CREPA WHO?? // Minecraft Bedrock SMP // Spider build

hello and welcome welcome and hello
everyone conniption fit here thank you all for joining me for this wonderful
day and minecraft from the crafts away server I’m coming to you again from the
shopping district today this awesome place over here is just it’s just
awesome place is awesome anyway I’ve made a couple of changes to our shop can
you spot them do you see the changes we interrupt this program to bring you this
emergency news bulletin our horses have informed us that a double drown spawner
farm has been constructed and is in operation at race crafters base this is
a clear violation of the mob Treaty of 2017
section C paragraph 5 subsection 82 of the creeper guidelines state forcing
zarbor’s to drown themselves and transform into the abysmal creatures
they become as inhumane and such activities must be stopped immediately
any person engaging in the forced transformation of mobs without the
direct supervision of creeper will be performing illegal activity and subject
to the full penalties of the law we have been told by the director of field
operations of creeper that field agents are currently searching for the illegal
facility we have a video from an anonymous source that shows a radio call
between one of their agents known only as Alpha Team Leader and the creep of
headquarters let’s listen have you located the target over not yet at HQ
we’ve been searching grid 47 with no evidence of illegal activities over we
have video evidence of this structure it definitely out there
keep searching over well it may be out there but it’s not out here so should we
proceed over we don’t have all year that’s
affirmative HQ proceeding to grid 48 and picking it up a notch will be home for
Halloween over let’s hear it skew out there you have it
you will be investigating this closely and be sure to keep you informed this is
warrior girl reporting live from KF news stay safe out there you see the changes
right yeah I added some shulker bullets man and I
think that is pretty cool I don’t know it was a it was a quick thing like a
quick little thought that I had I think it’s neat they um they don’t look
exactly like the shulker bullets you know from the Shockers themselves but
they’re they’re pretty close the scale is you know pretty close to being the
same so got the little shocker bullet trails here made out of white glass and
I started one of these on the stream the other night but uh nobody showed up
sadface walk away in shame walk away yeah anyway it’s okay I know
streams are one of them things I’ve only done a couple of them you guys don’t
really even know about them yet but uh they are a thing that I’m gonna be doing
I’m gonna be doing that a little bit more I don’t remember last time if I
added these dudes in here and actually I think what I’m gonna do is try to find
in here somewhere where I can hide a lever or I may just put it in there
because if you power these guys with redstone in case you didn’t know if you
power them with redstone their mouth moves dum dum dum dum dum dragon mouth
moving yeah so that is definitely a thing that I want to do by the way just
in case you guys were wondering we had a little bit of an issue on the server and
our realm crashed it uh it crashed and we weren’t able to get on for several
days but it’s obviously back up now I’m back we’re back on we’re doing the thing
and it’s gonna be a good time we have a plan going forward to make sure that
that stuff you know maybe that doesn’t happen so hopefully everything will be
good to go so should we check our sails I think we should check our sails just
in case I mean I’ve been it’s it’s been a little bit since we got the shop up so
let’s check it out see if we have of any sales look at that we got some
gunpowder I am happy about that I will take said gunpowder thank you very much
we’re gonna turn right around and put it in here so nothing bad happens to that
so cool got a couple of sales going on this doesn’t really look like a shocker
box anymore but that’s okay we uh you know what
let’s let’s change it let’s do one of these like this will it have enough
might have enough let’s see yep that’s good there we go KF haha I love it so
what are we gonna do now now we actually need to head oh oh what a big of a derp
do you have to be man I didn’t have my armor and my lighter or anything I’m
glad it was water down here or that would have been like serious hardcore
dirt um let’s go ahead and get an ender pearl you guys saw that geez throw that
over there alright now what what what oh oh okay I was confused there for a
minute hadar Oh sage are know what he was going
to get him it looked like he was going to get him I don’t know go turtle get
away away from the spider do the swimming hey what’s your problem got him
okay let’s uh let’s put our stuff on here so maybe we can dude are these
Turtles like is this home Beach for these guys I mean bully bully what do
you think I mean is this home Beach for these turtles you’ve been down here a
bunch um yeah yeah look at that that’s some pro level
jazz right there man friggin shot that dude from across the
doggone thing come on dolphins help me out let’s go
get the XP did he drop any gunpowder what wha well that’s just ridiculous
I think this guy I think this is a creeper here – yeah let’s smack him um
guys uh now see that that was pretty cool I’ve never seen that happen before
that was uh that was kind of a neat thing okay okay yeah let’s let’s get our
butts out of here get back go over here and what we needed to be doing there’s
another spider geez man the mobs out here it’s kind of ridiculous OOP there’s
the gunpowder I thought we had some what what did what in the world look at I
mean dudes really he’s like he’s like a super squid or something
the mobs out here losing it whoa dolphin hey what’s up buddy chillin
alright now now that we’re up here so next thing um on the agenda well here we
are back at the house first thing I want to do is I’ve gathered up all my
gunpowder and paper from you know selling stuff and killing creepers and
whatnot and we are gonna go ahead and make as many rockets as we can i bed not
bad at all so one two three four five and some change stacks of rockets well
we’re gonna keep a stack for ourselves because we’re about to go do some stuff
and we’re gonna stick these you know what let’s take these and we will go put
we’ll keep these 20 we’ll go put these four stacks over in our little rocket
shop and I will tell everybody in the discord that the little rocket stand has
been restocked so I’m sure that those guys will come along and buy those
things up the next thing that we want to do I have three diamonds here you know
what let’s do it let’s do a little sleeping and get this night to go away
all right we need to run over here and check out that that’s a Sun fire little
thing that he did and we need to go check that thing out and see what’s
going on with that so let’s go fly over here
OOP okay here we go oh oh look at look he’s there gonna die anyway okay good
deal so trick or treat I think this is a cool
builds like you know pumpkin kind of things get the jack-o’-lanterns going on
definitely go check out some fires Channel and and you know see the episode
where he built this it’s pretty cool all right so okay cool so it’s got that
there nice I like it I like it a lot okay
throw a diamond at jack-o’-lantern Oh unless there are one dime at a time and
wait for the prize okay so you stand like I guess we’re gonna stand maybe
here make sure we have an open inventory space in our hot bar so we know if we
get something so let’s do like that okay so we’re gonna go we’re gonna go with
three tries and hopefully we get something really cool
huzzah what happen it oh yeah you got a dub derp
um I missed okay let’s try again what I missed again okay so let’s just we’ll
stand all the way here Oh a block of iron not terrible I have a lot of that
so not great but cool you um I didn’t get anything that time let’s
try one more I lose there’s one more thing that I have to
show you before the end of this episode and I actually recorded a build of this
whole thing and then it was corrupted of course so I’ve been having lots of
computer problems today and I apologize about that but there’s nothing I can do
I can’t go build this thing again well I mean I could but it’s just gonna take
too long so I’m gonna go show you what I did
instead and I’m gonna try to get that other footage back and hopefully I can
so let’s fly around this way since Halloween is coming
look at that guy got a big old spider hat in and right in the middle of see if
we can lay in here huh yeah look at that mm-hmm there’s a dude chillin up there
flaming on the mountain big huge spider looking dude chillin right in front of
the nether portal I think it’s a pretty good addition for Halloween you know I
think that a lot of the guys are gonna like this kind of goes along with the
whole theme of everything that is gonna be going along with Halloween so yeah
anyway I think that’s pretty cool let’s go land on his head we didn’t make it so
anyway I wish I could have shown you guys the build process for this yeah
we’ll take a little bit of a closer look at it all I did was look at a picture
well a few pictures that I pulled off of Google and you know just went with some
pixels that the spiders actually have up I think yeah that’s right that’s right
just the one white block so it’s gonna be hard to make this thing look exactly
how it looks in the game but I think this came out pretty good you know there
were some pictures on there where some people had done some builds like this
before this one is a little bit close to some of those but it’s not an exact copy
of those and yeah basically just made a big old spider I had to cut part of it
all away right here so that we could still have access to the nether portal
that’s all right you know I mean not a big deal let’s jump out here take
another quick look and what it looks like over there maybe we can land on
class houses house there we go check him out just chillin he’s pretty
big kind of you know pumpkin over there spider over there I think the size of
the builds is comparable so we might do another one we might not I can’t get up
there anyway so with that being said that’s all for this episode I hope you
guys enjoyed it I hope that you think the spider is pretty cool and I hope
that you stick around and view some more so if you liked it you know what to do
and we will see you all in the next one

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