#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Business Glossary

#CSBIC2019 Finalists – Business Glossary

there are 72 higher educational
institutions in Uzbekistan and all of them created their own glossaries which
are not easy to access and not searchable. Moreover, the total number of
commercial enterprises have already exceeded 200,000 units import and export
sectors are constantly growing therefore the access to business terminology is in
high demand. Unfortunately, there is no exact version of these glossaries in business economic marketing and finance. Creating user-friendly
applications that will include Uzbek English glossary, will interpret and
clarify terminologies widely used in to overseas businesses. We will gather all
printed groceries from institutions of Uzbekistan and digitize them in a web
application with references. Besides adding voice synchronizations will help
visually impaired people to use the application effectively. Our project is
going to generate profit from individuals and organisations, through
monthly subscriptions and adverts. Google translator and other available options
do not provide us with the needed accuracy our publication will provide translation
approved by higher education institutions and professionals in Uzbekistan Mutual understanding, mutual benefit.

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  1. A Project of British Council

    Vote for English – Uzbek and Uzbek-English Glossary which includes business, economic, marketing and finance spheres:
    Please enter this link to vote: https://creativespark-bigidea.uk/finalists-2019/business-glossary/

  2. Watch short video: https://youtu.be/zmVs1DX1H4c

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