the girls and money Fame is pretty powerful. So but I Mean it just depends on what your objectives are, but I would say it’s probably in that negative like if I had a kid I Wouldn’t choose to make him famous I’d let him make that choice because It’s not something that you can kind of go back on, you know like once you fuck him take that gene out of the bottle like it’s you know kind of hard to stuff him back in so I Don’t know Maybe my bad, I gotta sleep in that motherfucker and implant. I feel like a lot of people want to be sleeping in. That’s it’s um you know, I’m not gonna not gonna bitch about it, but it’s definitely definitely got Some negatives that I feel like people don’t consider like the lack of privacy I mean absolute lack of privacy So and everything you do is you know Potentially gonna be magnified, you know gonna be judged by the world gonna be, you know, scrutinized whatever or so You know, let’s say there’s a decent amount of pressure as well. And I would say that and I would say that like I think Happiness comes more from Having good friendships and doing things with your friends. I Would say that’s where I get The bulk of my happiness and as much as like I talked shit about the nine-to-five guys I mean that’s just like me personally I like I Don’t think that that life would make me happy But that’s not to say that like somebody can’t be happier than me doing that stuff because they’ve got good friends and they’re having fun like You know, maybe they’re fucking having a game night Like I had a game night at my buddy’s house or just like fucking played Monopoly and then we played a twenty dollar poker game Let me played risk and I had like a fucking great time, you know He knows it’s like five my buddies hanging out talking shit, you know and so and it was you know, it was you know, buddy of mine that I was in the military with and a couple of his friends the gentleman from system bowed down and this other dude and You know, we had a great time and then I wanted tour with us with that guy the same guy that drummer or whatever I’m fucking three weeks in in Europe went to Sold-out shows and whatever and I was just like fucking sucked like I thought I was gonna get all this pussy I thought it’d be great We didn’t get laid for like three weeks man, and it was just like the biggest letdown and I’m like fuck man I’m like with a rockstar We’re like doing all this shit and I was just like so fucking lame You know and like that game night was way more fun Right, like so a lot of times like you just it’s not like it’s kind of counterintuitive, you know, you wouldn’t expect stuff a lot of people think like oh if I got a bunch of money or I got this or whatever then I’d be happy and The money doesn’t buy happiness. Oh fuck no money. It’s just a lot of headaches and problems I mean, there’s like good stuff to it too. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of positives but You can buy pleasure Yeah I mean III kind of I talked about this a few times in interviews Before is like the the thing about money The reason that it makes you unhappy is because it basically raises the bar so like right now I’m used to the best food in the world. I’m Mesa the best watches in the world only the hottest women could even like turn me on like I’m trapped in this like fucking Fox right and all these things like, you know, I mean You know, I mean I’m doing like I’m doing stuff that like would make other people’s like dreams come true and for me It’s just like baseline. It’s not like anything that like I’m like super stoked about you know, like I mean I you know a fucking ton of hot chicks and you know a night or two nights or whatever and like it’ll be fun Whatever, but like I won’t really like be like crazy happy about it or you know, I bought that new Ferrari when it came out and I was like I Stoked on it for like 20 fucking minutes maybe and I drove it like 120 miles. I’m like the 10 months I had it and then fucking sold it and I was just like damn I didn’t like I expected to get like at least like A few months of happiness out of that one. It’s like nothing and Like as you get more and more use of that shit, it’s just like it’s just baseline to you so then everything else is a letdown like if I were to drive like I Don’t know whatever like whatever be like not as good as a Ferrari, you know like that that like 20 years ago I’d think would be bad maybe like a Mustang Cobra like 20 years ago I think that’d be like fucking badass car and now I’d be like a big letdown like if that was like my rental car be like ah What a piece of shit, you know, but like it’s the same car that would have stoked me out like not that long ago so what it does is it basically just like Puts you in a spot where like only the dopest shit satisfies you and everything else will wet down So it’s kind of hard like if you think about it and that You know perspective like you have to have the best chefs you have to have the best whatever all this stuff To just like you know for you to feel like you know, you’re in like your environment here your comfort zone, right? But then like once you get to that point then like you’ve nowhere else to go up and you can only go down So I think that’s why and then once you get used to that level Then if you like can’t afford to like live on that level man. You’ve got a long fucking way to drop so I think that’s like The negative correlation between money and happiness is your ability to adapt to whatever your current situation is So like within I don’t know how many Day or month period it is but you will adapt to almost any situation. So if you adapt to a really great situation Then you’ve got a lot of fuckin way to fall but if you adapt to a really shitty situation like let’s say you’re in Auschwitz or in a POWs camp or whatever like and you get out like you’re gonna be fuckin stoked about like You know taking a shit in a regular bathroom instead of a fuckin, you know like your Bedroom and like you’re gonna be stoked that you get to eat like a fuckin meal that you would normally think it’d be shitty Right, like all these like little things like when I got on a bootcamp stoked about all this stuff So, you know just perspective it so then how do you stay happy new challenges like companies? Yeah It’s gotta just gotta you know, try and climb new mountains, you know, just try and you know accomplish new things. That’s that’s the Way that I’ve found you know You like mushrooms and mushrooms kind of dissolve the ego. Is that something you don’t play with and do you have an ego? I’ve honestly probably been mushrooms or like twelve times my whole life. So it’s not like a huge part of my life, but I’ve just definitely Had positive experiences with them just because I think in And very moderate dose. It’s not like huge huge amount but like small amounts Yeah, they take your ego out. They kind of you know, slow down time a little bit they make you think about things from a slightly different perspective and it like quiets out a lot of the noise and a lot of the Distractions if you will and it allows you to kind of just like figure out because because like deep down, you know, Like what you should be doing or what makes you happy or what you know is the right path or whatever but you get distracted by the shiny shit, you know, the the pleasure the whatever so And it’s but it’s also good to just do with your friends and have fun and laugh and fuck around and whatever You can get a lot from them. I mean just go off on a hike on your own take one or two and Kind of work through your shit so yeah a big advocate of those and I’m actually super stoked that they legalized them and Colorado and Northern California now, I think ignite might one day be involved in Psilocybin. Yeah, I’d love to I’d love to be involved in that. It’s just you know, like I said such limited markets Yeah I had a big I wass the ceremony last year in Costa Rica three big ones And taught me so much but also some very difficult evenings You think you’ll play with it kind of scared me a little bit. Honestly, I haven’t tried it. I did DMT a few times and It’s different. Yeah, I’ve I’ve heard some like horror stories from that stuff, you know Like some people that kind of like had a bad trip and never came back from it or like weren’t the same So that kind of scared me. I’ve been contemplating trying acid In a very small small dose to start But I’m still on the fence of that I like the idea that mushrooms come on earth or natural It’s a little fucking ayahuasca yet. Is she fine? I’ve done peyote. I did peyote one time. Okay, I All excuse just a big commitment man. That’s like yeah. I mean that’s full set. That’s like 12 hours But no I’d say it’s more like three I think really yeah for me It’s three hours until I can actually open my eyes and maybe walk, huh? And I’m not gonna die and I do go through some Probably some of the more difficult moments of my life visit three hours where you can open your eyes Well before I can maybe know that I’m I exist Wow In the meantime, I’m in my head and stuff It’s probably like doing five grams of mushrooms or six, but ayahuasca is different, but I get lessons from one and wasps got life I got lessons or mushrooms and then I get some but man I got like machine elves in my head with mushrooms I you know what? I got these little machine elves in there like they come into my head with mushrooms and sometimes they just confuse me And I don’t always get really strong lessons. How much do you take four or five grams? Oh, yeah, maybe take last bro Yeah, maybe I usually stay inside and I’m on the beach and I sure as hell I’m not talking I will never stay inside I hate so I always in nature. I like nature too on our lower dose to you But yeah, I think Laura does the move I think think I think the lower does so go for a hike by yourself. Yeah Yeah, try just a couple mushrooms not even a lot I know a UFC fighter you micro does mushrooms before every one of his fights. Yeah. I know Mikey doesn’t can be powerful Yeah, but uh, I think you’d find ayahuasca pretty powerful. So no, that’s my it’s my fear is that if I did too powerful I smoked DMT one time small amount on the top of some weed and I had a pretty positive experience for a short period of time and then I did two different times with the DMT when I did big hits and Like did the whole like hold it in and you know do three hits or whatever and I was like fucking a different planet I didn’t get anything out of it I was just like, you know, so fucked up that I like I don’t like being in a state where I’m not like present conscious and thinking like And I’m that I felt like it just like took me fucking the way out there Yeah, it does that I never get lessons from DMT. I’m just going to like a video game Yeah, that’s exactly what it felt Like it was like he didn’t Kong and I’m just like okay, it’s nice to know it’s there, but I didn’t bring anything back Yeah, nothing I want Oral aural DMT I get lessons at the end like okay, this is what you gotta do one two three four five you act on this I do but it’s never as fast as I want it to and then when I look back So I look back three months later and I’m like you haven’t even done this and they’re like twelve months later. I’m like Actually you have started to do this stuff But I’m a big fan of doing it like once a year heavier once every two years heavy and then taking action and meditating I don’t believe you should be going in every weekend or two weekends for ayahuasca I think then you’re just living in that state law But um, if you do take a big dose Like Terence Mckenna used to say take a large dose infrequently with psychedelics get the lesson and then hang up the phone Interesting. I always like the smaller. I’m pretty drug sensitive though. So the thing about not being in control is that it holds you too Get that pain and that emotion and you can’t go anywhere So like you can’t go anywhere and for two hours, which can feel like two years You got to face it and then you process it in a way where? you couldn’t process it if you could maybe walk away from it and that’s why I think it’s helpful I feel like you gotta be ready for that. Definitely you do I think the way to get ready for it is by doing smaller mouths could be I’m yeah because then then you know You’re expecting and you also are more comfortable with it. And when you’re more comfortable with something like that I feel like you’re less likely to kind of freak out and The more you go and do it with a positive mindset with less fear I think the more likelihood you’re gonna have having a positive experience I think fear is like one of the worst things And I think the more you do it and the more you kind of work up to it The less likely you’re gonna go in there fearful, but I don’t know too much about the ayahuasca So maybe that’s something that you know You get more if you just fully dive in For me being on two completely out of control like not being like mentally present for three hours. I feel a lot I don’t know if I’m like a real big control freak. Yes, one of the reasons I like to mushroom stew is because I’m forced to just kind of like let go and just go the course, you know do the journey and not like have to Fucking you know have control over the whole thing So it’s like one of the few times when I’m like out of control because otherwise in my life I’m like, so in control of everything. I’ve got fucking, you know, all these people that I can make things happen and you know, just You know almost thinking I just feel like I’m like playing a video game with a cheat code almost sometimes in my life You know, like I really fucking I don’t want like it just like happens, you know again, it’s like knowing your future Yeah, Lots would say what are you doing? Yeah, no for sure. That was why I was just like a little bit like damn You guys got a fucking point. I’m always nervous before going down I lost the ceremony, but you know, you got a shaman with you I was in a good place in Costa Rica and it was like a solid You know environment and I’d done it before so Peru is where most people go now Yeah, it’s just it can be pretty rough there I mean proper jungle and you know, it’s just harder to get to Costa Rica’s a little more second world. So yeah We think you’re gonna be doing in 30 years 30 years Look, you’re lucky to be alive in 30 years. No, no. No, it’s a long time You’ll still be on Instagram and still eat posted thing locked No, man, if I want to Instagram and two years from now, I’ll be fuckin not pleased with it. What does that mean? I mean dude, I’m just so over social media. I think it’s like the worst thing to happen a society honestly. Yeah Yeah, I think it’s really good. Not just you but to society. Yeah more lives right? It’s not the truth. Is that why? No, it’s that’s not I mean there is a piece of that like people are Presenting kind of like the best version of themselves. I always prided myself on like the authenticity of my social media But I think the real issue is social media is that addiction to likes that addiction to people, you know, I guess Commenting engaging Giving you praise Admiration whatever attention that whole thing like I mean if you see the shit people are doing to fucking get likes and comments on Instagram and like and it’s tough because now it’s like you could do one thing and it could like go viral and you could be making like hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars goes on fucking TV and says like cash me outside and actually a complete fuckin jackass and then turns that into like a Multi-million dollar fucking business where she’s like selling out shows as a 16 or 15 year old rapper You know, I mean, it’s just like it’s a fucking crazy world that we live in and because of those like, you know few examples now Like, you know people think that that could happen to them and like because there’s like some kids playing video games making ten million dollars a year now like when I was a kid like parents are like stop fucking wasting your time playing video games and nobody clapped back with like Oh, I could be making ten million dollar you’re playing video games because look at this guy like that wasn’t a thing You know, and so now it’s like you know that could you know be a rebuttal and I think I don’t know man I just I think our generation is well, not our generation, but the future generations are like really over stimulated I think they spend way too much time on their phones. I mean I’m guilty of it, too But it just takes out like a lot of interpersonal connection it Removes their ability to interact as well It’s It’s just overall not good like I feel like people don’t live in the moment as much people are so worried about Capturing it on Instagram and getting that photo or getting that video that they don’t like enjoy what they’re doing as much and so I think there’s There’s just a lot of negatives to it There’s also the you know online bullying. There’s the people commenting. There’s the bandwagon shit There’s you know, everybody’s got a fucking, you know, cause of it, you know, everybody hates this person everybody loves this person you know, this is like I Don’t know so much judgment You know, everybody’s got an opinion in the comment section You got all these fucking armchair quarterbacks you know thrown in there two cents and and I know a lot of girls that it’s definitely negatively affected where You know their self-esteem is, you know brought down guys talking shit to them whatever it’s I Don’t know I mean, but there’s positives too It’s just taken away a lot of the power of the media, which is a good thing because I fucking hate the media and It’s good that it’s being restored more to the people so that you know When people run these bullshit articles that are clickbait or that or whatever inaccurate now people have the ability to kind of like come back like, you know, NBC didn’t want to post Or didn’t want to allow one of ignites writers to post, you know, the sticker with the ignite CVD or whatever And I just like looked up their viewership and their whole network got like seven or eight million views and I looked at mine and it was like 58 to like 36 million views per post. So I was like, you know, my shit was like You know six to ten times what their whole fucking network was it was like nice to just be like, you know Suck my dick NBC like I’m reaching way more people than you So go fuck yourself anyways, and like if they ran a shitty article about me, I could reach out to more people and you know Set the record straight. So that’s kind of nice. It’s nice to have that power like people You know like this one asshole He didn’t want to fund my security deposit So I put him on blast and you know shut his phone lines down shut his internet down Like people were like going crazy fucked up his whole yelp review this and that money was in my account the next day You know, there’s been a few times like this You know company didn’t want to honor a warranty on one of their things And so I did like a quick snap chat about it shut his fucking phone lines down and showed his emails down Fucked up his whole Yelp thing basically man could have put it the guy out of business I had it up for like 30 minutes and then I deleted owner calls me. He’s like, oh my god. I’m so sorry We didn’t know it was you and I’m just like listen. It doesn’t matter who the fuck it is. Like it shouldn’t matter that It’s me. It shouldn’t matter that. Like you should honor the warranty for your fucking product, you know, and So I think like there’s an there’s kind of a nice part about that. Like there was another time my girl ordered a pizza and They basically You know She called back like 40 minutes later to go like what’s the status the order and the guys like oh You never place an order and I was like in the car wasn’t speaker 4 I’m like I heard her like do it And he’s and she’s like, oh well, like can I talk to manager? And he’s like I am the manager. He’s like, you know, you didn’t put in an order Sorry and hung up on her and then like she called back. They basically told her go fuck herself and so I like You know did a little Snapchat shut their fucking phone lines down shut the fucking I had every asshole from India and fucking China ordering pizzas and fucking missing that Fuck their whole business up. The owner of the thing went fucking crazy He calls me ended up firing the fucking prick and you know means I actually like we got something there You know what? I mean like and that felt good like it’s it’s good like sometimes you gotta like fuck these people up a little bit like get Them accountable and I think you know the more people do that You know the more these businesses are gonna start, you know paying a little more attention in their customer service and how they treat people and and if they don’t treat people well It’s gonna bite them in the ass And so, you know, there’s some there’s some positives to it and now you’re launching a global brand on the back of it Yeah, you can do things in Canada that some of the companies can’t do there or people can do with endorsements And yeah, there’s no celebrity endorsement. So there’s you know, no real branding on the product There’s a lot of restrictions on how you can advertise And you know my personal brand and what I’ve done over the years obviously like, you know Can’t be you know regulated in the future, right? So like everything that I’ve done and like me not selling out Me being honest with my followers me not promoting shit that I don’t believe in like all that stuff you know, when I do endorse a product, you know people take that into account and And it’s it’s valuable. So exciting. We’ve never seen a company built. There’s something like this. Well, that’s not necessarily true You’ve got you know bang energy fastest-growing energy drink company In the world right now growing faster than redbull monster all these fucking guys strictly social media marketing you’ve got fashion Elva doing two three million dollars in sales Strictly social media marketing you got revolved that just went public for you know, multi billion dollar valuation Strictly social media marketing so, you know, this is not a totally foreign concept It is a new one a lot of these dinosaurs don’t get social media yet and you know They’re running big companies and they’re gonna get roasted for it. Like they’re just gonna lose They’re gonna figure it out or you know, they’re gonna go like VHS. Did you know when fucking beauties came out? so it’s definitely the way the future I mean your CPM and The value of your endorsement is so much stronger when it comes from somebody that you’re following that you trust as opposed to some commercial that comes on that people knows the commercial they mute they walk away if they’re T going up they fast-forward whatever So the value that you get on a social media post and those eyeballs are much much more valuable than you’d get traditionally Advertising and the amount of money that you pay for it is, you know It’s pennies on the dollar. So it’s the future. There’s no doubt about it And also, you know in markets like cannabis and whatever where it’s regulated nicotine You’re able to do a lot more than people can do traditionally. I mean, look, I’m anticipated in states and countries where it’s fully illegal Canapé can’t go fucking put billboards and you know these states that are fully illegal. They can’t put billboards in these countries So, I mean I can build a brand in places. They just can’t right Let’s talk about the women because a lot of people know you because of the women, I mean it all started With what throwing the points off the roof? Oh, well, no the, you know the trying to impress them with the Instagram stuff and whatever started posting like the guns But then he said the girls got more and then later the Cannabis got more which we’ll get to yes, so I mean initially it was it was kind of lifestyle stuff and then I put the girls stuff in there, too And it’s funny because the jealousy was actually like more of a driving force than anything else if girls see other hot girls that are interested in you it’s you know, I think the most powerful like driving factor like more so than the money and the fame and all the others Well, maybe not more than fame Fame kind of as a trump card, but he said fame like a hundred exes things where it’s like a crazy thing like yeah It’s a crazy thing like situations that would never happen Otherwise, yeah, is it now out of is it now have allied life of its own? I mean, can you control it now? Yeah, there’s no stopping it now, you know the train has left the station So like I didn’t post for like a month or two and figured like it would kind of go away and it just not going Okay, and the women that are around well, first of all, you probably heard connections with Hugh Hefner Are you the modern-day Hugh Hefner and like that image one guy with like a twin? Like you do or Hef does I mean that does everyone’s head in right and in the Puritan America? with you know, Family Values You know, why is that such a hard thing for people to get their head around him? Okay. What are you telling them? I don’t know. I mean it’s I think like recently Society has said certain things are okay and certain things are super bad That had been going on for like thousands of years like Back in the day. I mean it was normal for a person to have more than one wife You know not that long ago if you you know If you won a battle you would Rape and pillage and you would steal stuff from the village II to have sex with all the women and that was fine and now I mean that would be you know, crazy war crimes and I just think in the last hundred years things have just changed a lot but I think it’s I Think it’s more normal than people lead on I mean if you look at you know in the animal kingdom I mean, there’s one stud animal that has sex with you know, most of the you know, females and I think in our society It’s actually you know, that is actually what happens. It’s just not necessarily broadcasted as much it’s not Kind of put out there but I think 5% of the guys have sex with like pretty much all the girls So I think it’s been happening and I think it happens like that. I just think You know before social media, I don’t think it was as public, you know, and I don’t think And I also think it’s kind of it’s a little bit counterproductive to post about it because I think a lot of these guys You know would do it a little bit more on the slick And I’ve always just been like fuck it. Like I just I always tell the girls of truth. So I’ve never lied about anything Which Surprisingly made it easier actually because then I don’t know like If you act like if you ask me Or let’s say if I asked my girl like a girl that I was dating like hey How many guys you have sex with last week? And she told me I had sex six guys last week I know she’s telling me the truth, right because it’s like no girl would like lie in that direction, you know Or if I said how many guys you had sex with your whole life, but she told me you know 537 like I would know she’s telling me the truth So I think when these girls ask me questions and I tell them answers that they you know, normally wouldn’t want to hear It builds trust So it’s like a strange thing But it’s you know a little counterintuitive And why do they stay I? Why do they stay I think different reasons, you know, some of them want to be famous. Some of them are having fun Some of them genuinely like me some of them Just enjoy the lifestyle some of them are there for the adventure some of them are there because they’re not supposed to be there a Lot of them come because they’ve broken up with a boyfriend and want to piss him off. That’s like the number one, I think but yes a lot of different reasons I was going To continue watching the rest of the episode for free visit our website London real TV. I’ll click the link in the description below

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  8. here's my guess on dan's future

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    -Helping ppl out – Could possibly cost MONEY but not necessarily.
    -Sex – The fact that he has MONEY and he has a good game is the reason he can get sex without working for it, unlike like most men.
    -Connecting with ppl – Free
    -Hangin out with friends – Free
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