Cutting Down a HUGE TREE

Cutting Down a HUGE TREE

– [Jeremy] This is either
going to be strawberry banana or dead fish. – Oh my goodness. – Woah, don’t stop. – Good morning, friends,
we have the tree people out to cut down our dead tree. It’s going to be kind
of a big undertaking. Do you want to watch? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] So do you want to
know what they’re gonna do? – Cut down that tree! – So they’re going to put a
notch at the base of the tree and lay the tree flat down into our yard. And then they’re going to
drag it back into the woods. – Ooh. – Is it going to be loud when it hits? – [Jeremy] I bet it is going to be loud, ’cause they’re just gonna knock it over. – I thought it would be poof, poof, poof. – [Jeremy] They’ll probably use chainsaws. – Oh yeah. – Is it loud? (kids screaming) – [Jeremy] Caleb, you
feeling nervous about it? You don’t like loud noises, huh? – Why do they have to do this? – [Jeremy] So that the tree
doesn’t fall on you guys. It’s a dead tree, we’re
trying to cut it down. – How is it dead? – [Jeremy] It died. It had a disease and it died. – What, how do, how do trees get disease? – [Jeremy] There’s certain diseases that spread for certain kinds of trees and this one was an elm
tree, and there’s a certain disease that killed it. (saw buzzes) – [Jeremy] Pepper came out
too to help out with the tree. Isaac and Elise wanted to
get a better look at the tree coming down. – Ah! – [Jeremy] Here it comes, you guys. – They gotta pull. Ah! – Whew! – Oh my! – Oh no, that’s not loud at all. – [Jeremy] That wasn’t too loud, huh? – It was, how did it break? – [Jeremy] What did you think of that? – Good. – That was awesome. (country rock music) – I like to, what’s these guys? – [Jeremy] They’re
knocking the trees down. – Oh. What if they need to get another one? – [Jeremy] Should they get more trees? – Woah, cool! (saw buzzes) – [Caleb] They’re good at throwing. – [Jeremy] We got them
to leave out four stumps so we can make little chairs for the kids. If we need a fifth one later,
they’re out in the woods, so we can grab one. – Here comes Laura the princess. Bow. – [Jeremy] So pretty. – Can we go outside? – You can’t go outside with
your princess dress on. – Down here. – Hey so what do you think we should do to this stump? – I think I really want to – I’m thinking we could build
and while we think about it, we could be on the trampoline thinking. – I’ll be working. – [Jeremy] You’re getting your tools out? – [Isaac] Yeah. We need the hammer and nails. – [Jeremy] You’re ready
to work with this wood? – Yeah. – So this morning, Jeremy
put a dinner in the crockpot for our family, which is awesome. The only problem that we’re
having is that it smells so strong to me because I’m pregnant and I just, every time I
walk into the main room or anywhere in the house,
it’s making me really, really sick, so. – It is a really strong smelling meal. So, roast with green chilies
and it’s an amazing meal but it’s a strong smell, so. – [Kendra] So where are you going? – We’re taking it to a
nice neighbor who said we could cook it over there,
so it wouldn’t have to smell it over here. – So yeah, I just texted
a neighbor and was like, I know this is a
really random question, but can my crockpot cook
at your house today? And so, she’s being really
nice and Jeremy is taking it over there, and so, hopefully, when I don’t
smell something cooking, I’m more likely to be able to eat it. So hopefully I’ll be
able to eat it tonight. Today in our state is
actually a primary election and so I’m taking the kids
with me and we’re going to go vote. – [Jeremy] So we have a walnut tree here. And its seeds drop like
balls all through our yard. And I’m always having to get rid of them. And it’s really hard work. – [Elise] Dad, what are you doing? – I’m getting rid of these. Alright, so I just picked up
the crockpot from our neighbor. And I’m going to be
assembling the chimichangas that we’re making. (Spanish music) Well, I was broiling and
I was distracted doing another thing, and I come
back, and I burned it. I think that I can salvage
it by like scraping some of the blackness off,
and I actually don’t mind it like that, but I’m feeding a
lot more people than myself. So. Little bit of a bummer. So poll question for
today, have you ever burned something before when you were cooking? And I would love to hear
these stories in the comments. It’ll make me feel better Well, that’ll work. So, Isaac, what was your
favorite part of the day? – Um, I probably liked
playing in the sprinklers with Luke, – [Jeremy] How about you, Caleb? What was your favorite part of the day? – Playing with Luke in the
sprinklers on the tramp. I just love to do that. And can we have ice cream? – [Jeremy] Maybe. – Ah! – [Jeremy] Maybe not. – Aw. – [Jeremy] We’ll see, we’ll ask mom, okay? – I’m going to drink water. – [Jeremy] You want some water? Let’s see if she can do
this without getting water all over herself. Good job! – Now. – [Jeremy] You’re still dry. – [Caleb] You did it like a big girl. – My favorite part of the
day was playing with Ellison and doing a fashion show. – [Jeremy] Oh did you do that over there? – Dad, it’s time for the challenge, guys! – [Jeremy] Are we gonna
do a little challenge? So our friends came over
to play and they brought with them the game the
Beanboozle Challenge, so we’re going to be doing that. This is either going to
either be strawberry banana or dead fish. – Oh my goodness. I really want strawberry banana
but I don’t want dead fish. – [Jeremy] Are you sure? – [Elise] Is it disgusting? – [Kendra] It takes a minute sometimes. – No, it’s good. – [Jeremy] Dang it, every time! If you go back and watch
our beanboozle challenge, Isaac did, I think it
was nine or ten rounds with never getting one
of the gross ones, so. Alright, Elise, go for it. So it’s either caramel
corn or moldy cheese. – [Caleb] Is it moldy cheese? (everyone laughs) – [Other Parent] You can spit it out. – [Jeremy] This is either
tutti frutti or stinky socks. – Oh, I got tutti frutti and. – It really tastes like stinky socks. – [Jeremy] Let’s see. – It smells like stinky socks. (kids laugh) – It’s either juicy pear or booger. (kids laugh) – [Isaac] Which one did you get? – Okay, that one. – [Caleb] Juicy booger? – Barf or pizza. (everyone laughs) – [Isaac] You got booger! – [Jeremy] It must have been booger. The barf one is really bad. (they laugh) Unlucky. – [Soren] Barf or peach? – [Elise] It’s peach. – Peach. – [Jeremy] Dang it! (they laugh) – It’s coconut! – [Jeremy] Noo! (all laugh) – [Soren] Alright, that’s either dead fish or strawberry banana. – [Caleb] Dead fish! – [Jeremy] Let’s see. – Chew it. – [Jeremy] Chew it up. – [Caleb] Laura’s is a thing
of gross and if she almost eats anything. – [Jeremy] Yeah, she likes dead fish. – [Caleb] She’s ate one? – [Soren] Is it good? – Uh-Huh. – [Jeremy] Uh-huh? Yeah, must not be a dead fish. Knox, you want to try it? – [Soren] You ready, Knox? – [Jeremy] Knox’s turn. Stinky socks or tutti frutti? – [Elise] Tutti frutti, do tutti frutti. – [Jeremy] He’s like, do I dare? – Dare! – [Jeremy] Go for it, man! (they all laugh) – [Elise] Just suck on it! Maybe. – [Other Mom] Is it good, or is it yucky? – It smells bad. – [Elise] Yeah, it
smells like tutti frutti. – [Jeremy] He’s just in shock. Let’s see. – I think that’s tutti frutti. – [Jeremy] The mom test. – I don’t know. – [Jeremy] Taste it. Yeah, eat it, mom, is it good or bad? (they all laugh) – [Jeremy] Okay, Soren’s going for it. This is rotten egg or buttered popcorn. – [Isaac] It’s rotten egg. – Popcorn. – [Jeremy] Oh, he got it, that one’s gross anyways. – Popcorn is awful! – [Isaac] Spoiled milk or coconut? – It’s spoiled milk. (Soren laughs) – That one’s getting the gag reflex going. – [Elise] I bet it’s dog food. (they all laugh) – [Soren] Alright, that’s
spoiled milk or coconut. – [Laura] I like coconut! – Coconut! – [Soren] Caleb. – What is this one? – [Soren] Peach or barf. (kids laugh) – No, I don’t want to have it. – [Jeremy] Okay, you don’t have to. Okay, Soren’s going to
try it in your place. – [Caleb] It’s maybe barf. (Soren gags) (kids laugh) – [Jeremy] I hate the barf! Yeah, barf is terrible. – Barf or peach? – [Elise] I bet it’s barf. – Oh! (kids laugh) – [Jeremy] So what’d you
think of the barf one? – It’s gross! – [Jeremy] Yeah, that’s the idea, right? – [Jeremy] He finally got a barf. That one’s gonna be peach or barf. – Ew. – [Jeremy] Is it barf? (kids laugh) – Well it was fun to have
our neighbors Kylie and Soren come over, it just made for a fun evening. So now we gotta clean up this mess and that’s it for today. Jhouse out. – Elise came in trembling that a big snake was right by her.

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