Crowell School of Business – Business Administration, B.S.

Crowell School of Business – Business Administration, B.S.

(upbeat music) – When I walked on campus
I knew what Biola stood for and I knew their
convictions that they held and knew that they were serious about integrating those
convictions in to everything. – There really is nothing
much better in life than doing what God puts
in front of you to do with your gifts and talents and using that to serve somebody else. That’s about as good as it gets. (energetic music) – The Crowell School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science and
Business Administration with a variety of concentrations
that you can choose from. – Those concentrations
become a really big part of what you do here and who you are. – One of the things
students will walk away with is an e-portfolio which
will be a rich source of showing their work
and what they’re about and the things they’ve accomplished. – The location was part
of what drew me to Biola. Southern California has
a ton of great industry between Irvine, Orange
County area, and L.A., there’s so many companies out here and so many cool opportunities that I think it’s the perfect
place to start a career. – We want our students to get real world, hands-on experience. That’s why every year we
sponsor the start-up competition which gives them an opportunity to build their business
ideas and pitch them to real business professionals. – There was a great thing
for the School of Business and for the students and really what we’re seeing is a culture of entrepreneurship
starting here at Biola. – The face time with professors and the actual investment
that they put in to you, is incredibly unique to Biola. They take a personal
investment in their students and I’ll walk into the business building and get stopped by
three of four professors by the time I make it to
where I’m trying to get to so it’s a really fun community and the professors
really do care about you as a person first. – They’re looking for you to excel, not only in the business world but also in your spiritual growth and they really want a good relationship. They’re always looking to meet
up with you outside of class. – It’s one of our joys. If you talk to many of the professors here in the school of business, it’s a common thread
you’ll see run through, is they love those
relationships with the students. – Just to be known by them and know that they want
me to come back and visit and that they’ll remember me. I hope they’ll be in my
life for years to come. – When you think of ministry,
most people think of churches, but the word ministry, the word minister, comes from a Greek word
which just means service. Being a servant. – So I think business
administry comes down to just that for me, worshiping God with something that I’m really passionate
about, which is business. – You’re gonna find your
faith being challenged, your faith being integrated, not just in your Bible classes but in your business classes as well. Every single professor
here has a unique way of integrating scripture,
Biblical principles. – They wanna make sure that
we’re just readily prepared with all the Biblical
knowledge that we have so as soon as we enter the business world we could really be lights. – Our students at the
Crowell School of Business are attractive to employers because of their commitment,
because of their character and the way that they
care about their work. We’re proud to say that
91% of our graduates have either secured a
position with a company or are going on to graduate school. They’re prepared by faculty
who are experienced in business and bring that experience
into the classroom. They also enter the workforce
with a character shaped by their relationship with Jesus Christ. And that’s a really important
distinguishing factor. (upbeat music)

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