Cyberpunk 2077 News CD Projekt Red DELAY FAQ

Cyberpunk 2077 News CD Projekt Red DELAY FAQ

Following on from the announcement that the
Cyberpunk 2077 release date is now 17th September, 2020, Adam Kicinski, joint CEO of CDPR, Piotr
Nielubowicz and Michał Nowakowski answered several questions on the topic during a conference
call Kicinski revealed that as a deep single-player
RPG with a good narrative, Cyberpunk 2077 will find its place on the market regardless
of the release date, so CDPR are not concerned about competition, nor the difference between
April and September. Kicinski would confirm that the AAA game CDPR
are working on in parallel with Cyberpunk 2077 is Cyberpunk Multiplayer, albeit that
is just a place holder name for now. It seems that Cyberpunk Multiplayer is unlikely to
be released in 2021. The game is still confirmed for the current
generation of consoles, although CDPR are naturally thinking about the next gen as well.
No specific information on cross-generation was forthcoming.
While the game is currently fully playable, due to the level of complexity involved, there
are a lot of glitches. Nowakowski stated it should be safe to assume
that CDPR will have some sort of presence at E3, Gamescom and some other events this
year, although no strategy has currently been agreed upon.
Nowakowski would hint that CDPR will be revealing updates between now and September, although
there were no specifics given. It was implied things maybe quiet over the summer time, and
activities will increase closer towards the release date.
I have made some inquiries concerning certain Cyberpunk 2077 merchandise, for instance the
World of Cyberpunk 2077 book. As far as I understand, not all of CDPR’s partners knew
about the announcement, so it will take a while for various things to update accordingly.

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  2. We let them work and wait until they give us new informations.
    Nobody must be sad, frustrating or other bad stuff, because they work for us more and want that we are happy.
    Supports them in a good way with respect, because they respected that the people wants a game with a high quality.
    See you and enjoy the days Kazuliski + everyone 😉

  3. Thank you for the update, Kazuliski. I will like to know what CDPR going to do for E3. May you cover it?
    I hoping for another trailer or gameplay.

  4. So in other words, CDPR is doing with Cyberpunk 2077 that Bethesda doesn't do for any of their games: they realized that the game is huge and will likely have glitches, so they're ironing them out instead of, say, making modders do it, or patching the game while it's out.

    CDPR really does care about players when you look at it from this perspective. So even though the wait is longer, I'm willing to be patient.

  5. I'm happy that cdpr is taking their time to polish the game and fixing the bugs to have the best immersive sci fi rpg in night city. Can't wait to explore epic journey in night city in September 17, 2020🌞☝🏾🔥🔥🔥💯💪🏿

  6. so it's just as i was afraid … they are most probably going to do more behind the closed doors (the new release date was saying too much)
    and if they do then they will earn a really harsh disapproval

    2019 was a failure
    from lack of updates to lots of content locked away to bad decisions (from spit in a face FAKE censured version of 2019 gameplay "WORK IN PROGRES – DOES NOT REPRESENT FINAL LOOK OF THE GAME" constantly on the top of the screen and both written and spoken (3.9) "WATCH AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION" which was completly idiotic
    to not very usefull Q&A with realy bad choice of words at 34.40 "ILL GO INTO MY 50 MINUTE ANSWER"
    to national language versions never released
    to Behind the Scenes that should be alvays saved for AFTER THE RELEASE as a documentary of all the work ( because now it breaks the illusion of wold in creation and makes me care less about all shown things and characters)
    to early pre-oreder with release date and constantly no PC requierments

    last year made them look like press attention addicts
    with no love for fans

    if the game end up with lots of heavy bugs i will call them liars and lack of proper updates for every remaining month will not be in their favor

    if the bad marketing will continue but the game ends up great i will care only about games and ignore everything that's company related

    if game ends up (for unknown but strong reason) bad then i will assume that another bastion of good games have fallen

    if everything ends up being good then i will admit to be wrong and have more faith in the future even when they do something bad

  7. I'm not mad, but happy. April was super-stacked with Final Fantasy VII remake and Resident Evil 3. My wallet will see another day.

  8. I'm really pissed off. I booked a vacation to April 20th and now I'll have to convince my boss to move the date further. I thought they learned something with the Witcher delays. Every game will have bugs on release. I'm waiting since January 2013 and things like this disappoint me. When September comes, it will be moved to 2021, when 2021 comes, it will be moved to 2077 and so on, because the game will NEVER be perfect.

  9. i had a feeling that cdpr was going to turn cyberpunk into a mmo the base is just to big for them not to that will give them the cash flow to keep on pumping out games while they can still make single player games and allow them to grow as a business i have a feeling they will not get bogged down in things like loot boxes or political stuff other then what is in the game you have to keep in mind this is the time to launch a mmo a lot of them went far left burned their customer base and now people are looking for a new place to hang out and wait i am glad it will let me check out bloodlines 2 and they are the two main ones i wanted to see i would like to see something i have not seen ever and that is where your character can be swapped from the single player to multiplayer and back and forth so lets say you want to do a run on a corp you could pick ai that may let you finish the run but it will never be as fast as a team doing it and i know people will say but they just unlocked all the skills by doing easy mode a bunch of time ok but their gear will be soarly lacking and that will drive people to play single player a bunch of times getting to harder settings so if all they have is a few hours a week they do not feel left out plus when pvp is put in they can have zones so you are not getting ganked all the time

  10. A depressing thought:
    I'm 43 just now. Not only will I have had my 44th birthday by that time, but I will actually be closer to my 45th birthday than my 44th.

  11. Listen I fully understand and I don’t mind waiting at all I mean hey at least gives me to focus on college and get that out the way

  12. It's taken CD Project Red FIVE YEARS developing Cyberpunk 2077 so far and now they're asking for another 9 months? Son of a bitch!!

  13. I'm happy and not happy to wait more for that game. What choice do we have other then to wait. Hopefully it will not be in vain. Keep doing your thing Kazuliski and I'll keep chippin in.

  14. People saying thems are happy about the delay;
    OK when the game release finally you guys will wait 1 year more to play it OK? Lol
    Just to you guys can be more happy even.

    This delay was a strat for sure imo,
    Because april full of games, summer nobody really release games (idk why cuz we get more free time the players)

    Then thems just said; "fuck it, just we wait to September"
    But in September is ghost of tsusima lol gg.

  15. Well im certainly happy that they are polishing it more in the longer wait…
    But then theres the longer wait…

  16. what do you think, mb game was delayed cause Mike don't published a main edition of CyberPunk Red?
    or there was no any correlation?

  17. Everyone who has preordered this game should absolutely cancel it. This is a tactical move and has nothing to do with polishing the game this is a pattern you see. Do not pay for preorders.  You can preorder it 2 Days Before release instead. Cancel your preorder to show them that this is not ok.

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