Customer Reviews | Trustpilot Business | How it works

Customer Reviews | Trustpilot Business | How it works

LANG: ENGLISH Do you want to attract
more satisfied customers, collect reviews, and build trust? Meet your customer! Her name is Jane. Jane buys from you and is overall
satisfied with your level of service. Every day you work hard
to make customers like Jane happy. The problem is:
No one hears Jane’s story. And when no one hears the good stories, a single complain
can damage your online reputation. And you risk losing money. What if you could collect all your
customers shopping experiences and show that
you care about your customers? With Trustpilot you can invite all your customers
to write reviews about your company. Share the stories on the channels that
matters in the buying process in order to: Build trust and credibility online. Increase customer retention.
Reduce churn. And ultimately – make more money. Trustpilot also helps you
look better in search engines. Customer reviews are user-generated,
keyword-rich content that search engines love. Trustpilot also transfers
customer reviews to Google, which may help you achieve seller
ratings in Google Product Search. Use the automatic feedback system
to invite customers to write reviews. Show real-time customer service
by responding to reviews in public and get analytics about your
company’s online reputation. Jane appreciates your level of service. Positive customer reviews can have
a great impact on your bottom line. Sign up for a 14 day free trial and get real customer reviews – guaranteed!

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