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  1. On my second day in Shinjuku there was a young man with his pants around his ankles, pointing to his penis. That was strange. Edit: He looked surprised to find he has a penis. As if he was an alien still getting to grips with his new human form.

  2. You look adorable with your pigtails pulled straight to the side like that! I like how you wear them loose AND/OR braided, it looks so cute and kinda hot. ?

  3. They'll stare at you if you eat while walking too for some reason. It seems to me they have this weird unwritten (it's not a law) social rule that says not to eat while walking, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. What's wrong with walking and eating? Weirdo Japanese…Other than that, I don't really get stared at much just for being a foreigner, but maybe that's because I live in Tokyo, and they're fairly used to us? I dunno.

  4. …it would be culture shock if I were in Japan in 198… somenthing. All the information we can get today on internet, for me only shock was 18 h travel time. ?

  5. hi just wanted to ask if someone knows how to post my trasnlation on a video? i mean i'v done it already but it said it need to be reviewed ,does anyone know how long does it take or the right way to do it?

  6. 日本人は、黒いとか白いとか黄色いとか全く気にしてません。


  7. I always get culture shock going back into the US. Just the whole "time is money" thing, and you basically have to book days and times to get coffee with your childhood best friends WELL in advance, or you run the risk of not being able to see them at all! Ireland is so spontaneous compared to that, and WAY more community centred.

  8. I cant wait to get out to japan on my first touring visit to japan so looking forward to it I might even be lucky i might see Moonie Cathy cat on my travels!At the airports do they have a luggage deliveries service to your hotels?Is it expensive? would you recommend using them and where abouts would you find them?

  9. Wait? You cut that last Polish girl completely out.
    She said something inappropriate didn't she?
    Yet the Loli Sex Doll topic made it in the video.

  10. 質問を受けてくれた人にはプレゼントとかあげるのかな?

  11. I'm going to Japan in late March, I was nervous already due to my height and that I stutter when I speak my broken japanese- But I have a slight phobia of being stared at, now that I know they will stare for sure– aaaah lol I'm even more nervous.

  12. 最近よく動画見てます!英語の勉強としても見ているので、英語字幕もつけて頂けると嬉しいです?

  13. Anyone else have worse reverse culture shock than they ever had regular culture shock? Surely I'm not the only one that was freaked out when they came home from Japan.

    I think I'll a skit about reverse culture shock soon.

  14. The “tiny little cars”, vans, trucks, etc are kei vehicles. They’re a class subject to lower taxes in Japan due to their smaller size and smaller engines.

    Kei trucks are fairly common grey imports here in America. If you put a speed limiter on them, you don’t even have to wait until they’re 25 years old like most grey imports. Ranchers, hunters, and off-road enthusiasts have found them to be a cheaper (and in many ways, better) alternative to side-by-sides (like the Yamaha Rhino and Polaris Ranger), and many universities, hospitals, and airports use them instead of golf carts as light utility vehicles. Where I live, southern Arizona, they’ve become the perfect machine for tackling the dunes. They’re light like VW-based buggies, but have optional four-wheel-drive like bigger trucks. Suzuki Samurais (which are also technically kei vehicles) are also popular for the same reason.

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