Crucial Lessons for Women in Business from a Wall Street CEO | Inc.

Crucial Lessons for Women in Business from a Wall Street CEO | Inc.

So… the gender wars aren’t over. There
was an op-ed in the New York Times about bro talk on Wall Street and how it still exists. I remember seeing this article, reading it one Saturday– Sunday morning– going out for a drive and actually literally having to pull over
to the side of the road because I felt like I’ve been kicked in the stomach I
remember thinking this is still going on I know it happened when I was a junior
professional when I first started work at Salomon Brothers I would come into
work and there’d be Xerox copy of male private parts on my desk in the morning So you were how old when that happened? 23. Right out of college. My guess is it was some of the junior guys and my guess it was to try and run me out. So, you know, by about time 8, 9, 10, 15– It was like “come on guys, really? come up with something better than this” But it was clear they were trying to run me out– so I wasn’t going I don’t know that I’d say there’s a 1000
percent straight line between my gosh there continues to be discrimination in
the workplace and I’m gonna found Ellevest But the line leads to it. 1.) because
if we women want to be successful a great way to do it can be to start our
own businesses let the market decide, right? Don’t go through the corporate
politics of it let the market decide that’s one reason the real big
underlying reason is because what’s become crystal clear to me over the past
few years is that we women will not have all the opportunities of men we women
will not be fully equal with men we women cannot live our full lives that we
want to until we are financially equal with men my daughter
intern for us a couple of summers ago and we were in the cruddy estava PSA’s
you’ve ever seen ever seen crowded I couldn’t stand up without banging into
the back of our lead designer I don’t mean to gross you out but we had mice
and the mice were they leave droppings on the day I know I would get in early
so that I could wipe off the desk for everybody it was horrified shove a
corporate jet when I was running submit Barney and Here I am mouse droppings and
we’re working away and we’re working on the prototype and my daughter’s
interning in and turning one day we leave work at the same time and I said
well you know this is really different remember when I used to have the JED and
the couple of assistants and a huge office and really is a different thing
and she turned to me and she said but mommy now you’re making such a
difference you’re working to make such a difference in women’s lives this is so
much better

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  1. How this woman put up with all of the shit she did, I have no idea.
    Props to you Sallie, you're incredible for persevering!

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