Customers ridicule waiter for stuttering | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Customers ridicule waiter for stuttering | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Girl: I really actually want one Waiter: (with stutter) Hi m-m-my n-n-name is M-M-Marc I’ll be your w-w-waiter today Girl: Are you okay? Marc: Oh I-I I’m okay. I – I just stutter sometimes Girl: And you thought it would be a good idea to be a waiter Narration: More than 70 million people around the world suffer from stuttering including some famous public speakers like Julia Roberts Joe Biden and King George the sixth as famously depicted in the King’s Speech. King George: I’m not- (pause) -here to discuss personal matters Man: Why are you here then King George: Because I bloody well stammer! Narration: In 20 percent of cases a person’s stutter can last well into adulthood like King George and our actor today playing the waiter. Waiter: I’ve stuttered since I was f-f-four y-years old and I have been able to grow and learn w-w-with an amazing stuttering community And we call it our sss-tamily Narration: Back inside the Tom Sawyer Diner these customers are creating an impediment as Marc works to overcome his Marc: I can do my j-j job Girl: No You clearly can’t Girl 2: we only have an hour for lunch John: A waiter doing his best to take these diners orders and with every ensuing stammer his customers get more and more impatient. If you saw a waiter being mocked and ridiculed simply because he has a stutter. What would you do? Marc: I’m re-re- really s-s-Sorry Girl: (mocking stutter) M-M-Maybe it’s better if you don’t talk Marc: Can I start you with s-s-Something to drink first ladies? Narration: This first tables listens in as Marc begins taking abuse instead of drink orders Girl: Shouldn’t you get a job that you don’t have to talk Marc: I can d-d-do my job. Can I get you drinks? Girl: two iced teas please Marc: Do you want l-l-l Girl: (mocking stutter) l-l-l-lemon? Woman: Your being a little rude! Girl: Well He’s taking forever Woman: Give him a break! Narration: With their pleas falling on deaf ears-. Girl: I mean everyone deserves good customer service, and this is way too slow Narration: These customers recommend a different course of action Woman: Then go somewhere else! It’s your choice Girl: Yeah, I’m choosing to sit here Other Women: Then you need to leave. Pick up your things and leave Narration: But before Maria and Madison leave this party of three gives them a lesson in table manners Woman: Why don’t you come over here. We’ll gladly give you an order Mean Girl: Thank you very much for not doing anything Marc: I apologize for that ladies And unlike our bullies They have no issue putting in their order, Marc: That’ll be r-r-right out Women: Thank you so much Woman: There’s plenty of people with disabilities But they are still people.They still have value and we have to respect that. You have to have patience for people Narration: It’s a sentiment our bullies here time and again, Girl: why can’t we just get a normal waiter? Narration: They should be more patient and understanding Girl: this is his job Girl: Maybe you shouldn’t work as a waiter John: You approached the women with some measure of respect what if your lecture didn’t work on them? Man: I would have continued talking to them and I think if it really got out of hand, I might speak to the management Narration: It’s a measure we see other customers take Girl: (mocking stutter) G-G-Go bring us iced teas and then come back and you can take our food order Narrator: When they fail to reason with these cruel customers Woman: Are you serious? Are you being serious? Girl: He hasn’t even brought us our drinks Woman: (baffled) Oh my god Woman: Seriously! Narration: All out of options they approach our manager Narration: This next customer also talks to the manager Narration: But when our bullies continue dishing out insults, Women: I’m sorry, is there a problem? Girls: Yes! Why would you hire someone that cannot speak? Narration: She can no longer bite her tongue. Girl: It’s just frustrating Narration: This last group of customers can’t believe their ears Marc: Can I s-s-start you with something to drink first ladies? Girls: Are you nervous? Marc: I-I-I I stutter sometimes Girl: So why do you work as a waiter? Marc: I-I- can do my job John: This woman right here is just really upset. Girl: Can you just stop talking and write? It really annoys me Narration: They also decide to alert the management. Man: These girls are being very rude Manager: Why what are they saying? Man: They are being obnoxious with this young man and he’s doing a great job! Narration: But that doesn’t deter our bullies Girl: Clearly it’s not good enough so can you just get us another waiter, please we’re really in a rush Woman: Don’t be so rude girls! Girl: Maybe he shouldn’t work as a waiter Other customers: Knock it off! Go someplace else! Narration: With our manager failing to act quickly. Girl: Why did you hire someone that can’t even talk? Man: Oh will you stop it! Narration: They’ve all had enough (Arguing) John: Things are getting a little hairy in there Narration: And this woman takes matters into her own hands Woman: Get Out! You are rude and obnoxious and you don’t deserve to deal with this young man! John: Alright here we go (Woman curses) Get Out! Woman: (to manager) If you don’t have the courage I’ll kick their asses out Get your bag and get you fine littles ass out (Customers Applaud) Goodbye! Woman: (to Marc): You don’t deserve that so don’t take that from anybody! If anybody like what I just said- John: Hi! How are you I’m John Quiñones Woman: (curses) (laughter in crowd) John: You kicked them out of the place! Woman: I was ready to pick them up and throw them out Woman: Don’t be fooled by the gray in my hair, there’s there’s fire in the furnace Narration: It was Lionel Logue who eventually helped King George the sixth with his stammer inspiring the Academy Award winning film Man: You know I had just recently seen this movie, The King’s Speech And the king that took over was a stutterer I felt close to him Narration: In 1939 with Logue right by his side the King rallied a nation on the brink of war King during speech: For the second time in the lives of most of us we are at war Narration: Today it wasn’t just one person but an entire community that rallied around Marc Woman: I have to comment this whole row here Other Woman: We were a team! Man: Give everyone a chance to do their job. If they have a little affliction- Help Them! Hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here. 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  1. For anyone that is reading this and has a disability…YOU ARE FUCKING PERFECT ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT!!! YOU ARE A GIFT TO THE WORLD!

  2. This kinda made me realize that I kinda have a stammer heh, but I really wanna give that boy a hug for being courageous enough to deal w/ everything that he went through in this video. That was very brave of him

  3. I experienced this from customers and I stutter under pressure. Most of the time I'm okay but when I get nervous or feel pressured to "Hurry Up" it makes the stutter worse. Fortunately I had other customers jump to my defense in the cafe where I work.

  4. I'm sorry I can't help myself to stop laughing whenever I hear him stuttering. Maybe I'm just immature. However with that being said, even though I say I laugh, I would never ridicule and be obnoxious to someone who stutters. I may laugh because I can't control it, but I 100% will respect them.

  5. My daughter stutters. Makes me happy to see so many people standing up for him! Would hope my daughter would be stood up for too if she ever faces nasty people like them

  6. This show has demonstrated to me that, based upon the reaction of the onlookers, most people are inherently good.

  7. Oh, God. Please don't let me be targeted for something like this, because I would have to watch the next episode from jail, 'cuz I'd slap one of these girls.

  8. Me and this dude is on the same boat because i have a stutter too and i was pick all my life because of my speech and this day on i still stutter but i dont care because i have a mental illness

  9. I cannot stand to see people being mistreated like this. It makes me cry. Even though I know this is acting, stuff like this actually happens. I always make sure to be extra polite to anyone helping me. I know how it is to be berated by nasty clients.

  10. People like this make me wish it was acceptable to give a good hard slap for being so damned rude and mean spirited.

  11. I had this a few years ago and I got bullied but know I can speak perfectly fine and the people who bullied want to be my friends i said no but its a serious thing

  12. I know what it’s like to be made fun of for stuttering when I was in school people made fun of my stuttering and then when I went to my first college course a few people and 1 tutor made fun of me when I stuttered but I didn’t care cuz now I’m doing a computing course going to level 3 my first course was vehicle mechanics

  13. this hits me hard. I had a stuttering problem since I was at the age of 3. I still have a stuttering problem. I get bullied for it. and even though i Stutter I still stand up for what's right even though that means that I get more bullied for it at least I know that they have one less person to worry about

  14. I don't think WWYD found a representative sample there as everyone was so supportive and came to the poor guy's defense. I stutter sometimes and it catches me off-guard. I wish I had a perfect recollection of what happens but it is not usually people rushing to help me out. I worked at WM for thirteen years and i had to finally quit when they forced me to be a cashier.

  15. If you cannot pull people up, don't bring them down. At some point in your life you will have an issue and you will need help from the community.

  16. That’s what I’m talking about! People helping those in need!! I love how everyone came together in the last scene to help and stand up for the waiter! 💖

  17. This is so sad. My friend has a stutter and I have overheard people talk about it and saying it is wrong😰😰😭😭😢😪

  18. I’m a stutterer myself. It really is a pity when other’s make fun of someone who stutters. I legit almost cried watching this lmao

  19. If I was a girl I would beat the sh*t out of them and be frinds with him and I have dawned-simdryim so I feel his pain

  20. The old lady was like if you don't get out of here I'll make you! When the girl talks back to her she's like "here hold my beer", lol.

  21. There is fire in the furnace lol best line all video I think she would have given them a 3 piece with the soda on the side madvidal style

  22. My boyfriend has a stutter cause his sever ADHD and he gets so self conscious about it and I get so angry when people do this. Especially when they mock him. I’m gonna end up in jail some day

  23. I have a slight shuddering problem it’s nothing terrible but every now and then it’s hard for me to get a word out and sometimes it will take quite a while to finally say it and it’s a bit embarrassing and some ppl look at me like I’m weird so I definitely felt this episode

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