Cyberpunk 2077 News – Map Size EXPANDED, Unique Crowd System & 20 Million Sales Forecast!

Cyberpunk 2077 News – Map Size EXPANDED, Unique Crowd System & 20 Million Sales Forecast!

What’s going on Neon Nation welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for some more Cyberpunk 2077 news. Today we are going over some forecasts for
CD Projekt Red and Cyberpunk 2077 in the new year via Business outlet Bloomberg, some new Cyberpunk
2077 related products available for pre-order, some more details from John Mamais, some Countdown
to the Dark future episodes, and some fan creations and art First let’s jump into some of the forecasts
made in an article via Business news publication regarding CD PROJEKT and Cyberpunk
2077s future. CD PROJEKT snagged a spot-on Bloomberg’s
50 businesses to watch in 2020 largely due to Cyberpunk 2077, with estimated sales growth
numbers just over 445% and 12-month sales being 108.34 million as per analysts. In a brief synopsis as to why CD PROJEKT will
have such astronomical numbers, Bloomberg’s Matthew Kanterman says this “CD PROJEKT
SA, Poland’s largest video game maker could beat analyst 2020 sales forecasts with the
April release of its much-anticipated role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077. The game could sell 20 million units in the
launch year. Now I’m no analyst, but what I can tell
you is as a console exclusive Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s open world western epic brought
in 25 million on just the PS4 and Xbox One in just under 12 months. The Witcher 3 saw a surge in console sales
relative to PC, but a significant portion of the player base is still on PC, and with
games like Death Stranding and Red Dead 2 being ported to PC, it hasn’t been a better time to build or buy a personal computer for gaming. 20 million seems like a fair conservative
estimate, but It could eclipse that 25 million precedence set by Rockstar fairly easily if
marketing and release go smoothly. Next up we have an article from Ausgamers
which adds more detail to an interview we went over in a prior news episode with head
of the Krakow studio John Mamais. In a question regarding recent hiring’s
and the growth of CD PROJEKT RED, mamais mentions “We weren’t smart enough to know how many
people we needed” “When we wrote the initial concept for Cyberpunk 2077, we didn’t know. So, we grew as the design was developing. And really, you don’t know how many cinematic
animators you’re going to need until you have a scope for the number of scenes you’re
going to have in the game. We didn’t have that in the beginning, we
just knew we wanted to have cool cinematics and be as big as the Witcher 3. We ended up hiring a lot more people than
what we needed for The Witcher because the fidelity and overall requirements of 2077
crept up on us.” When it comes to design and world building,
Mamais mentions that “Given the size and scope, we have to do some procedural generation
of the things you see” “You don’t want artists to go in and place individual pipes
or place pieces of trash, so we had to incorporate a lot of things like that into our process.” The crowd systems we’ve seen so far are
incredibly impressive and John Mamais extrapolates on this by saying “We kind of had to do
it cause it’s a big city setting right?” “You need crowds of people moving around
or it wont look right. It was very technically challenging and still
is. We’re working on it in fact. Last time I talked to the technical director,
he talked its current status as a real achievement, where we’ve got all these people in the
same space moving around. Different to the Witcher crowds, because if
you look closely, they’re very similar to each other in how they look and move. In Cyberpunk these are all, in a way, unique
characters moving around the space. It’s a combination of AI, tech and art. I don’t even know how to explain how it
exactly works – but I can say that it was demonetized hard and that we’re still working
on it” General development wise Mamais concludes
with the fact that CDPR are committed to creating big great looking triple a games, and as technology
changes, they must adapt whilst still pushing the envelope on how a game can look. He mentions that he thinks Cyberpunk is going
to be a big showpiece in terms of tech and that they are going to be that one last big
exceptional looking title on this current generation of hardware. Tons of brilliant looking games come out at
the tail end of a console generations cycle, so I’m looking forward to a meaningful step
up from The Witcher 3 which still looks great even by today’s standards. Moving on we have a new look at some Arasaka
Security forces in this cover art for PCGamer magazine & Map size differences between last
year’s 2018 trailer and the one that can be seen here. First let’s take a look at some of the Arasaka
riot police fending of Night City citizens. These guys have battering rams trying to get
into the metro train where V is sitting with a briefcase that looks pretty suspect. Now shout out to this reddit user for providing
a side by side comparison with the Nilfgaardian soldiers from the Witcher, they look very
similar in their design, again drawing inspiration from the Witcher. We’ve seen the Witcher emblem on DeShawn’s
shoes so despite CD PROJEKT REDs hesitance when it comes to bridging Witcher and cyberpunk
we know that there will at least be small references. Moving on to the most interesting part of
the image we have the new map, which looks a little bit different from the old map we
saw in the 2018 trailer. Now if we look very closely, we can see a
ton of new stops added in virtually all directions, with the most significant length added on
the south side near Rancho Coronado, and in the North near Westbrook. Also keep in mind that this map denotes the
horizontal sprawl and isn’t indicative of the additional verticality which may have
been added over the span of development as well, since the game will heavily rely on
traversing up and down megabuildings and skyscrapers. Next we have a job posting from CD PROJEKT
RED for a senior programmer working within the confines of their partnership with Vancouver
based Digital Scapes who specialize in developmental tool creation, asset production and cloud
computing amongst other things. This is very intriguing as this was posted just over
2 weeks ago, and is likely connected to the multiplayer component of Cyberpunk 2077. Next up we have a couple Cyberpunk 2077 products
now available for pre order. First, we have the super anticipated Samurai
bomber jackets which can now be pre ordered on both the European and the US store. It’s probably my favorite thing on here
at the minute, the Samurai logo on the sleeves is a nice touch to the similar jackets they
were giving out at E3. Just letting you guys know before you drop
300 dollars on those exact jackets on eBay, since these are much more reasonably priced. We also have the official game guide coming
from Piggyback games which comes in a standard and CE version. This is the guide for the video game and is
different from the world of cyberpunk 2077 lore book and the art book that comes in the
collector’s edition. This guide is described as “The Complete
Official Guide to Cyberpunk 2077 a massive book covering everything in the game. With details on every challenge and feature,
the guide offers streamlined progression through the entire adventure, as well as a commanding
expertise on all key systems. 100% authoritative: all branching paths, all
side quests, all rewards, and all endings fully mapped out; also includes optional challenges,
mini-games, unlockables, secrets, and more. Foolproof explanations: every mission, every
game mechanic, every meaningful choice covered with accessible solutions. Hi-res maps of Night City: each annotated
with locations of collectibles and points of interest. Reference & Analysis Chapter: in-depth coverage
of all major game systems, including character progression, abilities, perks, Street Cred,
Trophies/Achievements, among others. At-a-glance Walkthroughs: annotated screenshots
and sequential steps show optimal ways through every mission. and yadda yadda yadda this is a big book at over 350 pages Obviously completionists would likely be interested
in this but personally I won’t open this up until I’ve experienced the world in all its glory multiple
times. Next, we have our Countdown to The Dark future
episode series continuing. These are facts about the Cyberpunk lore from
RTalsorian Games who created the source material of Cyberpunk 2077 in Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020. We only have one fact pertaining to this topic
so next episode expect a little bit more. In episode 301 we learn about Solos of Fortune. Little concrete information is known about
the Solo Tvikki, she is Russian born and her skills suggest special Russian training. She worked as a solo for hire in 2017 in the
states, but then went to Europe to join terrorist groups in an anti-biotech revolution. John Jones is another solo, and more straight
edge than Tvikki. He was a specialist in finding lost children
and would just show up randomly for his good Samaritan duties. Finally, we have our fan art section so check
out these community creations from the past little while. Thanks for watching guys and for more Cyberpunk
2077 join Neon Nation by subscribing to the Neon Arcade.

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  4. Extremely excited about this game but I must say a bit of my hype has died off. Some things still look pretty clunky and honestly I'm trying to keep my anticipation under control until I see more actual gameplay. Trailers are great but I want to see the improvements to mechanics and changes made for myself.

  5. Thank you for this video Neon! I understand the drought of information we're having right now and yet you seem to get on top of tbe situation. Keep at it mate!

  6. "I think Cyberpunk is going to be a real show piece in terms of tech" – I mean, it already is. Look at that world, the design, the amount of NPCs, the interiors, nearly every cutscene/interaction rendered real-time in gameplay, global lighting – all without a single loading screen. It's ridiculous, their streaming tech is some alien shit.

  7. I will buy the Jacket 馃槏 and the Game guide too, but first i will don't open the Book, because i want reconnoitre/explore the World without seeing what all are in and Search and look what i will find 馃.
    See you Friend 馃槈

  8. Gotta love it. Instead of them forcing the team they had to meet unreasonable demands or make blatant and lazy shortcuts to meet the demands needed to build their game CDPR instead hired more people too help meet the demands. Instead of what some OTHER companies would do! 馃挆馃挅

  9. How do they already have an official guide if the game hasn't even been finalized? Aren't they still adding and changing things?

  10. The most realistic NPC crowds that I have ever experienced in gaming are the crowds in Watch Dogs 2. They react to everything so realistically you will catch yourself saying, "wow." If the developers of CP2077 is looking for inspiration I suggest calling the developers of that game.

  11. This is definitely the game worth the hype. Far more so than death stranding should have ever gotten. Sad I missed the opportunity to pre order the special edition but I will for sure be there day one.

  12. I think its going to have a hard time passing RDR2. RDR2 is TPP/FPP. This game is only FPP, theres a big portion of the fan base saying they are not buying it just for that reason, then when it comes to RPGs which this game is TPP RPGs sell a lot better than FPP. This game will probably hit 20 million sales, but i dont see it going much further past that.

  13. why cyberpunk 2077 took almost 7 years to build its becose thei dont use red 3 engine anymore like the witcher 3 thei build a new engine red 4 engine hope it helps and dont spreed false information thanks you.

  14. The success of Cyberpunk 2077 hinges upon whether or not the game will be delayed. The reason I say this is because Doom Eternal has been delayed to March. March is the month before April which is when Cyberpunk is supposed to release.

    I hope I'm wrong but I have the feeling that Cyberpunk will be delayed until the summer to leave some room for Doom. (Warning, this is just an opinion, not a fact)

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  21. Had to watch some Cyberpunk videos to regain my hope for gaming after seeing the new bs with EA and Bethesda and whatnot.

  22. The hardest thing for me at this point is just the sheer waiting game. Im glad they are taking their time and are truly passionate about the project, but man, I just wanna play fam

  23. I pre-ordered it as soon as it was available. Well, that is, once the site worked properly, as it had its problem at the very beginning.

  24. What is wrong with these people? Lol. What does the percentage of female board members have to do with a profit statement??

  25. Something I鈥檝e really appreciated about your video content is how focused on content and news each video is, without feeling the need to throw in an obligatory 鈥渓ike and subscribe.鈥 All news and content you have been providing is essentially at a professional business analysis level, with as little conjecture and as many facts added as possible. I just want to commend you on your presenting style and focus; you can get paid big bucks IRL doing analysis like this full time and I hope you use these strengths professionally down the line.

  26. write this down and keep it somewhere so you know i didn't lie- when this game releases, you're going to see a MAJOR graphical and performance downgrade from what's been shown so far.

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    I was very surprised by the actual size of Zelda- BOTW, but this game looks on an even higher level so far.

  28. The only thing weird about the crowd scenes is that everyone seems to be aged 20-35. Where have all the older people and the children gone? If I go through a city on a normal working day it's generally full of retirees because the kids are in school and the people in the aforementioned age range are at work. I don't think that Night City has a "Logan's Run solution" for everyone over the age of 30.

  29. "Single Player games are dead" LMAO some of these old heads need to realize that single player games make the most from the jump whereas multiplayer only games can make money over time but they die out quick and usually are built poorly.

    Games like God of War and Spider-Man made millions!

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